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Leukosia Reference (Wyngling) by Ascynd Leukosia Reference (Wyngling) by Ascynd
'Bout time I got this done.

Notes: Leuka's baby spot is the lightest color of yellow on her body, it should be barely visible against the mask. It is the same color as her underbelly, eyebrows and the lower part of her ears.
            The main image is unshaded so that her markings aren't obscured. I have a shaded version here.

No one knows exactly where Leukosia came from, including Leukosia herself. She was found in Wynsiph before she could remember and had been scrounging out a living in an almost feral state before then. The wyngrew of the Nook have taken her in since then, and now she behaves much like any other wyngling, if a highly independent and stubborn one. As of recently she does seem to be warming up to others more and more however.

 Tiny Star BulletSTATS Tiny Star Bullet 

Arrow left Name: Leukosia (Leuka for short)
Arrow left Gender: Female
Arrow left Current Age: Wyngling
Arrow left D.O.B.: 10/28/2015
Arrow left Form: Bump Nose Wyngling (will later be Quadruped)
Arrow leftUpgrades: Tiny Wings.  
Arrow leftWish List: Big Web wings, Curved Horns, Visible Claws, Sleek Tail, Web Crest, Forked Tongue, Glowing Eyes, Pure Claws, Small Teeth, possibly some others.
Arrow left Quirks: Leuka's pale skin is sensitive to sunburn and she has trouble seeing well in bright light. 

Tiny Star Bullet EXTRAS Tiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftFriends:  None yet. 
Arrow leftFamily:  Unknown
Arrow leftEnemies/Rivals: None yet.
Arrow leftMate/Crush: None yet.
Arrow leftMagic Known: None, but aspires to learn.
Arrow leftImportant Possessions:  None
Arrow leftCompanion/pets: [not allowed yet!] 
Arrow leftMagical Items: [not allowed yet!] 

Tiny Star Bullet ROLEPLAYINGTiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftAccepting Roleplays: Yes, Light
Arrow leftPreferred roleplay source: Image comments. Keep it simple, things which can be drawn in single images or one page comics.
Arrow leftWriting skill level: Literate 
Arrow leftPreferences: Be respectful, discuss any involved ideas with me first. 

Tiny Star Bullet CHARACTER ACTIONSTiny Star Bullet 
(How your character acts in situations)
Arrow leftMeeting new Wyngro: Leuka is a bit standoffish, but gets along well with new Wyngrew if they treat her respectfully.
Arrow leftMeeting new species: She will observe from a distance and is unlikely to approach. If she is approached by a sentient creature and treated well, she may become more open and friendly toward them.
Arrow leftBeing surprised: Leuka's harsh early life has engendered a dislike of surprises. She prefers to remain in control of her situation whenever possible.
Arrow leftBeing touched: Leuka enjoys being cuddled, but only with others she is close to... otherwise she will avoid being touched.
Arrow leftActions when sad: She becomes even more withdrawn and quiet, and will seek out solitude, not wanting anyone to see her cry.
Arrow leftLikes: She enjoys intelligent conversation, and opportunities to improve her mind. She also likes relaxing and taking in surroundings of natural beauty. When Leuka thinks she is alone in such a setting she will often express herself by singing, but will stop if she suspects she is being observed. Though she keeps it to herself, she has a beautiful voice and is fairly talented at writing songs and composing music, although she lacks confidence with this ability.
Arrow leftDislikes: Leukosia is extremely independent, and dislikes others doing things for her, even in spite of her young age. This is possibly due to how much time she has had to rely on herself before others came to care for her. As a result she dislikes being told what to do and will sometimes seem to refuse just for the sake of being rebellious. She also hates being treated like a child, despite being one. This often causes friction between her and her elders and sometimes other wynglings, but fortunately she is fairly precocious and self sufficient and otherwise keeps out of trouble for the most part.

7/206 coins.

Leuka (c) Me
Wyngrew (c) Nestly

Wyngrew are here:     :iconwyngro:
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Perdoodle Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She is goreous! Lovely work my friend. 
Ascynd Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! Glad I finally got her reference done. Now I needa do one for Ico, hehe...
Perdoodle Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sweetness! Good luck to yah friend.
Sunny-da-kitta Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well she looks like a doll~
Ascynd Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! She's definitely a girly girl.
Sunny-da-kitta Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welp, might wanna keep her away from Decky, seeing as she's as tomboy as can get x3
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