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Wyngling Ico (Approved!)

By Ascynd
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Finally got him... I like how his face came out! Don't ask me what's going on with those back legs though, idk... oh well I'll do better next time, heh....

He is gonna be one fluffy noodle...

Ico's design & species (c) :iconnestly:
Art (c) Me

Wyngrew are here:   :iconwyngro:
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Man, in wish I could make an Imp..
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They are supposed to be super rare, but a few have been added since the first one has auctioned off, so it's not impossible. Maybe someday there will be a contest or something to get one...
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You're reading my mind. ;-;
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Oooh, mind if i adopt that nose drawing style for imperial wyngro? o:
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Well most have a cat like nose pad, like Haku the dragon... but Ico has a very big nose. :P You can definitely draw him with this nose, or an NPC, or your own if you get one when they become available later, that would be your stylistic choice. :) But when drawing Inka I would make her nose smaller. (just because her owner prefers hers that way)
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Ohh that's why x3 i was curious about that
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Characterexpressions Inka Excited by Nestly Inka: YAAAAAAAAY BROTHER!!!!

I is so excited. 8'D
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Aw man now I'm gonna have to make some of those reaction shots. Oh well at least it shouldn't take TOO long unless I try to animate 'em or something... =D

Thanks, you like?
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Bwahahah yeah mine are really sloppy. xD I have a whole stash folder dedicated to them I'm trying to fill up.
I'm a stickler and just went and redid ALL the ears on the Nymble ones PFFT

And hellz yeah I do!
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They look great! I am jealous, heh...
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Thanks! You should make some too! 8D
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awww, dat adorable face!
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Thanks! I like that deer/cow nose... heh. It'll look really great on him when he's older.
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