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It finally happened, Cassandra Clare published a book with so many flaws that only quoting the examples I remembered was too much for a journal entry on Deviant Arts, that is how much there is. So since my actualy review is on goodreads… here is just a list. of examples I picked.

This here was a worse example of world-building than Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Guide.

Note: Only read further if you really want to, since the lists that now come are extremely long and a testament to the writers incompetence, and my inability to stop ranting.


Examples of lazy writing:

Witchstones are just a side product of adama (a magic metal) mining.

There are no actual Shadowhunter fighting/combat styles, they take all from the mundanes.

The demon chapter read like a fourth grade animal guide and not a guide for future warriors, e.g. it doesn't contain common defenses against the different demons and the descriptions do not fit the danger level of the demons (the more dangerous, the more info you need, so a demon called facemelter should have more text spend on it than a hellhound with no special powers). And the names are not only crap but a global order of demon-hunters should have a much wider variety of demon names than just some European, Arabic and Japanese names and they should match their real world counterparts.

The "origin" of the werewolves was basically "a demon came and created them and then left" that is it. There aren't even oral tales of what happened or anything, it doesn't concern anybody, despite the whole thing reeking of a hidden plan, just like the origin story of the vampires. Here the first vampire is Vlad Tepez III (aka Dracula aka biggest cliché in the genre) and they were created by the demon Hecate, which makes no sense at all. To make it as short as possible: She was variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, fire, light, the Moon, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy, and sorcery. She was one of the main deities worshiped in Athenian households as a protective goddess and one who bestowed prosperity and daily blessings on the family. And while the book gets the connection to witchcraft right the fact remains that she is a very bad choice as creator of the vampires. Not only are there the associations I stated (which often run completely counter to the image of the vampire) but also because of the animal most associated with her: the dog! Hecate would have made way more sense as creator of the werewolves.



Examples of Shadowhunter incompetence

They don't even use firearms. Not even silver, gold and iron bullets against werewolves/vampires [not usually], demons and fey, and mark gold is poisonous to demons so even gold-coated bullets/weapons should have some effect, the same for the other metals). And the reason they don't use firearms is still "marks keep gun powder from igniting," which of course is no explanation at all. They also usually fight in short, improvised confrontations, close quarter, rather than in planned battles. And that against enemies that have among their powers spitting acid, breathing fire, firing projectiles, doing spells, being super strong and fast and who knows what else (they literally say that demons are of infinite variety, btw. after 1000 years they barely know anything about them). And despite all this stupidity the book claims that they prioritize detailed assessment of the environment and learn to avoid harm by wits and reflexes. This lack of planning and inventiveness (why not use automatic crossbows?) doesn't make them look badass it lets them come along as incompetent morons. And it really doesn't stop there. They apparently barely use bows from a save range but rather in the midst of chaotic battle, which is practically suicide. The useless art of throwing daggers is widely practiced just for showing off, but all we get to the question why they not just use water cannons against demons (water disrupts their magic,) is "it doesn't work like that." Despite the fact that it is stated that holy water is severely toxic to demons, so why not do it like that?

Despite being an order with members from all over the place, they don't even have a common language apart from the "language of Raziel and the Gray Book" aka the runes, which isn't a language. Yes they operate globally, have members from all over the world but they do not have a way to communicate across language barriers. These guys are such idiots… Trust me there was more in this book. Like the headlines state, these are all just examples.



Examples of the book contradicting the other books of the franchise:

Clary & Co know of aegis daggers in 2007 but werecnot thinking of using them despite being angelic weapons that they needed.

The parabatai connection is allegedly very special and serious (but still the vow is made when the involved are kids) but the books never showed that and now it is stated that romantic bonds between parabatai is forbidden since it evokes magical harm. If that is the case then why is Alec still ok? Were his feelings towards Jace not romantic or is he ok because it wasn't mutual?

If no demon parts remain in our world upon the point of death, then why are characters so often described to be covered in demon ichor and venom affects you even after the demon's death?

If demons always take on monstrous forms, why could Azazel and Lilith look like humans if they wanted to? The book even mentions shapeshifting demons.

Considered that most demons cannot speak human languages there have been an awful lot of them doing just that.

The demon languages mentioned are less than in the Bane Chronicles.

In City of Ashes Luke could kill a demon by hitting it with a truck, but here mundane weapons allegedly cannot harm them permanently (later they even say enough blunt force can kill everything).

The book says werewolves look no different in human form, but City of Lost Souls states that their eyes have the gold-ringed pupils of lycanthropy.

