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Ico Reference (Wyngling) by Ascynd Ico Reference (Wyngling) by Ascynd
Notes: The metallic/shiny effect on Ico's armor doesn't have to be replicated, you can just use the accent color. Ico has an unusually large nose pad, almost deer-like in form. Most Imperials have smaller noses.

I tried to be fancy with the animated sticker, but if you want a still frame to sample colors from it's here:
IcoBRef2 by Ascynd  

Ico's egg was discovered abandoned in a hidden nest behind a waterfall, protected by magic, along with that of his sister Inka. No one knows for sure how old the eggs were as the magic protecting them also seemed to prevent them from hatching until someone found them. Ico hatched out when Djehuti was examining his egg... Djehuti was preparing to carry him to the Nook, but his mother Iset became attatched to the hatchling on first sight and decided to adopt him straight away.

Ico formed a bond with Djehuti on his hatching and looks up to his big brother, though he still annoys him from time to time as little brothers do (mostly with interruptions to his studies and occasional snark). Even though they did not hatch together, he still has a bond with his sister Inka as well, and is very protective of her. He often goes to the Nook to spend time with her, something that Iset encourages, and Ico seems to be very patient and tolerant of any 'abuse' that comes his way in the process.

When Kalypso first came by Wynsiph, Ico was instantly fascinated and enamored by the runeboos she brought with her, particularly a playful yellow and blue one that seemed to take a liking to him. Iset bought the baby boo for him as a gift and they brought her home... Ico named her Kiru, and the two are now inseperable, hardly ever is one seen without the other.

 Tiny Star BulletSTATS Tiny Star Bullet 

Arrow left Name: Ico
Arrow left Gender: Male
Arrow left Current Age: Wyngling
Arrow left D.O.B.: 1/3/2016
Arrow left Form: Imperial
Arrow leftUpgrades: Tiny Horn, Body Fluff, Cheek Fluff
Arrow leftWish List: Curved Horns, Scales, Stick Legs (bird feet), Retractable Claws, Tail Fluff, Rosettes, Shaggy Fur, Colored Sclera.
Arrow left Quirks: In contrast with his sister, Ico is calm and a bit 'straightlaced'. He also has a strong sense of fairness. He tends to try and caution other wynglings when they are getting into trouble, giving himself a bit of a reputation as a spoilsport, although he is more likely to warn and lecture than actually 'tattle'. He will go to an adult, however, if he is worried that someone will get badly hurt.

Tiny Star Bullet EXTRAS Tiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftFriends:  Pollux, Nymble 
Arrow leftFamily:  Inka, Djehuti, Iset
Arrow leftEnemies/Rivals: None yet.
Arrow leftMate/Crush: None yet.
Arrow leftMagic Known: None, but aspires to learn.
Arrow leftImportant Possessions:  None
Arrow leftCompanion/pets: Kiru (Runeboo) 
Arrow leftMagical Items: [not allowed yet!] 

Tiny Star Bullet ROLEPLAYINGTiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftAccepting Roleplays: Yes, Light
Arrow leftPreferred roleplay source: Image comments. Keep it simple, things which can be drawn in single images or one page comics.
Arrow leftWriting skill level: Literate 
Arrow leftPreferences: Be respectful, discuss any involved ideas with me first. 

Tiny Star Bullet CHARACTER ACTIONSTiny Star Bullet 
(How your character acts in situations)
Arrow leftMeeting new Wyngro: Ico is friendly with new Wyngro, if he seems a bit reserved.
Arrow leftMeeting new species: He is innately cautious around new species and will keep his distance and observe until he can determine if they're dangerous or not.
Arrow leftBeing surprised: Pleasant surprises are nice! Others not so much, and may result in a scolding.
Arrow leftBeing touched: Ico readily cuddles with family and friends, but avoids being touched by strangers.
Arrow leftActions when sad: Even though Ico isn't the type to put up a strong front, he still dislikes anyone seeing him cry, and will retreat to be alone when sad. He seems to especially dislike the idea of his sister seeing him cry, and will allow only Kiru or Iset to comfort him.
Arrow leftLikes: Ico likes both quiet activities like reading and art, and athletic activities like running and playing.
Arrow leftDislikes: Ico's strong sense of fair play leads him to be bothered by lying and cheating, and he doesn't understand why everyone can't get along, or at least be tolerant of one another. Being somewhat sheltered, this is in part due to youth and lack of much of a worldview, but he is also innately idealistic and optimistic.

5/263 coins (3 headshots and 1 fullbody... the rest are re-used and don't count).

Ico (c) Me
Wyngrew (c) Nestly

Wyngrew are here:   :iconwyngro:
Nestly Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is great Ascynd! :D Love all the detailed stuff on Ico!

Why did you save it as a gif, though? xD It's all pixelated! Ahhh! Stupid gif distortion.
Ascynd Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So the style sticker would be animated! And oh there's a .png version of it there in the description. As well as a link to the comic he was discovered in, hehe...
Nestly Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahaha Ascynd. xDD I didn't even notice that omg.
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