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Mandy and Riddance: Reunited by Ascott-YarnJacks Mandy and Riddance: Reunited :iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 8 6 Monstrous by Ascott-YarnJacks Monstrous :iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 8 16
Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep: Chapter 29
It is a funny thing, how at one moment you can be scared to death of something, then in the next second not care a jot about it. Perhaps being angry had something to do with it?
“That jerk!” Mandy seethed, turning Riddance’s face back and forth to look at the gash. “This is the last straw! Riddance, we’re leaving!”
“Okay, but how?” he winced.
Mandy tore off another piece of her skirt--pretending it was Visturn’s head--and tied it around Riddance’s face, covering the cut and one eye.
“I don’t know how,” she said, “But I’m sick of moping. The next time that dragon comes we have to be ready.”
Riddance nodded. “I think I saw some weapons over there.”
Mandy ran to the corner Riddance pointed to. Several racks of old—heavy—weapons lined the walls, all gold and iron. She tried to lift a sword, but quickly dropped it when she saw how blunt the edges were.
“All of theses
:iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 6 11
Mandy and Riddance by Ascott-YarnJacks Mandy and Riddance :iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 8 14
Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep: BONUS Chapter!
    Welcome to Mandy’s Bonus chapter! This was for the 25th chapter special. As you can see, it’s late. But better late than never!
I got some great questions that I’ll do my best to answer, so I hope you enjoy them. :)
Q1: What is the Worm Under the Hill and Jangel’s relationship?
   Riddance doesn’t know anything about Jangel or the Worm. The Worm because it’s an ancient monster that’s passed out of fables, and Jangel was never noticed by the trappers in Riddance’s area.
I’ve actually planned a short story for this, but I’m not sure when I’ll find time to write it. But Jangel was originally a treasure seeker who was led to Wyrm’s Nest. He stole the Worm’s heart but was transformed by its power into a monster. His memories in tatters, he wandered the tunnels unable to die, growing more beast-like as the years passed. As a human, he was a foolish, cruel person who was easily tricked.
:iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 4 6
Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep: Chapter 28
    They were in the basement, surrounded by untold wealth. Gems reflected torchlight onto the gold, glowing like candlelight. Riddance lay on the floor, a chain around his neck. His body twisted into feathers and claws, halfway between a monster and a man.
“Late last night, while the wind howled and the storm beat, I slept in my keep, under the glow of my gold. A sound startled me, and in crept the burglar bird. Its eyes glowed with mischief, and it held the master key in its beak. I waited to see what treasure he would take, but to my surprise, he came to me. I watched through a half-lid to see what he would do.  I should have killed him when he reached for the golden key, but I didn’t. Do you know why, little snake?” Visturn asked, curling his tail around her.
Mandy felt a barb brush against her leg, cold like a sword. She stood barefoot on the marble floor. Stray drops of water dripped off her hair like teardrops. He’d taken her here, to
:iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 4 12
Mandy goes to the Dragon's Keep: Chapter 27
A brisk wind chilled her toes.
No…Mandy moaned, pulling the sheet further over her, but it was too late. She sat up, a halo of dirty blond hair tangled around her face, and blinked the sleep from her eyes.
The window clanked against the wall, swinging open and closed on squeaky hinges. Last night’s rain left a wet sill and soggy blankets. The candle had melted into a puddle of wax, and inside the puddle were stray feathers.
Riddance was gone. He’d spent all night telling her his plans. After all the excruciating details he left through the window. Mandy didn’t want him to go, but she’d watched him fall, making the impossible change from human to bird in a matter of seconds.
Just where did he learn to do that? She wondered, shivering as another gust blew through the room.
Once the window was closed Mandy attempted to comb her hair. With revulsion, she realized a moth had been stuck in it. Back home I never…this is disgusting! She
:iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 5 8
Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep: Chapter 26
    Riddance sat next to her in the dim candlelight. The flame flickered eerily on his outfit’s jewels. His eyes were still unnaturally bright, and his hair had a few feathers sticking out of it (and maybe his nose was longer too…she couldn’t tell) but he was himself again.
“I turned around and you were gone. Just gone,” he began. She was finally calm enough to listen to his story, although he was covered in tears and accidental scratches now. “I thought you’d run…the horse was gone too; it made sense.”
“I was—” she started.
“Some other time, I need to apologize first,” he said hoarsely, rubbing his throat. He still wore the gold collar, and it cut into him so hard his skin was red. “I was looking for where you’d gone and one of the men—Turner, I think—got me with his ax.”
He pointed to his side, but the black outfit he wore swallowed all detail like a pit. W
:iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 4 8
Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep: Chapter 25
   She had cried herself to sleep, but now someone was waking her up. Mandy sat, shivering, and glared at her disturber. Riddance demurely hung his head, holding a thick roll of wet parchment in his beak.
“What do you want?” She asked acidly. “A seat at the wedding banquet?”
He shook his head.
“Then what? Did Visturn forget to give you your gold or something?” she hissed, then sniffed. The cold was getting to her; she clamped her mouth shut to keep her teeth from chattering. The blankets were soaked (The rain changed direction so the overhang was useless) and her vision was blurry. Hadn’t she cried enough today?
“Just go away,” she said.
Riddance hung his head, but hopped forward and placed the paper on her lap. It unrolled slightly and she could see thin hen scratch written on it. Either with a bottle of ink and his beak, or a talon, Riddance had written her a message. The words were smudged from the rain and the roll was
:iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 4 14
Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep: Chapter 24
    Mandy couldn’t speak. She stared at her friend without understanding.
“Riddance, what’s going on?” she asked, dry mouthed.
Riddance opened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was a pained gurgle.
Visturn, on the other hand, was all for talking. He stared at her wide his wide, emerald eyes hungrily from outside the tower. He was slender enough to crawl inside if he wanted. The thought made her shudder.
“Such a pretty little thing,” he said, “perfect for my collection. Looks like my bird was right after all.”
“Right about what? What did Riddance say?” She asked. “What did you make him do?”
Riddance pecked Visturn fiercely but only succeeded in hurting himself.
Visturn’s eyes turned into slits. He grinned maliciously.
“Make? I didn’t make him do anything, darling. When I threatened to eat him he told me I could have you instead.”

:iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 3 8
Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep: Chapter 23
    The Dragon perched on the tower, thin and regal. Its emerald eyes moved back and forth like a hawk’s as it looked down at them.
The two goblin armies, led by Gromm and Thog, stood frozen. The Trolls gaped like idiots, holding wooden clubs that looked less and less threatening against Visturn’s impenetrable scales. The poor goblins crowded behind the big louts, shaking slightly.
Well, at least in Gromm’s army.
Thog’s forces quickly gathered courage and roared, although it sounded feeble in the open valley. The ogres squinted up at the dragon; Gromm in alarm, and Thog with relish.
“Is this all?” Visturn asked, already bored. “It’s been quite some time since the black tower was attacked, but to think it was only with this rabble…what a chore.”
He folded his two green wings inward like a bird and rested his neck against the roof, utterly relaxed. Mandy, who was watching from a window below, shivered but did
:iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 3 12
Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep: Chapter 22
    Gromm was not your typical ogre. He was, in a word, refined. Yet somehow he managed to control an ever-growing army of goblins and trolls single-handedly.
They’d been marching west for three days. Mandy’s bare feet were sore and swollen from all the walking, and the transformation tired her out too much to do anything. More often than not she collapsed and was shoved back into a cage.
Riddance, on the other hand, seemed as fit as a fiddle. Every morning Gromm pulled him out of the cage and he flew off. In the evening he would return with a beak full of gold, which Gromm would promptly snatch away.
He never talked, but then, birds weren’t supposed to talk. Still, Mandy missed his wry comments. The only person she could talk to was Gromm, her captor.
“Where are you going with all these goblins?” She asked that night.
Gromm prodded the fire. Red hot sparks flew out; the goblins ran to catch them.
“Curious are we? I’m going to ta
:iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 3 8
Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep Part 3 Cover by Ascott-YarnJacks Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep Part 3 Cover :iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 16 7
Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep: Chapter 21
    Sunshine poured through the trees like raindrops, pelting Mandy with blobs of light. Her fingers dug into soft earth, dead leaves, and twigs. The air was sticky and smelled like pollen. A beetle scuttled over her hand, black and shiny; it tickled.
Mandy did not know how long she had been under the tree, her body wracked with dull pain. The sun continued its circuit, unaware of her suffering. She hardly noticed it either, too busy enduring the aches inside her. Her eyes were the worst; they burned with fire, blackening her vision with spots.
    She remembered wandering the tunnels under Wyrm’s Nest. It had been dark at first, but the longer she walked the easier it was to see. And the longer and sharper her nails became as well.
There had been a hole in the mountain; a splotch of light against the dusty dark. She’d crawled through it and onto a cliff. The wind had been strong, she’d lost her balance…There was a fall, a scream, a
:iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 4 4
Blind Faith by Ascott-YarnJacks Blind Faith :iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 9 4
Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep: Chapter 20
    Mandy did not like the heart. It was big for one and heavy for another. Every step was accompanied a loud clunk at is banged against her hip. Her poor bag was ripping at the seams!
“Stupid magical stone,” she grumbled, lugging it up another step. “If the Worm didn’t need you I’d throw you right off this cliff!”
By her reckoning, she was nearly at the top of the stairs. The way up was longer than the climb down, and twice as hard, but it was the only way back she knew. (The marble had stopped showing direction now that the heart was with her.)
I hope the Worm is faring well, she thought, he’s missing his heart! Frankly, he should be dead. How can a heart keep beating with no body to help it?… And how did it end up down here anyway? She wondered. I know it was stolen, but there’s no one down there. Everybody is gone, the city is abandoned…Gives me the willies.
The walk out of the ruined ci
:iconascott-yarnjacks:Ascott-YarnJacks 3 10