And now their transformation is described as painful and graphic, but we got nothing of that in the other books, in City of Glass Jace and Clary see Maia transform right in front of them and there was no talk about falling out teeth and all.

Both City of Bones and Ashes suggested that lycanthropy can be inherited, but here they say differently.

Here vampires generally look pale, sallow and thin, as though weakened by malnourishment or some wasting disease but in other books their beauty was often stated and none was ever said to look malnourished or something, Simon was stated to look better as a vampire than a human. And not only that, just like pretty much every book since City of Bones, this one here totally ignores that the vampires in City of Bones were said to have hands that curled into claws at the tips and being able to transform into bats, mist and rat form. And not only where they shown to be transformed into bats by stating above flew the vampires, hissing and screeching, filling the night with predatory cries (at the very least this implies that they can fly without their motorcycles, an ability not mentioned here also) and that they can transform into rats was a plot point since this was the reason they thought transformed Simon was one of their own in that book.

Do these people really not know about Tessa from the Infernal Devices series or why do they insist that all warlocks are sterile and the mixture of demon and Shadowhunter always results in stillbirth? And this acclaimed complex relationship with warlocks that the Clave has surely was not reflected in any other book (just like the alleged complexity of fey politics). It is generally remarkable how little these Shadowhunters know based on this book, since it also claims that warlock marks are always there from birth on, which is not true since Bane Chronicles 1 stated that Magnus's wasn't, his cat eyes developed later (albeit his missing navel was never mentioned). How is it possible to fight demons and Downworlder for more than a 1000 years and still know so little (faeries are even more "unknown" to them than demons)?

The wholes between the dimensions that demons use have been created by Sammael a thousand years ago and the Hunters still don't know where they are?

On the other hand if they have no actual record of any summoning and even claim to know least about angels than any other supernatural creature, then how do they know all these does and don'ts and other stuff (names etc) regarding angels?

According to this book only the most powerful warlocks in the world, or the most powerful Greater Demons, could successfully perform magic on the open ocean.  Which is exactly what Magnus did in 1791 Peru (or was that not open enough?). Don't these idiots realize that the more powerful they make Magnus the more his inactions look like the acts of an idiot and/or and asshole?!

Since when do Shadowhunters live according to the basic moral codes of the cultures around them? In all books they did basically the opposite, which fits to what they suddenly say later about them living apart from mundane.

And if the unhallowed cannot enter an Institute, how could Luke in The Mortal Instruments, according to this book physically he is a run-of-the-mill werewolf.

The other books never reflected that demons become weaker over time while being in our world.

Allegedly "many original members" and many of "the closest of Morgenstern's original followers" had fled from him before the Accords (a signing of peace treaties), but who? The other books only talked about Jocelyne and still no one warned the Clave? And they could just smuggle demonic weapons into the Accords hall? Gosh the Shadowhunters are incompetent.



Examples of the book contradicting itself:

Saying demons just shrug off effects of physical weapons but saying enough blunt force will kill anything (unless demon skin is harder than metal).

There was a 1732 France story where the local Hunters realized the ineffectiveness of firearms against demons... so being hit by a cannon ball would not injure a demon? Why?

If the possessed (what is allegedly rare) can experience everything in that state why don't they keep the memories?

The books states that during the first years of the vampires chaos arose, as neither Hunters nor vampires yet understood how new vampires were made. And this after saying that Vlad & Co had already created new vampires and that new ones popped up as quickly as old ones disappeared. So how on Earth could they suddenly not know how new vampires are made?

At first they say that all warlocks can do magic and later they suddenly mention the Ifrits, warlocks that have no magic.

The artwork in the faerie chapter suggests that unicorns are faeries but later chapters say that they are not.

The book says that the offspring of a human and a fey is human (often with some "fey characteristics") and not fey, but at the same time it states that faeries abduct humans to mate with them and thereby counter inbreeding in their own species. How? If the offspring of a human and a fey is a human then why does the book state a few pages later that they abduct humans to be used to produce new faerie children? Would such offspring be stated to be half-fey I would say "ok, that makes sense" but that is not what the book states, the book states at first that the offspring of such a mix is human and later that its used to produce new faeries.

And the mixing with faeries is not the only example if screwed reproduction. In the werewolf chapter they state that werewolves do not pass on their condition to their children and later on there is time and again talk about inherited werewolf traits. So is the condition inheritable to not? Or is the offspring even of two werewolves some human werewolf mix? This isn't clear at all.

