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As you see I've uploaded some pictures the last weeks after a very long time of hiatus. Well, my life was incredibly busy (I moved two times in 2013 with a total distance of 664 kilometres) last year and I had not very much time to draw anything in my spare time - and I just had no motivation to do free stuff. It was an exhausting year, but it was very interesting, too - and I have started several creative projects:

My blog "Nerd-Gedanken":
It's all about gaming, roleplay, nerd-stuff and the life as female nerd. Written in german, and heavily influenced by the games and stuff I'm doing in my free time. You'll get game and book reviews, guides, discussions and roleplay adventure stories there - so if you like this kind of stuff, have a look:

My steampunk book project:
I participated in NaNoWriMo 2013, and yes, I'm proud to say I'm a NaNo winner. Got 50.000 words written in one month, after the last move - and hell, this was a load of work I had to shoulder next to my normal job as webdesigner & illustrator. But I got it done :) and put it into my desk to work on it this year. I felt I needed a break from the story to avoid my perfectionism of reviewing it that often and ruin it with too many corrections.
Have a look on the progress here:…

My (self) publishing projects:
I sold one book projekt to a german publisher - and I'm almost done with writing - and have three book projects in my desk's drawer I'm planning to publish myself. Lot of work to do - but I'm happy to have the freedom now to work on those projects.

And there will be more pictures in the next weeks - I'm back on track and DevArt will be part of everything. Thank you for your support, your likes and your comments, they're much appreciated ;)

If you want to follow me in social media, please use these links:
It's incredible. I didn't visit this page or my gallery for quite a while - I just forgot totally about it. Never thought it would eat up so much time to get self-employed, but it is - and I only can apologize for the long time without a word. There just were other things much more important in my life to sort out and get done.

Finally I'm going to post work in here again - there will be less art 'cause I spend my whole day with creative stuff, my free time then yells for somthing different ;)

If you want to have a look at my business page, go here: (in english, but you can swith to german on the page)
If you want to follow me at Facebook, go here:…
Twitter's linked on this page, but here's the link again:

Thanks for all those visits, favourites, comments and the time you all have taken to visit my gallery in here. I'm so very glad to give you some pleasure with my art :)
I'm very proud to tell my piece 'Dances with Water' made 2nd place at :iconellygator:'s summer challenge 'Four elements' - if you want to read her journal entry, go here:…
I still can't believe my picture was chosen between ~100 contestants, and this really made my day! Congrats to all other winners, thank you to all judges, the price donators (can't wait to get the cool stuff I won^^) and to Elly for hosting this great challenge!

The last weeks were full of work for me, and I've been quite absent in here - I actually forgot to tell you who won the 70k kiriban, shame on me! Congratulations, :ITAHunter:, I didn't forget you ;) gotta catch up with my regular work, but I already have the sketch for your picture on my desk.

Thanks to three wonderful deviants I was mentioned in their art-journals - so I'm giving back the features now with the chance for seven others to get featured in here. Just leave a comment if you want to be in!

1. :iconchenria:
Naruto OC - Farewell my love. by Chenria The Red Macaw by Chenria Art Nouveau - Serenity by Chenria
2. :icondwenda:
:thumb214432294: :thumb213887155: :thumb207825921:
3. :icontemiel:
Leland- A Gentleman's Progress by temiel Ignis Aethereus by temiel ATC Exchange- October Mystery by temiel

I'm taking commissions - just note me for more information.

200 hits to go to 70k - it's about time for a new kiriban, I think. The one sending me a screenshot of the winning 70,000 number and being an active watcher - this means you should have commented on a piece in my gallery at least one time the last two months - will get a b/w piece with up to two characters of own choice. Good luck!


Heart's Depth by NuBearEull Matt Vitae by NuBearEull   Souls of the Immortals by NuBearEull Lindsey de Villiers by NuBearEull Cnidaria Storm by NuBearEull

Wonderfully shaped bodies, creative and interesting designs - you will get this and more if you browse through her gallery. Take your time to read the artist's comments to her works, too! If you want to have something very special - she's doing commissions.

