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Lost Treasure: The Blessing by Ascynd Lost Treasure: The Blessing by Ascynd
After eating all the fish, the ancient Monsterloon stared at Kismet meaningfully. Suddenly, she heard a voice in her mind. ~Who should recieve the blessing of the Ancients?~

Kismet was taken aback. She looked around a bit, but there was no one else around. The mental voice had either come from Akuma, or some other invisible entity in the area. "What does this blessing do?" she asked into the empty air, unsure of herself.

~It will bring out your inner essence. You have already felt it once.~ Kismet heard the voice in her mind again, and felt a soft, warm pulse from her back and shoulders, as her markings began to glow again.

"Oh... oh!" *Kismet said as she realized what the voice was talking about. The strange magic that had caused her markings to glow, and the other members of Team Savage to change, must be the 'blessing'. Well she had been bewildered by it at first, but she did enjoy her ability to make her markings softly glow, and after adjusting, the rest of the team seemed pleased with their changes, so maybe it was a blessing of a sort.

"I'll have to think about it," she said. She felt pretty happy with herself the way she was, but then she always did. She wandered down toward the treeline as she mused the situation over. This was all so strange, but fascinating. It was just too bad she hadn't been able to talk Aleph into coming along. He would have been very interested in the--

~The recipient has been chosen.~ 

Kismet's train of thought was interrupted again by the voice, and there was a stirring as Akuma got up from her rest, raising her large front paws in the air. The space between them shimmered and rippled like water in a pond when a pebble is thrown in. It quickly occurred to Kismet that when she said she would think about who should receive the blessing, whatever entity had been communicating with her had taken that literally, so when she thought about Aleph...

"No wait! That's not what I--"

There was a flash of light from Akuma's paws. 

~It is done.~

Akuma then curled back up to nap, leaving Kismet to worry about what might have happened to poor Aleph, who wasn't expecting anything.

Miles away, Aleph was heading to the kitchen for more snacks to fuel a marathon gaming session, when he was startled out of his skin by metal plates suddenly forming all over his body. He wondered, why do these weird things always happen to him?

+1 art for Aleph, +1 art for Akuma (if I get to keep her), art for round 3 complete.

Here's Akuma's reference again for... well, reference:

+10 magic (+3 for full color & shading, +3 background, +4 story)
Monsterloon by Ascynd 

Aleph (c) Me
Akuma (c) Me
Evoloon species (c) Griffsnuff

Evoloons are here:      :iconevoloons:
Thlyatara Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016
Is it bad that I'm giggling at this?
Ascynd Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah I chuckled while drawing it.. lol
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