The Mortal Cup (a device to create new Hunters) can be used to kill Downworlders because ingesting the fluid in it makes the "demonic and angelic war fruitlessly" within them, this causes stillbirths for Hunter x demon mixes, so why can Hunters mix with fey and werewolves? Why are there "Inherited" werewolf blood and fey traits for Hunters? Shouldn't this "war" inside them cause stillbirths for such mixes as well?

The book talks of "ancient Shadowhunter ruins" when Hunters aren't even 1000 years old.

And how can a Hunter become a Forsaken by stripping it's Marks? Does that negate the Hunter blood? The book says that allegedly they are made mundane by stripping them from their Marks, but how? Did I miss something? Later they openly say that the child of a Hunter who "quits" is still a Hunter by blood so how could they say only pages before that they make some into mundanes as a punishment by taking away their marks? How is that possible? They literally say it: the children of Shadowhunters will be Shadowhunters, even if their parents have left, even if their Marks have been stripped.  MEGA GIANT CONTRADICTION!!!!" 

If Lilith is the mother of demons and she was Adams first wife then how on earth can demons be older than humans? And if it's just the Clave being wrong why aren't Clary and Simon correcting this? Of course that would be easy to assess if this book would be clear when it was read in-universe.

 And why would demons even "mate" with angels? It doesn't say "rape" it says "mate".

Fuck they say themselves that the oldest Hunters texts say that Lilith was Adam's first wife. ON THE SAME PAGE!!! How can any writer/author/editor be so incompetent and make such a big mistake? This isn't the flood story in the bible where it's clear that two version were merged together. PUT SOME EFFORT INTO THIS!!!" 

And are we to assume that Lilith was a demon from the beginning and was Adam's wife and "rejected the ways of mortals?"

How can the mythic battle between angels and demons have destroyed "the original pyramids" and wiped out the unicorns and dragons, when the book said dragons are demons and a picture showed unicorns to belong to the faeries?



Examples of questions raised by this book:

Why are there only seraph blades and not other weapon types?

Why do Shadowhunters believe iron being in human blood cause its affinity for enchantment?

If Rowan, Ash and Oak are so often used by Shadowhunters, why don't they have big forests planted in Idris?

Wouldn't a knee-length tunic made out of leather rather hinder the movements of female Shadowhunters?

City of Bones stated that prior to mid 20th century female warriors were rare, so why does the book mention this difference in "gear" and treats it traditionally?

And what does it matter if female Hunters wear tunics when in mundane society? They would stand out either way with their leather.

Why is a chart showing the different demon frequencies a waste of time? Because charts cannot be used in the field? Then just learn them by heart and you won't have to go through the dangerous experience of recognizing demons by sight, you know when they don't kill you first. Or if that is too much: just invent some sort of screen to show the frequencies on sensors, get some warlock to create a magic glass or something. Seriously the modern sensors have mapping systems, proximity alarms and other colorful features but a screen to show the demons they detect they don't have?

What sort of moron would place a demon energy sensor on a demon-powered cart without some sort of isolation (at least that is what the text suggests)? Of course the whole thing would go crazy then.

And why did it take until the 1960s for rune miniaturization magic to appear and make the sensors smaller? Where did that "magic" (the stuff they allegedly don't use, btw. they literally state here that their marks are magic, so I guess Jace and Alec in City of Bones must have been delusional when they claimed time and again that they don't use magic) come from?

Why can the sensor detect demons but not Downworlders when Downworlders clearly use "demon magic? The book even says that vampires and werewolves have demon magic installed in their souls, so why can't they be detected with sensors? The "they have human souls" makes no sense.

These sensors (btw. what are they made up? We are never told) have no safety measure against exploding?

There is a 30 feet tall witchlight in Alicante?! And why see only Silent Brothers (a "monastic" order) it if it's so tall?

Since when is it the Silent Brothers job to turn back the tide of demons and close the gates? And maybe they would be successful had they found out where the demons cross over, but apparently they don't know.

The ability to pass for a mundane driving a car is part of the training? This stuff is considered special? This might work if this were Harry Potter, but it's not, not at all. These Hunters don't have magic like that, so they would differ less from mundanes.

Why is there no description of an exorcism, wouldn't these hunters have to perform some emergency exorcisms once in a while, at least?

What good is it to have a combination of marks that enhance your senses but exclude the smell of demons from it? Does that mean they cannot smell it or it's just not enhanced?

And what does the Note mean that states "under standard demonic glamour, those who are susceptible cannot smell a demon any more than they can hear or see one. All the senses, thankfully, are negated?" And why is that a "good" thing?

If demons can be repelled by holy symbols why don't Hunters wear those all the time?