I'm taking commissions - just note me for more information.

Spring is back - and I'm happy with all the sun, it was about of time the winter got away :) currently I'm working on getting into business for myself, and this takes lots of time. So please don't be bothered about my lack of answers and comments, I really try to catch up in my free time.

I have the joy to announce the winners of the 'Mythology' contest at :iconoc-challenge:. Congrats to all winners!

:star: First Place :star:


The Raven Steals the Sun by anqila The Witch of Aeaea by anqila Temeraire: The Ballad of Mulan by anqila

:star: Second Place :star:


Jumong by cyblix My OC sketches by cyblix Character Illustration 2 by cyblix

:star: Third Place :star:


OoK - White Centaur by Paleblood OoK - Three Knights One Goal by Paleblood Gift - OoK - Shang Fei by Paleblood

:star: Honorable Mentions :star:

Stolen Spring by tomato-bird A different kind of Hunter by Eldemorrian The crow brings the daylight. by Capricornicis Married to the Sea by mirika-san

I'm taking commissions - just note me for more information.

Thanks to wonderful :iconplt25: I'm back on track with a subcription - and I'll take the chance to give him and other b/w artist a little feature in return. In my youth one of the first comics I ever read was 'Prince Valiant', drawn by the fabulous Hal Foster - completely in b/w, colored much later. This was the moment I started to see the colors in b/w simulated by different drawn textures - and it's something I still love and try to do myself. Masters like Hal Foster are a rare thing at the moment, and many people seem to prefer colored stuff 'cause it's much more easy to consume.
What do you think?

:iconplt25:'s b/w art is often influenced by historical background - have a look at his great gallery and dream yourself away ... :)

The Sword of Brittania by plt25 The Beguiling of Merlin by plt25 Orpheus and Eurydice by plt25 Andromache on the wall of Troy by plt25


And some b/w pieces from my favourites list from the last years:

Not just a lover... by Jafean UR A WIZARD HARRY by V-Inks Tesla by ObscureFamous Portrait - Mauro by gg-al Near You- Arua and Namat by Hieyizar Burdge-bug Collab Line Art by shucklebux Greece by leArchitecte For One Night Only by Larissa-Bright :thumb176451825: My Beautiful Lady by Kuru-mo SS_noveau by G672 The Throne by andybrase AGAFG 10 by A-gnosis Gatekeeper of the Dark by andybrase Regret by pythiadelphi

Mature Content

Swan Lake by weremoon
Agent by sternban Albus Dumbledore by Ellygator lesson of magic by karo-cat I'm a pirate, after all. by Chenria Argonautica by plt25 Toothpick by Wrale Alexandros Revisited - Bagoas by rubeuswagner At the Black Rose by temiel batman in the rain by Geniss A A Duffy by garnabiuth Pride and Prejudice - pencil by ellaine JONES ST. by Ecthelian Feathers by Aarki CyberBabe0.1 by QuestingRaven Yoda Vs. Palpatine by jpc-art :thumb82318538:

I'm taking commissions - just note me for more information.
Anyone out there with some spare money? ;) I'd love to get my subscription back (didn't realize how comfortable DA was without all those ads, limitations and such stuff) and I'm willing to work for it. So it's a simple deal:

YOU: give me a one-year-subscription
I: will draw and color for you a piece with up to two characters and detailed background of YOUR choice

You know, I'm a b/w artist at heart, but most people seem to prefer colored stuff - it's up to you what you want to have at your piece. If you choose color, you'll get it, if you prefer b/w, you'll get this - let me use my hands for your ideas. ^^ I'm coloring digital and traditionally with copic markers.
Just note me if you're interested, or leave a comment at this journal and I will contact you.

Tagged - Asarea and Thanalee

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 18, 2011, 8:04 AM
The 'post 9 character facts'-tagging-game is circulating at DA again, and two of my characters have been tagged - Asarea and Thanalee.