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Casual Fell Papyrus by PierreREDmoon Casual Fell Papyrus :iconpierreredmoon:PierreREDmoon 15 8 No No No by Adler-Hee No No No :iconadler-hee:Adler-Hee 240 54 Starfire and Raven by Dzydar Starfire and Raven :icondzydar:Dzydar 6,454 260 Commission - nya726 by Aka-Shiro Commission - nya726 :iconaka-shiro:Aka-Shiro 4,277 210 Samurai 7 by Goody-Goody-Gumdrop Samurai 7 :icongoody-goody-gumdrop:Goody-Goody-Gumdrop 7 4 Commission - kageXusagi by Aka-Shiro Commission - kageXusagi :iconaka-shiro:Aka-Shiro 6,207 278 look what a little color will do! by Goody-Goody-Gumdrop look what a little color will do! :icongoody-goody-gumdrop:Goody-Goody-Gumdrop 5 8
The TEAM: Part 3
    I jumped out of the car. "Thanks Landon!" He rolled his eyes and then drove off. I looked up at the building in front of me. "World's Best Athletes" I grabbed out my note book. I began writing on the next empty page. 
    "Today I visited the "World's Best Athletes" Gym. A lot of professional teams warmed up here. Lets take a look inside." 
I walked inside. A man walked up to me.
    "You need a membership to be in here, ma'am." Great. Not like I would be here long. 
    "But I will be right out! I just need to..." And then he interrupted me. 
    "No membership, no entrance!" I really wanted to punch him. "If you would like to become a member, it is only $150 dollars a month. We will need to check your background though..." 
    "But I don't want a membership! And that's a lot of money!" But duty called. I reached into mu pocket. Great. Only $20 bucks. 
:icongoody-goody-gumdrop:Goody-Goody-Gumdrop 3 10
Yarn Jacks by juicefilled Yarn Jacks :iconjuicefilled:juicefilled 5 15 Asura's Wrath by jonathanvair Asura's Wrath :iconjonathanvair:jonathanvair 229 9 Flowerfell Sans watercolor by PierreREDmoon Flowerfell Sans watercolor :iconpierreredmoon:PierreREDmoon 21 3 Judgment hall- watercolor by PierreREDmoon Judgment hall- watercolor :iconpierreredmoon:PierreREDmoon 29 8
The Wooing of Princess Aleena_Part 1 by omnivore7