These criteria for what is and what isn't a greater demon are BS. Plenty of demons shown had human-scale intelligence, personalities and names and the book says itself that demons cannot truly be destroyed, respectively now it says that they do not know that. But either way, pretty much every Eidolon demon so far in the franchise would be a Greater Demon!

If all this (suicidal anger, rage and depression) happens to new werewolves, why aren't they constantly killing themeslves?

And suddenly the Praetor Lupus also cares for warlocks? In the other books the order only cared for werewolves and vampires.

How can a bear kill a werewolf? Werewolves heal fast and are super strong. They can easily bite through steel in fact.

And if you shouldn't name your blade Raziel, why does Jace have to scribble that? Why doesn't the book list "safe" names?

Why should you feel envy or contempt for someone who doesn't know what danger s/he is in? The book warns Hunters not to feel envy or contempt for mundane.

If no Forsaken (a marked mundane who is driven mad by the runes' powers) has ever been turned into a Hunter by drinking from the Cup why do they even say that this is an alternative to killing them? Do the authors even remotely realize how often they contradict themselves in this book?

If the book mentiones ghost why not zombies? And why are ghosts "rare" to begin with? There must be millions of restless dead from the 20th century alone.

If Raziel produced the Mortal Instruments in a shape that their intended use would be clear why is a sword used for interrogation and why is the mirror a lake?

How can be creating the Gray Book (the book with all the runes) be a magical legerdemain if the only magic they have is rune magic and for pages to "hold runes" they need to be magical?

So a new born Hunter is literally placed under spells for protection and to be physically/spiritually strengthened for receiving the first Marks. How is that possible if the only magic they have are the marks and the Mortal Instruments? The book says so: only 1 Silent Brother and 1 Iron Sister are present, so how are these spells cast? Did I miss something again? Because this violates the whole "Magic" chapter.

If all marks come from Gray Book why are some only accessible to Silent Brothers and Iron Sisters (another order, and lip service to gender equality)?

Thousands of marks? How big is Gray Book or the marks on the pages for that matter?

Did Silent Brothers stop to create new wards to help global wards created by heaven? Book only says they did in the early days.

 Does not say, not even hint, where demons slip through wards, whether specific location or everywhere, shouldn't new Hunters know this stuff or how to create small wards themselves or anything? Some examples would be good. And why didn't Clary & Co add the "demon" powers of the sword or the other cup?

And if demon magic is by nature chaotic why doesn't it go crazy all the time, even with Downworlder powers, which are demonic as well?

They have this constant "Hunters are so few and die young" theme going on, to which I say: make more Hunters you idiots! Add polygamy if you have to, just do something!!!

They always enjoyed a much higher rate of survival and healthiness in births than mundanes? You know Hunters: STUFF LIKE THAT WOULD HAVE PEOPLE JOINING YOU IN DROVES IN THE MIDDLE AGES! Also it makes them look like egoistic assholes who only care about themselves.

If the Hunters are supposed to keep magic secret from the mundanes why is the Law saying that they cannot protect werewolves from mundane law enforcement?

 And when did any Downworlders ever petition for reparations? And am I supposed to assume based on this text that they could already do this before the accords? How? If Hunters could just kill them for suspicion, as is said here, how could they petition if there was no protection?

Part of that spoils law actually seems legit (to basically make Hunters kill only rich Downworlders), but I do wonder how many rich Downworlders there were for Hunters families to amount to so many riches? And to which Downworlder families could spoils be returned except fey? Weres, warlocks and vamps don't technically breed.

Only a few mundanes know of magic? The fact that these morons think that, is a testament, one of many, to their idiocy.

The inquisitor is always female or why do they refer to the post as "she? If yes, why did City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls state that Mr. Lightwood seemed to apply for the job?

Why is age a factor in becoming a Hunter and receiving their marks? They are supposed to be warriors and in such an army you need lots of expertise from all over the place so why is "the younger they are the better" so paramount? Oh yeah right to appeal to the YA crowd and make them feel awesome. Please this book makes Sailor Moon look competent in comparison. This is just another attempt at milking the cash cow.

These regular side effects of being marked are not threatening or funny, they are just plain silly because they are so over the top (apocalyptic visions, bed-wetting, speaking to animals, night terrors etc.) And why do they happen anyway, shouldn't angelic marks cause sight of heaven and all?

And how can you not be sure whether you are a warlock or not? What about the devil's mark (inhuman eyes, bat ears, hooves, wings etc.)?

Why do newly made Hunters need to learn to see through glamours and born ones usually can just do it? And again: what about Simon? He didn't have the sight and was no Hunter but learned quickly to see through glamours?

