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Namie amuro

My drawing a couple years ago.
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Woa, awesome stuff oO
You caught her look perfectly. Keep it up! ^^
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thank you fukinshin, i will ^ ^ 
how do you add the highlights of the hair? are u just extremely careful?
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Yes! I really took my time to draw the hair. I didn't sketch on the highlight area, so its remain "white" from the beginning.
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How to draw such a realistic pictures??? SUPER AMAZING!!!! LOVE THIS VERYYYYY MUCH!!!!!
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Thanks for the tips! I'll will give a try even though I really weak in shading!
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Thanks for your lovely comment :) I think for a realistic drawing, the eyes and the shading is important. Try building up the shading layer by layer, starting from a low tone pencil (like 2H or HB). Hope thus helps :)
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question, do you photographed or scaned this drawing?
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I scan all my drawings.
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Amazing shading. I wonder what she is thinking with that whip...
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Thanks. Looks like she going to whip someone up.
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This is beautiful!!
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It looks like a Pin-Up I think :)
Great work! :)
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