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Warptide Whodunit - The Enigmatic Cottage by Ascynd Warptide Whodunit - The Enigmatic Cottage by Ascynd
    Although he really should have been practicing his homework, Ico just couldn't do it anymore. He was struggling and needed a distraction... and it came in the form of the chaos following the Warptide mystery attack. He'd overheard a couple of Wyngro mention in passing that they were having trouble getting to talk to the ever-enigmatic Azoth, due to his cottage being surrounded by a shield of light magic. Azoth made the young Imp nervous, but the same reason he was nervous also piqued his curiosity. It wasn't the rumors of dark magic as it might be with some others, but rather the curious facial markings that resembled the ones that he and his sister Inka bore.

    Ico had never been down to Azoth's cottage before, but he knew someone who had... his adoptive brother Djehuti... and it didn't take much talking into to get Djehuti to go. The magic-inclined avian was curious about the magic barrier as soon as he caught wind of it. 

    After some travelling through the woods, the two finally arrived at the path leading up to the cottage. As they drew nearer, Dje was concerned that they might bump face first into the barrier, but fortunately for them both it seemed the shielded area was marked by a line of short fenceposts. He carefully reached out with his right hand and touched the wall, finding it was indeed quite invisible. It felt warm to the touch and caused his hand to tingle slightly. The two announced themselves and called out to the house for Azoth to come out... but it seemed he couldn't hear them or was ignoring them. So they both walked around the perimeter and examined the barrier further.

    "Well I imagine there must be
some way inside. Something like this must take some effort to sustain, so it's probably anchored in place, and it would be take a lot of energy to take it down and put it back up every time you want to come and go. So there's got to be a way to get in and out even if it's something that needs to be activated. The problem is, we can't see it. The whole barrier's invisible..." Djehuti stroked his beard thoughtfully. "It's a light barrier, so it should at least give off some light..." He snapped his fingers and perked up his ears suddenly. "Ah ha! That's the problem. It's too bright out! Any light it might be putting out must be drowned out by the sunlight. That's why we can't see anything."

    "We could come back at night, I guess," Ico suggested. "But if there's something out there attacking wyngrew, it might be more dangerous since we won't see it coming..." 

    Still walking around the perimeter, Djehuti crouched to examine the fence posts. No marks or anything else out of place on them however... they didn't seem to be responsible for sustaining the ward. He straightened up, canting his head to one side, then raising his left hand, tried knocking on the barrier as if it were a door.

    The instant his left hand touched the barrier he was almost jolted by an intense tingling sensation from his palm. Blinking, he opened his hand and looked at it, greeted by the rune mark that seemed to have been permanently branded there. There was no glow or color change or anything dramatic... merely that odd tingle. Scrunching his brows together as he processed this, he tentatively reached out and placed his marked palm against the barrier.

    Again it was something subtle... a ripple of light in the air where his hand made contact with the ward. "What is it?" Ico asked, as Djehuti began to pace along the barrier again, running his hand over it until he found something... a faint, almost imperceptible arch made of dimly glowing runes.

    "One moment... very odd... ah ha. Do you see it?" Djehuti asked Ico. 

    The copper-colored Imp squinted at the area Dje was indicating. "No... wait... yes, I think so. But now what?"

    On a hunch, Djehuti tried knocking against the barrier again. One, two... on the third knock he felt a jolt and his hand passed right through, though nothing had visibly changed. The avian waved his hand around through the apparent opening for a bit, before cautiously stepping through it and over the line of short fenceposts. "Huh. fascinating..." He scratched at his palm, which was itching slightly... not sure what had just happened. Then a theory occurred to him; the mark on his palm had been the same as that on one of the scribe skulls. The 'scribes' were supposed to be vessels of Shadow magic knowledge... perhaps there was some residual magic in the mark, and the contrast had made the light of the barrier more apparent?

    A little more wary, Ico also followed through the opening. "Well... let's try knocking on the front door, then..."

    With that, the two made their way around to the front of the cottage and up the remaining path.

I really needa learn how to use perspective lines, I'm bad at it, lol. I still like how this came out though and I'm happy I was able to get it done before the deadline. I also had a lot of fun with the event and I'm thrilled that I actually got to solve part of the puzzle.

Was Djehuti right about the rune, or was it all coincidence? I'll leave that up to interpretation. =D 

+6/432 wyns (2 full body + background +story)

Ico & Djehuti (c) me
Wyngro species (c) Nestly

Wyngrew are here:    :iconwyngro:
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Ascynd Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'aw its a pumpkin egg! If they go home with it first and let Iset see it she'll probably want to keep it, haha. =D
SpliceDevice Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ascynd Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha thanks! =D
Shady-Raichu Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
bruh the BG on this one is absolutely stunning!! The texture comes straight out of a storybook- its very beautiful 
Ascynd Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I spent enough time on it that I'm just relieved I was able to finish before the time ran out, haha...
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