And a spouse of a made Hunter can just become one was well? Now they converted whole families when possible. The whole "many die from drinking" doesn't seem to hold up anymore.

If it is the Clave's primary concern to birth more Shadowhunters, why is it forbidden to marry mundanes? They had mundanes working for them, so why this law? And for that case, what is the Law? Seriously the whole previous chapter there wasn't really much about it, no actual law text.

 And now they just let the mundies drink from the Cup, what about the tests mentioned in City of Bones?

Now they say marrying mundanes was practiced widely in the early days and grew "much less common" when their population became stable. But they constantly whine about how few they are, so what caused that idiotic decision?

 And if Hunters lived in villages before, when did they train and all? And who fed them? Farm labor back then was pretty hard and time consuming.

Not consider your status an accident of birth? The book said that most Hunters are born this way, and again this whining about their numbers... Granted some flaws in the building of a society can actually flesh out that society and let it look real, but this book is so incredibly flawed in its first quarter already that there is nothing now that could still save it from its own stupidity.

Why should the Silent Brother's appearance be sickening to someone that is trained to fight demons? Seriously they seem to look rather goofy in comparison to demons.

So Raziel not only didn't give the Hunters their seraph blades he also put certain runes in the book from the sight of Hunters that are not Silent Brothers or Iron Sisters. Man this guy is a complete idiot.

 And the Brothers once calling themselves Grigori is odd since according to the book of Enoch they are the ones who with their prince Satanail rejected the Lord of light.

How do Silent Brothers eat if some literally have no mouth? Did that question never come up?

 Apart from the fact that Iron Sisters have special marks, why don't their marks transfigure them? Why are they "ageless" in appearance? Oh right, this is YA so women are not allowed to be actually unattractive, unless they are the bad ones of course. Sounds pretty sexist to me.

 And why are they Brothers and Sisters in this constellation? Wouldn't it make more sense for the women to be scholars and the men to forge the weapons?

If Idris is supposed to be nothing else but a home for Hunters than apparently Raziel once again did a terrible job since the book says Downworlders and demons can enter the land. Are all angels in this universe so incompetent?

 Do the wards around Idris also contain illusions, because simply being teleported from one border to the other would mean you could still see Idris. And what about flora and fauna? Teleported too?

And oh great the Downworlders in Idris are the most wildest, since the most willing to renounce the human world. Yeah Raziel really planned ahead there. No wonder the Hunters are such idiots, like calls to like.

Ok so the demon towers never stopped working before or anything, they come directly from Raziel, so how did the Hunters in City of Glass know how to reactivate them? How did Valentine know how to deactivate the towers?

The history on how the "Silent cloister" (the pre-Silent City) was expended reeks as much of laziness as the origin of the werewolves did. And if the Silent City might be ever growing, wouldn't it one day breach the borders of Idris? And how does the earth above them support Alicante if they are below it? And yeah why use the City for travel right? It would just be a good idea, so why follow it? Idiots! 

Where da fuck is the Adamant Citadel positioned? Allegedly it's on a volcanic plain with a lava river, selected for them. So where is it? Is it hidden by a ward?

 And the citadels description is pretty generic, if it can be called a description.

And if the Sisters are so important with weapon-making why aren't they a more integral part in Hunter life?

The angels once made it so the earth was "dangerously toxic" to demons? Then why isn't it anymore?

This story here even says he shall be summoned by the shores of the lake and still these dumbass Hunters never considered that the alleged mirror of Raziel was the lake? I mean they never found it odd that it had to be that particular place?

If Abigail (one of then first hunters) was a fighter from the start why did it take 800-900 years to give women equality in that regard? And why did she switch to forging adamas in her elder years? Wouldn't that require great strength as well? So why not become a scholar?

 And David (another first Hunter) saw a ritual sacrifice by a Greater Demon IN Idris? Man Raziel and his protection sucks. Lucky for them the demons were too dumb to exterminate the Hunters back then.

Why are open/closed windows who let flies in a matter of discussion in a meeting between Hunters and Downworlders if they could be kept out with some simply warlock or faerie spell?

Why was the Circle so bloody during the Uprising? Wouldn't this bloody slaughter of Hunters run counter to their goal of unifying them for their cause (it is the worst crime for them after all)?

 Why would Hunters and Downworlders shout to restore order amidst the chaos? Aren't the Hunters supposed to be battle hardened warriors?

 Help of Downworlder armies during the Uprising? What? How many were there?

