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Akashi by AsamiChain17 Akashi :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 0 0 Reallotaku Logo by AsamiChain17 Reallotaku Logo :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 0 0 Logo by AsamiChain17 Logo :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 1 0 5 Easy Steps Make Anime Eyes (Indonesian Version) by AsamiChain17 5 Easy Steps Make Anime Eyes (Indonesian Version) :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 0 0 01-Haruka Nanase by AsamiChain17 01-Haruka Nanase :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 1 0 10620397 884210221603358 4492153138701380146 O by AsamiChain17 10620397 884210221603358 4492153138701380146 O :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 1 0 Kise Ryouta With food by AsamiChain17 Kise Ryouta With food :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 0 0 Fairy by AsamiChain17 Fairy :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 2 0 Free! Papercraft by AsamiChain17 Free! Papercraft :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 2 0 Himuro's Family by AsamiChain17 Himuro's Family :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 2 6 Haruka no Tanjobi by AsamiChain17 Haruka no Tanjobi :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 1 0
The Unrequited Love Feeling (Makoto x OC) part 1
hello! enjoy my first Fanfiction and first chapter or I can call it characters introduction:
I'm not the owner of Free!  but I'm the own of this Fanfiction ^_^
I've loved her since childhood
I do not love her as a sister or cousin
I love her as a woman
Makoto P.O.V
I just staring at my ceiling and suddenly Shoko face flying on my mind. Why I always think about her ? why Shoko always on my mind ?
she is 5 years older than me and she is my cousin, I know this is just unrequited love and I will never make her mine.
If I tried to remove this feeling, I will always love her more. What should I do ?
Suddenly I heard mom yelling from downstairs " Makoto wake up honey !!"
"Alright... I already wake up mom" I jumped up from my bed
"here Honey eat your breakfast" Mom put a plate of Pancake in front of me.
"guess what onii-chan.. Sho - Mmpphh.." before Ren can continue his sentences Ran covers his mouth
"Why you !!??" Ren protest
"sshh.. shut up Ren, it is secret don't tell onii-chan!" R
:iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 0 0
Kise Ryouta X Himeko Miyazaki (OC) by AsamiChain17 Kise Ryouta X Himeko Miyazaki (OC) :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 3 0 Untitled by AsamiChain17 Untitled :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 2 0 Himeko Miyazaki by AsamiChain17 Himeko Miyazaki :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 2 0 Vanilla shake love by AsamiChain17 Vanilla shake love :iconasamichain17:AsamiChain17 4 0


