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abrMate Brush Software

By AscendedArts
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Here is the logo I created for a new piece of freeware I wrote for Windows: abrMate. This software opens .abr brush files for Photoshop or Gimp and allows you to view them and export them as .png's. I attached a screenshot as well. If you want to download the software, you can get it from my personal site: Download Here

Remember this is version 1.0 with many more features to come!

Update: abrMate 1.1 has been released which now allows you to convert brushes created in newer CS Versions of Photoshop to versions that can be opened in Photoshop 7 or anything newer!
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was hoping to get this....but your site is down..

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yarnwitchHobbyist General Artist
your website seems to be down. i do not know if this is intentional or if something has gone wrong. 
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Quik test. Wonderfull so much better than the programm i had.!
Thanks! kissssssssssss
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Going to try it. Thanks
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I don't know if you are aware of this but I keep running into an Error that says Issue reading brush file, file may be protected
Here is the link to a set that says it.
I don't know if this is something that can be fixed or not.
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*.* Cute
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good work, keep it going! check out my stuff?
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I believe this works much better then abrViewer.NET.

The only thing I have an issue with and it may just be my computer is that when exporting the brushes as png's the program hangs and says not responding. However it does continue to do the work. I tried this with a brush pack that contained 49 brushes with an average size of about 2000px by 2000px. After it finished the program became responsive again.

Other then that great work.
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Thanks for the feedback! I will begin looking into this for the next version. Did the program completely hang up or did you still at least see the progress bars moving? Thanks for helping put it through its paces.
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The bars stopped moving after like 5 or 6 brushes. When I finally got the program to end I went to the folder and it showed that like brush 30 was done. It goes pretty fast.

I tried it again and let it run. It did all of the brushes and became responsive again.

As I said in my follow up post after restarting my computer it ran fine without the hang up. So it was either my computer or it needs to have a system restart.
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Awesome, thank you so much for the information and feedback! I will be continuing to test and think of features to add for the next version so be sure to let me know if you come across anything else.
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Ok, So I restarted my computer and it worked just fine with no hang ups.
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Thanks a lot :)
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You are most welcome!
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MariCollHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
AscendedArts's avatar
No problem!
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Kae-Infinity General Artist
You have done it again:)
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Thank you very much! Many improvements to come!
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Kae-Infinity General Artist
My pleasure, i look forward to seeing them!! :)
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goldensebbeProfessional Digital Artist
veery very nice :D
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Thanks very much!
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Kama-ItaeteXIIIHobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent! I use ABRviewer currently, and it's sometimes weird... I hope to download and explore this as soon as I get reliable internet connection. :)
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Yeah, ABRviewer is great, but it's what got me on the quest to make a better Brush viewer.
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