:iconlarissa-bright: wanted to know more about Thanalee, so here we are:
Ichema: Practicing by Asarea Ichema: Thanalee Charsheet by Asarea

- Thanalee is in her lifetime the only arcanate (mage) able to use the rare crystal magic
- her nickname at the academy of arcanates was 'Icequeen' 'cause she avoided any liaisons with other students
- she met her first love with sixteen and lost him half a year after their first moment tragically
- some of the older arcanates presume she is the most powerful young mage they ever met
- she won't be able to find true love on the world Ichema itself
- during her period of service at her first tower she will have to face several attacks on the city, but the only one able to reach the city will be because of the use of an assassin trying to kill her directly
- despite her fragile looks she really loves to eat a big steak (rare!)
- she rarely looses control over herself, but the few times she did most people are shocked about her accurately formulated comments about other peoples manners and behaviors
- she never drinks alcohol and even refuses to have any drop of it in her tower

:iconspacegryphon: was the one tagging Asarea:
Portrait: Asarea von den Auen by Asarea Ichema: Asarea Charsheet by Asarea

- Asarea first tried to live a life as a priest adept of the life goddess Ariatha then decided in time of war to take the sword
- the army recruiter laughed at her as she told him she wanted to become a soldier and was hitten to the ground by her then
- she was punished several times during her first years of military service, mostly because of refusal to obey orders - her last punishment with ten whips of the lash was because of her refusal to sleep with one of her officers
- she killed this guy in the heat of battle later on
- although she likes to drink and sing all night long she's a person with a good power of observation and deep insights
- Asarea doesn't believe in carnal fidelity, only in the fidelity of deep feelings
- she lost count in the number of enemies she killed during her life, but always knows how many men she had in her bed
- after king Aodanns offer to marry him and become his queen she decided instantly to refuse it
- she prefers ale over wine, and wine over water

Hope this gave you some of the insights you wanted to have ;)

60k kiriban taken :)

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 4:43 AM
Well, this came fast - the 50k kiriban was done in august, and I didn't think the next one will just need three months to show up - thank you all for your support!
To celebrate a bit I will draw a portrait of the character you want to have in color or b/w-copic - as you wish - if you send me a screenshot with the winning hit in the counter. I'm excited about the next winner - so good luck!


And the winner is.... :iconlarissa-bright: with the lucky number - congratulations, I'm happy you took your chance! As I stated in the comments, you're free to choose an art style (b/w ink work, b/w copic work, digital colored work) and a character that will be drawn especially for you.

After reading the comments to my journal I decided to give another kiriban to :iconellygator: - she's a longtime watcher and has supported me with her friendly and encouraging comments for years. Elly, for you the same thing as for the winner - choose style and subject and I'll do some magic ;)

Thank you to all watchers, stalkers and art admirers for visiting my page and encouraging me so much! I'm simply swept off my feet by all your support!


:iconichema-art: :iconimperiumromanum: :iconbabylon-5-fans:

New Ichema-Art group

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 1, 2010, 1:42 PM
I planned this for a while to show all Ichema related stuff in an own group, and finally I got it done - so feel free to have a look in here:


If you like my own special fantasy world I'd love to see you become watcher or member to share with you even more art, thoughts and ideas. This project is a part of my life for over twelve years now and I decided to do my first professional steps with it - I mentioned the book before I'm working at since a while. Let me know what you're thinking about the group :) I'd love to read some input.

Copics and me

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 21, 2010, 5:14 AM
Yay! Got my first copic (ciao) markers - those state-of-the-art color markers used by professional mangakas to color their work - and I'm so excited to use them the first time (just waiting for the paper now ^^). The greyscale tones C1,C3,C5,C7 and 100 were a late birthday present by a good friend who knew I hesitated to buy them for a long time (they're quite expensive and I don't have any money to spare at the moment). Of course, I asked for greyscale tones 'cause I'm still much more familiar to b/w than to colored work - and he did me the favour. :) Thanks so much, Clemens!

Getting over a little art block now, I was sickly the last days and didn't draw or color anything, but well, I know this from former times. Did so much art stuff in the past weeks, there had to be a small break to recover energy and ideas.