Why do they hush up the ways holy water is transported to Idris and the Institutes and let it look like it's such a big deal? If that gets provided to them by several holy orders (the cooperation with monarchies and governments that was mentioned in Clockwork Angel is not even hinted at here), then why don't several holy man just live nearby or travel from one institute to the next and make the stored water sacred? I can get why getting it into Idris might a bit of a problem but not in case of the Institutes.

And they had forged secret treaties with the more mystical religious orders... why those? Templars and the like would have provided more suitable allies. Actually Clockwork Angel did mention the Templars but not this book here.

It still claims that Idris is in Central Europe, which is really stretching it because according to this book it is between Germany, France and Switzerland; while e.g. The Mortal Instruments claimed it was between Germany and France. And the land and its population is another problem. The book leaves the glaring question how Shadowhunters built their houses, grow/hunt/domesticate their food. It says nothing about that, but that all young Shadowhunters are warriors or belong to the Silent Brothers or the Iron Sisters. Older ones go into politics, law and stuff, but nothing about manual work. It mentions once some polish Shadowhunter farmer in the Middle Ages, but nothing else. Seriously, how does Idris even function? Who builds the houses, makes the clothes, does the farming, or do they even do that? The book shows a society that is quite frankly impossible.




Examples on how little these Shadowhunters know

They don't even know the original name of their founder, just calling him Jonathan Shadowhunter. Oh, but Jonathan has a tragic past because he would have inherited nothing from his wealthy landowner parents and his elder sister was betrothed to a man (and strangely followed her brother to the crusades to meet her fiance) and Jonathan didn't like it because of... reasons. No one asked him back then?

 And his home was somewhere in western, central or Northern Europe. Do I have to point out what is wrong with this?

If demons are so hard to permanently injure how did the three manage to chase that one off? They later even fought against swarms of them, when they were still mundanes. And the demons didn't kill them outright, they wanted to drown them. And that story how Raziel appeared is incredibly lame, Jonathan just called out in the time of need and that was it. And this is supposed to be a report! And no one finds that odd?

And the author of the first codex is unknown... how? The Silent Brothers were already around at that time, even they seem to suck at their job.


Examples of ransacking the real world and history:

The word "demon" having no negative connotations refers to the greek term and not the english one, unlike what the book claims-

Many religions have several hells and others none at all book!

That example of a fake angel during the Middle Ages was utterly ridiculous for too many reasons to count here.

And seriously, the "mundanes" are oblivious to demons and all? Even in our real world magic and general superstition are still a factor greatly influencing politics!

The whole chapter on mundanes was basically:

 mundanes are idiots and of no use

 pity mundanes for it, we have to protect them

Saying westerners have more difficulty to learn the marks than cultures with logographic languages is stereotyping and a weak attempt to… no idea, maybe the old "whites" are bad like in the Chronicles, either way, it's stupid since westerners know plenty of symbols as well

 The book speaks of people from the Mayan Empire in contemporary context.

And interestingly they seem to forget that Boadicea's revolt ended in her forces being conquered and she being killed by illness or committing suicide. Seriously a "global people" like these Hunters could find no better female role model?

Most mundane cultures today chose based on love and affection? Where is this author living?

Idris has unspoiled nature because of the magic in its air that prevents modern technology from working. Hey book: THAT IS NOT HOW THAT WORKS!!! Ever heard of something called air and water currents?

In other major religious traditions there are stories that may or may not have stories talking about Lilith and Sammael? Are you kidding me, of the 5 major religions Hinduism has all sorts of monsters and Buddhism in its purest form is rather agnostic since it doesn't rely on gods and the like. And this "these two might be in their stories" is complete bullshit!!!! Also are there any prominent non-Abrahametic figures hidden in Judeo-Christian myths? I doubt it.

I hope this "Wandering Hunter" warlock with the antlers is not some attempt to squeeze Cernunnos into this (could be since the warlock was born in what is today France), if yes, this is even sloppier than usual, since Cernunnos is much older.

This passage about the demon invasion is so sloppily pasted together it is embarrassing to read. It actually claimed that the invasion caused the Crusades because Christians thought: Demons here everywhere? Let's go "free" the Holy Land. Yep, not fighting the demons, no go to the Holy Land. How can anybody think our ancestors where that idiotic? These demons here are corporal beings you can see and attack and the people were all "lets go free the Holy Land instead of fighting the demons?"

The story of the first Hunters in the Americas is a bad copy of the Mayflower stuff, down to the harsh winters and the helpful "first people" (this lip service to equality stinks).

 I am not commenting about the story in 1199 Ireland, that breaks too many laws.

 "Scorpion-Riders" in mid-1600s Australia???

