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What Teen Wolf didn't show

Sometimes it helps scanning through comics to find ideas. And I found some poses that would be great for this.

This picture basically came to be because of the character Erica in Teen Wolf. Why, do I ask myself, did they make her a werewolf with superpowers and even let her get trained by Derek when she is not gonna fight?
Sure Derek is not exactly a competent leader or trainer but Scott wasn't trained eather and he could fight, so why not Erica? Why is she still rather a vixen and a damsel in distress?
I didn't expect her to be able to beat the Kanaima, but couldn't she at least give him a bit of a fight? I mean a library isn't exactly a place where you could easly sneak up on somebody. Seriously, is a woman who can fight and use teeth and claws so horrible to the writers that they only have her do this when the full moon is out and she is a monster?

Ps. I don't own anything, the characters belong to MTV and Teen Wolf.
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Yah, the writers of Teen Wolf....could be a LOT better
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Well the problem is that often they can do very well but then they do stuff like this, and the problem is also how much the show tries to push Scott into our faces while having done nothing to show that he actually deserves such special treatment. Have you seen the last two episodes?
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of season 3? no

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Well the main problem is once again how much Scott gets shoved into the foreground, they even had Stiles say that Scott will save them. However at the end of last episode he simply goes with Deucalion since the Darach, you probably already guessed who that is, has captured his mother. He doesn't even try anything. He simply goes with him, like the stupid idiot he is. It doesn't even seem to occur to him to ask Deaton as to where the darach might have brought her.

Also the Alpha twins and Kali suddenly have "sympathetic" backstories; I rolled my eyes at the story on why these three joined the pack, especially Kali. And also these Alphas are supposed to be even stronger than normal Alphas, but lets say it this way: The Kanaima and season 1 Peter would kill them in an instead. These guys are a huge dissapointment.

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alot of things in the show happen for now real reason, just to ad tension.

the grandfather turns on his own son to become a werewolf

Deucalion waiting till after Ennis is all stitched up before he kills him
(im on episode 5 of season 3 as of righting this, so they may explain it latter)
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I am at episode 10 and they never explain the stuff with Ennis. I have no idea what is going behind the scenes of this show right now. It reminds me more and more of The Vampire Diaries, except that this one has better action scenes.

There is good acting still and scenes that make sense, but Davis seems to ignore more and more what he established in previous seasons. When you come to the motel episode and see how Scott acts afterwards, no different than before, you will see what I mean.

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OH MY GOD I WAS RIGHT! The girl did remind me of Erica :P Hmmm if only she could have been like this instead. Honestly the pool scene with the kanima! She could not have possibly been knocked out for 2 hours? -_- She would have tried to attack or they should have shown her going for help but...okay lol Btw Jeff is going to start season 3 4 months later from the last episode. Wonder how that is going to work out since the alpha pack had arrived and they seem to have caught up with Erica and Boyd. Though he said that those were going to be the mystery for the first few episodes. Guess the pack is going to kidnap them or something. But of course could be wrong. We'll see. Where are you June? ;)

ps. Your kanima looks amazing!
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Well I personally like it that he at least lets some time pass. Seriously, all actors are in their twenties now and especially each time Scott is shirtless it is obvious (no 16 year old has shoulders like that) and so they better let time pass a bit or they end up like TVD.
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