October art feature: :iconmartoo1973:

Cherry Blossom 8 by martoo1973 Tree for SMerle by martoo1973
Half Dome by martoo1973 Cherry Blossom 11 by martoo1973
Aso mountains by martoo1973 Wintertrees 2 by martoo1973 Lakeside by martoo1973
Moonrise by martoo1973 Misty forest by martoo1973 My secret garden by martoo1973

October Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 15, 2010, 4:48 AM
I recently recognized I forgot to do my monthly feature for the last montzs - but now I'm back with this and I decided to feature a wonderful painter I know for several years. We first met in a german fantasy/scifi community and she's been supportive and very kind since the first day we got in touch.
She's living in Japan with her man and her child and has grown success with her paintings there - and I'm sure the price she recently got won't be the last one. Have a look on her wonderful work - and thank you for everything in the last years, :iconmartoo1973: - we will meet one day :)

Cherry Blossom 8 by martoo1973 Tree for SMerle by martoo1973
Half Dome by martoo1973 Cherry Blossom 11 by martoo1973
Aso mountains by martoo1973 Wintertrees 2 by martoo1973 Lakeside by martoo1973
Moonrise by martoo1973 Misty forest by martoo1973 My secret garden by martoo1973

Something new, something old

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 1, 2010, 5:44 AM
Something old:
Uhh ...finally catched up with every comment, with every watch message - I just decided not to answer to the favourites, they're just too many and DA has a new anti-spam-tool that provides the nice message 'we think you're a spammer!' if you really have to post MANY thank-you's for getting a picture or more than one pictures fav'ed.
So this in here is a HUGE thank-you to everyone fav'ing my pieces - I really appreciate this. Thank you for taking the time to hit the 'fav' button or give a comment or watch: This always makes my days much more beautiful 'cause I have the feeling I'm doing the right thing in here :)
If I have a week full of art I just can't answer to everything, but no comment is lost, and I store them to the rare moments with empty hours to answer them all *grins*

Something new:
I finally decided to do a self-publish with my Ichema project. The first story with this background will be a 300-350 pages book with chapter illustrations and some drawn icons in it, printed by demand and available in the german amazon store or via the artist (me^^). The book market seems to change at the moment, there are many stories bought from outside germany and chances for german writers seem to narrow more and more. Maybe this doesn't give me big bucks, but I'm doing this for me, not for the glory or the money. I will provide more information from time to time, and I hope you'll stay with me :)

There will be a new Snape-Leonida Ferocian-Fancomic in the future, I'm writing the story atm, and it will be done in b/w as the first one to have more practice with my work :) Yeah there was much color stuff in the last months, but well, if my clients prefer color, I'm doing stuff in color. Don't think I ever will give up my favourite art style ^^ this won't happen any time.

Comment and get featured :)

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 26, 2010, 9:32 AM
Hi there!
It's feature-time again - and it's such a simple game, too ;) comment on this journal and be one of the 10 people I'm featuring with three pieces out of their gallery. You just have to play this game, too - with 10 people commenting on your journal (and me on position 01^^ for being the initial featurer). Keep in mind only subscribers can post thumbnails to their journals. Help spread the love and art!
Edit: No-one there who wants to be featured? ;) I don't bite!

01. :iconnubeareull:
Heart's Depth by NuBearEull Skyships by NuBearEull :thumb173069486:

02. :icontemiel:
We Are of the Going Water by temiel The way you held me then by temiel PE Round 92 for Emoxic by temiel

03. :iconchenria:
Trade - Amot by Chenria Eferia Seastar by Chenria Trade - Meeting at Midnight by Chenria

04. :iconspacegryphon:
The Power of the Dark Side by Spacegryphon Rahjan by Spacegryphon Thallian by Spacegryphon

05. :iconlarissa-bright:
For One Night Only by Larissa-Bright Trade: Thanalee by Larissa-Bright Kara Armstrong by Larissa-Bright

06. :iconivanthe4th:
Keep It Alive by IvanThe4th NEED piece. by IvanThe4th The City by IvanThe4th