Someone – a voice she knew – knew well – was calling her. She wanted to answer – but couldn’t – she was weighted down, voiceless, with swimming head and tight shut eyes. And then the voice cried out – and slipped away – and all was darkness.
No: there was light; bright light – She closed her eyes tighter against its penetrative insistence – but there were voices too – and then a cold hand touched her brow – and she was awake.
“To the very minute – and so back with us again.”
The voice was amused – and that too she knew! Her eyes opened – and at once widened. Instinct made her raise defensive hands; but instinct was powerless against the steel restraints which pinned her wrists to the steel chair in which she was seated. Furious, she kicked out – again to no effect; her ankles were likewise shackled. She was helpless!
The masked features split
:iconredwolf5207:RedWolf5207 43 93
Bete Noire VS. Cross!Chara by Lyrica-Clef Bete Noire VS. Cross!Chara :iconlyrica-clef:Lyrica-Clef 160 14 Dressing by wlop Dressing :iconwlop:wlop 9,168 140 Magic Knight Rayearth by AbnusiLaw07 Magic Knight Rayearth :iconabnusilaw07:AbnusiLaw07 5 1



I'm sorry, but Mandy 30 is not ready. I don't know when it will be out, but this week is going to be very busy for me. I'll do my best, but school comes first! >-<
I'm moving Mandy's Release date to Sunday due to personal reasons. AKA I'm super busy during the week. Chapter 29 is out now!
Once again, I'm postponing Mandy 28. I'm sorry for the delay, but right now I have a lot on my plate, and there isn't time for me to finish it. Hopefully, I can carve out some time soon, just not today.
Mandy Chapter 28 will be delayed to Sunday. My professors sprung a 4-page essay on me, and it's due on Friday. Sorry.
Hi everyone!

So, you've probably noticed that Mandy's updates have been slow lately. This is partially due to my schoolwork and midterms, combined with a couple busy weekends. But I've also hit a stumbling block, and this latest chapter is proving very difficult to write. My tendency to end each chapter on a cliffhanger of sorts has come back to bite me, and I'm left struggling to put together several plotlines and agendas. 
    Of course, it may not look like this from reading the chapters I have out. It seems to head straight to a climax, which I was initially excited about. However, all my set-up is hard to put together, and there are some things I wish I'd edited differently. naturally, I'm not going back to change those since it's already posted, which means I'm stuck with the mess I made.
    I'm hoping to complete part 3 soon, but until I'm confident I have everything the way I want, I'm not posting it. Trust me, I'm not happy about this. I love writing my webnovel, and getting feedback from all of you, but I want the quality of my story (rough draft though it is) to remain the same.
       DON'T WORRY, I'M STILL WRITING IT! One of my greatest fears is dropping a story--seriously, I lose sleep over this. Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep WILL be completed one way or another, I just need more time for this segment. If you think I'm taking too long, pop me a comment expressing your annoyance, and it'll get me writing faster, I promise.
    once again, I'm sorry for the delays, but no one said writing was easy. I just wanted you to know I'm still working on this, and I plan to do so until I'm satisfied with the conclusion.
Thanks for all your encouragment, Amelia Spinner


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Amelia Spinner
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm a freshman at a top secret university. When I'm not in class or tiptoeing past the morgue at work, I'm writing my web Novel, Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep.
Unsurprisingly, Mandy' has a lot of suspense and horror peppered throughout it since I can't bear to write romance. But I'm getting there...and something's got to take my mind off those zombies at work!

I like anime, fantasy novels, and crocodiles. My all-time favorite show is Magic Knight Rayearth by CLAMP (if you haven't seen my favorites folder yet then be warned...I'm pretty sure I've got most of DA's fanart in there.)


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