Hm... a "lost Ethiopian Hunters" separated from the Clave in 1300s but keeping the ways until reunification... another bone to Jewish fans since this is a rip-off of the Beta Israel story. Is it so difficult not to rip-off or be generally creative?

Why would Hunters become trapped in witch-hunting fervor if they know what to look for?

 And why did mundanes stop believing in the supernatural here? Doesn't make sense, since here demons are powerful and corporal threats. Not to mention that even during early Middle Ages it was more common to say that witches do not exist because God doesn't allow it.

 These werewolf hunts have nothing in common with the actual craze!!!

Yeah right during the werewolf craze there was never a trial... Yeah, history books say different.

 Why did the Clave agree that forest werewolves (whom they "knew" to be harmless) could be killed? No reason given here and no one questions it.

 And how could these werewolves die by the "hundreds, possibly the thousands" if they are so hard to kill? Silver isn't exactly cheap and aiming takes time.

No reason given why Hunters suddenly saw warlocks as evil.

 This craze was in 1640 and already it takes about "parts of the world" as if this was a global phenomenon.

 Seriously the whole stuff just happens, for people so allegedly serious about history they seem to have no desire to show the reasons behind peoples' actions. And how is it possible to know so little if the Hunters are not even 1000 years old and the allegedly had an order dedicated to preserving knowledge from the start?


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I just have one thing to say at the moment. In Greek mythology, Hecate (goddess of magic) had servants who were pretty much vampires, drinking blood and all that.
Asanbonsam's avatar
Hecate had rather a role of protection from the restless dead and spirits, a well as other evils. Other incarnations had her as a much more powerful goddess granting victory in battle.

According to Hesiod:

Whom she will she greatly aids and advances: she sits by worshipful kings in judgement, and in the assembly whom she will is distinguished among the people. And when men arm themselves for the battle that destroys men, then the goddess is at hand to give victory and grant glory readily to whom she will. Good is she also when men contend at the games, for there too the goddess is with them and profits them: and he who by might and strength gets the victory wins the rich prize easily with joy, and brings glory to his parents. And she is good to stand by horsemen, whom she will: and to those whose business is in the grey discomfortable sea, and who pray to Hecate and the loud-crashing Earth-Shaker, easily the glorious goddess gives great catch, and easily she takes it away as soon as seen, if so she will. She is good in the byre with Hermes to increase the stock. The droves of kine and wide herds of goats and flocks of fleecy sheep, if she will, she increases from a few, or makes many to be less. So, then, albeit her mother's only child, she is honored amongst all the deathless gods. And the son of Cronos made her a nurse of the young who after that day saw with their eyes the light of all-seeing Dawn. So from the beginning she is a nurse of the young, and these are her honours.
In addition one of her oldest representative animals is the dog and nothing vampire related, in fact the connection to dogs and their friendly depiction might point to an early connection to giving birth.
What about this says "vampire" to you? Because Athenaeus referred to her as a blood-eating goddess? Blood sacrifices were common to gods, even the abrahamitic ones, and nobody calls them vampires.

So what is your source for that her servants were "pretty much vampires, drinking blood and all that?" And what does "all that" actually encompass?

This might sound harsh to you what I ask here but I came to be suspicious and on my guard whenever it comes to people defending the works of Cassandra Clare since so far I have found only a hand full that were reasonable, especially when it comes to defending what Clare wrote or even saying what they like about it.
Mr-Prince-007's avatar
Oh my fucking god. You have to become an editor. Like an actual certified literary editor. Seriously. Had any author had you as even their beta, inaccuracies and inconsistencies like these never would have happened. 
As a reader of the Shadowhunter books, I had to say that it was enjoyable, it of course wasn't a literary marvel, but had Cassandra Clare spent all those years of publishing her books into actually doing research and developing the world, the books would definitely had turned out as good as the Potter series  (never forget there also were some some mistakes in the Potter books too) .
All in all, I do like reading the real and well-thought reviews on them books as mush as the books themselves. S I'm happy to say that yours, left me speechless, considering the fact you went through all that trouble to type such an extensive note on an already published book.
Asanbonsam's avatar

Thank you for the compliment. :)

I don't think I have the patience to be an editor, ever. :D

I read this book because I was curious as to what the author would write and sadly I got what I expected, a book full of glaring inconsistencies that raises more questions than it answers, sometimes it contradicted itself on the same page, which is quite and achievement. I wish I could say this book was at least creative but it wasn't even that, even though it had some good ideas but also way more bad ones. It just burrows from all over the place and doesn't seem to be able to handle all that information and form it into a cohesive whole. It doesn't even seem to know what it wants to be.


