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Djehuti Reference (Adult, OUTDATED) by Ascynd Djehuti Reference (Adult, OUTDATED) by Ascynd
Here are some more recent reference images: 
Djehuti, Year 2 by Ascynd Size Chart: Djehuti by Ascynd

Figured I'd get this up so people would have an updated reference to use while I work on figuring out what I want his next upgrades to look like... so it's not quite what I'd call finished (mainly the image I used for "pupils" is the same one that is higher up on the sheet), but it'll do for the time being.

Djehuti is fascinated by the workings of the universe. He's motivated by a strong desire to understand these workings and seeks to learn all he can about magic and science to that end. Even as a baby was is unusually precocious, and learned to read and write at an early age. His ambitions carry through into his adolescence, and as mature as he was as a wyngling, he remains just as playful as a juvenile.  Everything is still a mystery to be explored... and even simple language still holds wonders and is a kind of magic. He loves playing word games and the occasional awful pun.

Few things tear Djehuti away from his ambitions, but when they do, he always finds something to learn from them. Even the simplest play is a learning exercise, and meeting new Wyngrew is an opportunity to observe their differences and learn about interaction. Interaction is not one of his strong suits yet, however. He thinks of problems as opportunities with thorns on them, and so often seems un-empathetic to others' difficulties. He also has a personal belief that he should be completely honest in all things, and his honesty is not always tactful or appreciated. 

3/206 coins (contains some re-used images)

Tiny Star Bullet STATS Tiny Star Bullet 

Arrow left Name: Djehuti
Arrow left Gender: Male
 Current Age: Adolescent
 D.O.B.: 8/4/2015
Arrow left Form: Biped
 Upgrades: Cheek Neck & Tail Fluff, Tiny Wings, Hair Tuft, Black Pupils
 Wish List: Horns, thumbs (2/5), large feathered wings, additional color (black), color mixer, raptor toes, feathered tail.
 Quirks: Very easily startled. Likes puns.


Friends: Grog
Enemies/Rivals: None yet.
Mate/Crush: None yet, and he is romantically clueless.
Magic: None yet, but working hard at learning.
Accessories: None (Wishlist: weskhet, staff, belt/loincloth, tail bands)
Important Possessions:  None
Companion/pets: [not allowed yet!] 
Magical Items: [not allowed yet!] 


Accepting Roleplays: Yes, Light
Preferred roleplay source: Image comments. Keep it simple, things which can be drawn in single images or one page comics.
Writing skill level: Literate 
Preferences: Be respectful, discuss any involved ideas with me first. 

(How your character acts in situations)
Meeting new Wyngro: Prefers to keep his distance unless invited. He is introverted, but not antisocial.
Meeting new species:  Will maintain a safe distance to observe, study and record the new species' behavior. He may interact (interview) more closely if the species is intelligent and friendly.
Being surprised: Very prone to being startled. Pleasant surprises are welcomed however.
Being touched: Prefers not to be touched.
Actions when sad: Moping, ranting at the injustice of it all. Possibly with tears.
Likes: Learning new things, especially magic or science. Reading (especially about magic or science), discovering or unravelling mysteries.
Dislikes: Persistent and willful ignorance, impatience, lies and liars. People who abuse power or gain it at others' expense.

Djehuti (c) Me
Wyngrew (c) :iconnestly:

Wyngrew are here:   :iconwyngro:
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I have also updated Djehuti's "Current Wyngro References" entry with this image.
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