07. :iconschlammsuhler:
cloaked by Schlammsuhler

Mature Content

stuck by Schlammsuhler
fairyland3 by Schlammsuhler

08. :iconsrsobotka:
Slave Leia by Stalk - Colors by SRSobotka Colors -- Freaja Blade Dancer by SRSobotka

Mature Content

Colors -- Soapy Pair Final by SRSobotka

09. :iconultamisia:
:thumb126555834: Greek Amazon by Ultamisia :thumb167225543:

10. :iconjrl5:
Tornado by JRL5 Baltic Sunset for Alinafee by JRL5 Snowy Shoreline by JRL5

Asarea has been tagged! ,)

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 2, 2010, 3:00 PM
Uh yeah, a tagging game again. So let's see. This time it's not me, but my original character Asarea ;)

I've been tagged by :iconmetalbeowulf89:. Not my first tag, but the first tag for one of my characters.

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creator's avatars.
4. No tag backs.


1. Although Asarea's profession is being a high class warrior, she once wanted to become priestess of Ariatha in her youth, the godess of life, mutual love and fertility.
2. Asarea really enjoys the things which make a life worth living - good food, singing, drinking, and, of course, sexual passion.
3. Her hair was black naturally, but the color of one side of her head changed because of a kind of plague.
4. Asarea refused to become queen of Hohenstein, but still remained a close friend to her king.
5. She had many lovers, but only loved two men for her life.
6. As Selcarion visited the royal court of Hohenstein, Asarea always forgot his name - she always called him 'the Arcanat with the knock-out butt'.
7. Asarea was an ambassador for Hohenstein in a later state of her life. The thing she disliked most about the job were the clothes - dresses and wigs for women at the Alestrano royal court.
8. If with her fellow soldiers, she's swearing like a trooper. But it was king Aodann von Hohenstein who beat her in a friendly battle of swearing (and after a lot of drinks).

Some more information about the character:
Ichema: Asarea Charsheet by Asarea

And some pictures:
Ichema: The Ambush by Asarea Ichema: His Birthday Present by Asarea

Mature Content

Ichema - High above by Asarea

Mature Content

Ichema: Bathtub by Asarea
Ichema: Death Fight by Asarea Exploration by Asarea The one behind by Asarea Ichema: Just Love by Asarea RPC Promotion: Asarea by Asarea


I won't tag anyone, 'cause I actually don't like those tagging games very much - but if you want to play this, too, feel free to feel one of your characters tagged :)

Finally back online - heureka!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 19, 2010, 6:59 AM
Whew, this was a week with some challenges ... being cut from the net isn't funny if you still have to make some scheduling appointments with people you mainly know from the internet. I have an important meeting this friday evening and needed to make some underlying data clear during this week - but I didn't had any net connection since monday, my router crashed and it took several phone calls with the service hotline of alltogether almost two hours of time (and it wasn't the charge-free hotline, of course!) to get the problem tracked and solved. Then they sent the new hardware to my previous apartment, not to the new one I'm actually living in and getting my bills sent to - luckily there's still living a neighbour that called me and told me the delivery service was there, so I could call the service hotline once again to tell them they used the wrong address ... otherwise I would have waited until next monday! :D
Four days without internet are a strange thing these days - I'm watching my TV series online, I'm chatting with friends online, I'm even talking to my mom via Skype, so it's like being cut from the world without ... ;) Hope the new router will work better than the old one! *crosses her fingers*

50k Hits ...! And a BIG thank you!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 2, 2010, 12:01 PM
After four years of DA greatness finally there's the half way done to 100k hits - and I'm so glad there seem so many people liking my art. Thank you everyone for visiting, fav'ing, commenting and watching. Some people accompany me since years, some people are brand new on my watchers list - but I'm happy about everyone that shows some interest in my work.

It's been a great time in here, and knowing you're all outside there in the wide world of the internet is a wonderful feeling. Being able to share the things I'm creating for years is the best thing that can happen to any artists - we're at last aren't autists creating stuff only for ourselves, I think.