I will never understand how a book like this can get such high ratings on goodreads, it is as though fans just ignore all the inconsistencies and downright weirdness. What you see here is mostly the leftover from my notes for my review (which can be found here… should you be interested) and even there I had to restrain myself to not constantly critizising it.


I know of course that every book has its flaws, some are objective and some subjective, but when a book has so many objective flaws it is simply not a good book in my eyes no matter whether I enjoyed some parts of it or not.

For me all these Shadowhunter books remind me of too much I have already seen, which would not be bad, but the problem is the series does not know how to use what it established. For instance in City of Glass all Simon had to do to flee from the prison in Alicante was to transfom into a bat or rat and just go through the space between the bars of the window and he would have been free. But apparently Clare completely forgot that she gave her vampires that ability. And speaking of abilitiees, what is shown post City of Glass about Shadowhunter powers, makes Valentine's whole existence pretty pointless.

Mr-Prince-007's avatar
As a matter of fact, I read your review for it on goodreads.
The whole of your writting, ideas, opinion, examples, all of it gave me such a laugh.
I mean, top notch entertainment. 

But alas, I rushed ahead of myself and ordered the limited edittion because I had seen some of the artwork, which I liked very much.

It seems to me that Clare has forgotten that she has to re-read the books she's written when it comes to 
plotting her next project/series/book (if they're connected). That's how inonsistensies and inaccuracies are made.
Take Trudy Canavan for example, an internationally bestselling fantasy author, 
she clearly stated on her webpage that she had to go through her first trilogy again before she made the plot for the next one.  
She had to read everything to detail. I bet my hat that Clare just makes a plot for the book and that's it. 
Doesn't care about the previous ones, turning her series into a fanfiction of many alternate universes of itself with subtle differences.
Unless she's that smart (which I doubt) and she wants to milk the cow even more when she ties everything up with a last...
trilogy (of course) when all of the alternate Clary&co characters meet up for a major and final kick-ass of the demons.

I would like to read your reviews on the latest "best" YA Dystopian books.
Stay awesome and keep writin'
Asanbonsam's avatar

Well like I said in my review, the artwork is decent but mostly totally out of place and nothing but fan service, respectively some of the characters do not match their description.

I think you have a point regarding Clare just making up her plot and nothing more.

I doubt she even knows what she is talking about. In Clockwork Angel she suggested that Magnus and Jem have similar feature, due to both being "Asian", well they are halfbloods but apparently Clare only adds that as an afterthought. But either way, she seems to regard Magnus looking like Godfrey Gao:… a guy of Shanghai Chinese and Peranakan (an Indonesian chinese ethnicity) descent. However Magnus Bane represents a first generation Dutch "Indonesian" (she never clarified what ethnicity that means) mix and based on these footballers:… I doubt that this is an accurate representation.

Not to mention that she really doesn't seem to look at her books because in the third Bane Chronicles story every "fl" was replaced with "noindent" which gave many readers a head scratch at first before realizing what was going on.

As for Clare tying everything up, I doubt that would solve anything, because her world itself is contradictory. If this Codex is really a Shadowhunter guide book than these people are so incompetent, that they do not even get their info right and don't notice that they contradict themselves over and over.


Now my next reviews are going to be on Clockwork Angel, a book from the horror game line Werewolf the Apocalypse, a non-fiction book about the Chinese struggle in 19th century California and maybe even some M/M stuff and the World of Darkness book Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom.

But just for check, which "best" YA dystopian book do you think are worth reviewing?

Mr-Prince-007's avatar
Scratch that last part about Shatter Me.
I read a vey spoilery review and not only is the book written in one of my most hated writting styles,
but the protagonist is a girl, who by the way hates herself and wants to die and has to remind the reader every two pages.
Mr-Prince-007's avatar
I agree. Take it from me, when I started reading CoB I wanted to stick pins into my eyes.
I dropped the book after 150 pages, and then I decided to read Clockwork Angel.
After 4 books, she had started getting the hang of it. My brain didn't hibernate with each paragraph
and the reading was ok. 

You should review the Divergent, False Memory, Matched, Legend, All our yesterdays. (fyi these are the crapreads)
On the other hand the very goodreads are (in my opinion) are Unwind, Uglies, Hunger Games, and I'm hearing that Shatter Me is also good.

Asanbonsam's avatar
I recently read Clockwork Angel in full and not only did it contradict the Codex, even the Codex mentioned within the book contradicted the published Codex, but also the characters were so incredibly stupid and the characterization, what little there was, so over the place it was annoying.
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