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Quatre, Dorothy and Iria

OK, the second pic of the Winner Family. Now with Dorothy with a nice face, not angry as usual.
Iria looks more like Quatre, thanks heaven, jajajajaja.

Next family the Barton!!!
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Wait, whatever happened to his sister, Irea? I know she grabbed Quatre to cushion him from slamming into the shuttle's bulkhead, but what HAPPENED to her? It looked like she threw out her back, or maybe just got winded by the impact, but IDK, did Irea actually *DIE*? So confused.....
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Nothing happened to Iria, she is mentioned during FT. I only wrote that for me Quatre´s daughter looks more like the Winners than Catalonias, that's it :P
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Yes, and also from Quatre's sister Iria...but she was a little bit lighter, jajajaja
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Is the brown hair from recessive genes from his father and one of Dorothy’s parents?
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very nice...i like your coloring...they looks cute, but why Quatre is using the same cloth as usual?
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Sorry to reply you so slow....yes...Quatre is wearing the same clothes as in the TV fact Heero is wearing the Endless Waltz clothes...I only change "mom's" clothes n_n
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