:iconvizen: caught the 50k-kiriban and I'm really curious which character she wants me to put into Ichema style *smiles* - congrats on the winning hit!

Although I'm not writing that much journals about my life or thank for every fav I get (sorry, but they have reached a number I just can't catch them up now) please note that I'm glad about every fav my pictures get, I try to answer any comment on journals or pictures. Thank you all for the long time encouragement, I've been through rough times recently, and your comments and dedication often gave me a ray of sunlight in dark times. :)

Being able to concentrate on art at the moment is a wonderful thing - I work at last up to 13 hours a day on my art stuff, and if you can't see everything in here the reason is I'm commissioned often with erotic pieces that would expand DA's rules at the widest *grins* but DA will stay my favourite platform for the rest of my art stuff, and you'll be able to watch my Ichema project grow.
That's all for the moment, and I'm ending this with a big smile on my face. You all made me uber-happy. I hope I can return the favour!


:thumb161367978: :thumb161368128: :thumb161368173:

Information about art trades:…

50,000 hits kiriban ... only 40 hits left!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 2, 2010, 10:00 AM
After four years of being a member at DevArt, with ~330 watchers and 141000 directs hits to art pieces, my hit counter seemed to explode this year - well, I think the warcraft fanart was major reason for this, but I still hope the original art stuff is one of the reasons, too. :)

I will do something special for you if you give me a screenshot as prove you got the 50,000 kiriban - I will draw any character you describe me in Ichema style - a full b/w illustration with background, clothing and stuff. Imagine what you want to have as character in my world - and I'll draw this, your own special character. If you want to develop a story behind the character, that's even more welcome.

So have good luck with getting the kiriban :) I'm really looking forwards to this moment. (and, :iconjrl5:, I didn't forget your troll. He's in my work queue ^^)

Edit: Around 400 hits now ... :) I'm really looking forwards to this :) and - if you have the time, please have a look at my recent arwotk. I'm updating Ichema character sheets at the moment and I'd really love to read some statements about them :)

Edit2: Now you have to be fast - only 40 hits left :)

Art Trades are open!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 24, 2010, 5:04 PM
:thumb161367978: :thumb161368128: :thumb161368173:

I stumbled over those practical stamps a few days earlier in a friend's journal and I really like the way of saying in easy pictrues what you're up to. So I'm using this decent stamp set, too - and 'cause I have some spare time for art at the moment, I really like to have an art trade with people that are willing and able to match at last some quality.

That's the deal:

:bulletwhite: I will draw one of your characters (or a couple) in my style according to your basic idea.
:bulletwhite: You will draw one of my Ichema characters (or a couple, if you wanted to have one) in your style.
:bulletwhite: If you're going to color your piece, I'm going to color mine. If you want me to draw b/w, I don't expect color.
:bulletwhite: I'll do my best to honor your characters. And I hope you'll do so, too.

If you're interested, leave me a comment or a PM - I'd love to do some characters I'm not familiar to, and I even look forwards to see some of my characters in different styles. :)

Ichema ... come and explore!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 10, 2010, 12:28 PM
The oldest legends reach into a far past, writing the story of a dying world - Ichema. Will the heroes of this story have a chance to change an predestinated fate? You'll see ...
Enjoy some shameless self-pimping with a look on my Ichema art through the last years. :)


Ichema: Practicing by Asarea Ichema - Selcarion Portrait by Asarea

Mature Content

Ichema - High above by Asarea
Ichema: King's Counsel by Asarea Ichema: Watchtower by Asarea

Mature Content

Ichema: Bathtub by Asarea
Ichema: Chapter I by Asarea

Mature Content

Ichema: Yezaide Triptychon by Asarea
Ichema: Everything Lost by Asarea Ichema: General Ko by Asarea Ichema: The Ambush by Asarea

Mature Content

Ichema: Dream with me by Asarea
Ichema: Yann von Strina by Asarea Ichema: Cerima - Portrait by Asarea Ichema: Her Tower by Asarea