Friendship [Oikawa Tooru]
"Oikawa, you sure love being in the center of attention," you teased, snickering.
He smiled. "I only do it for my dear fans, y'know."
"Liar, you just like receiving all their cookies and food."
You both laughed in enjoyment, and he soon shot a line right back at you.
That was the complete basis of your relationship, and for the entire summer, the volleyball player would often message you whenever he could; before practice, after practice, early in the morning, right before he went to bed. You were amusing and kept him up all night laughing with your stupid jokes and puns. Teasing was often included in your conversations, but neither of you minded. You both knew the teasing was only out of affection and love for one another.
You told him your deepest insecurities and most personal problems, and in return, he did the same. You cried on his shoulder, and he would gently pat your back and tell you it was going to be okay.
He would punch his wall for losing to Shiratorizawa, that damn Ushij
:iconqueene2:Queene2 205 42
Five Years || Oikawa Tooru x Reader
Child!Oikawa Tooru/Oikawa Tooru x Older!Reader
"(Name)-chan, one day you'll be my bride!"
"Sure, kiddo. Whatever you say."
The little boy in front of you pouted.
"You don't take me serious, you meanie!" the brown eyed boy in front of you whined.
"Of course I do, Tooru-chan." you said, ruffling his soft brown locks.
Of course you didn't. He was just a kid after all, but you couldn't just say no to him, could you?
The boy in front of you is Oikawa Tooru. You know each other since his mother gave birth to him. That's why the two of you are already on first name base. Both of your parents are pretty close friends and since you're five years older than Oikawa, his parents always asked you first, when they needed a babysitter. But not only that, Oikawa liked - or in his words loved – you, so he's
:iconlikathelunchen:LikaTheLunchen 156 10
Unexpected Inspirations {Handa x Reader}: Chpt. 8
           Sure enough, the next day Handa was gone. He may have left his small, temporary house without a trace but as for us… we were missing him like crazy.
           Naru still smiled, but not as big compared to when he was here. Tamako and Miwa worked themselves silly on their calligraphy in hopes to create something to send to Handa that would get him to come back. And as for me, I’ve just been just been looking for every opportunity to busy myself up and distract myself from his absence. If I do this long enough, hopefully I can just forget about him. I’ve mainly been helping Kousaku tend to his fields throughout the day. I dirtied my hands with hard labor over these past few days but I don’t mind in the slightest.
           “Oi (F/n)! Could ya get these boxes here down to the shop for me?” Kousaku inquires gesturing to a few crates full of produce we h
:iconemmaloon:Emmaloon 61 18
Magi Sinbad X Reader (CH 4)
The sea salt scented air hit your nose, and calmed you. The sun was still high in the sky. Its orange yellow radiance illuminating all around you. It must have gave off a pleasant warmth, alas you could only inturpet it’s inviting embrace as burning fire attempting to roast you alive. The clothing you had adorned was more suitable for your country's more cloudy and cool climate rather than the tropical island, Sindria.
People that you viewed seemed to mock you, with their minimal thin fabrics draped across their bodies as they went about their days. Merchants were pushing their overpriced goods onto ignorant tourists, and locals convened at fruit and vegetable stands scattered on the bustling kingdom’s streets. Buckets and barrels of fish were dragged behind a successful fisherman who was done for the day. In the distance you could see the masts of ships all docked at port awaiting new passengers, and for the cargo which they had carried to be unloaded. Sindria was prospero
:iconmercyface:MercyFace 146 58
If I Can't Have You (Yandere!Levi X Reader)
~A/N: Levi and the Reader are both 18+
Listen As You Read! ~

If I can't have you
Then I don't want anyone

Puffs of translucent breath disintegrated into vapor in the crisp air, feathering against your slightly paled and chilled skin as you shivered at its odd warmth. His palms dusted over your stomach, the touch forcing goosebumps to appear over your restrained body. Your wrists tugged at its leather bindings, begging to be free of its restriction as you attempted to reach out to him. His fevered lips found yours, capturing them in a heated and passionate kiss. He murmured your name softly against your rosy lips, warm hands pressing themselves roughly against your squirming hips.
"L-Levi, stop," you whispered, turning your head to the side to evade his fiery and zealous lips.
His brows knitted together and his eyes narrowed as he squeezed your sides in a harsh manner, earning a whimper to escape your lips. "Why won't you love me
:icongreystream:Greystream 193 56
Love the Way You Lie (Angry!Drunk!Levi x Reader)
Please listen to this  as you read!!
WARNING FOR COARSE LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE IN THE FORM OF ABUSE. If it bothers you, exit the story. You have been warned. 

On the first page of our story

The future seemed so bright
Then this thing turned out so evil
I don’t know why I’m still surprised
Even angels have their wicked schemes
And you take that to new extremes
But you’ll always be my hero
Even though you’ve lost your mind
    Levi sat alone on the sofa, the room getting darker with each minute that passed. He sat there, his steely eyes staring at the liquor bottle that he gripped in his pale hands. Three hours. But you still weren’t home. Levi knew he couldn’t deny the truth that ate away
:iconthe-elemental-writer:the-elemental-writer 386 108
Never a Cheater - Cheater? Levi x Reader
Sometimes trust was a hard thing to come by.
You had always lived thinking someone will eventually double-cross you. That they would take their promise and rip it to shreds right before your very eyes.
Perhaps it was because of the world you lived in. You had lived in the underground city underneath the gigantic walls and the light. Everyone around you was a criminal that the cities above cringed to be near. Fortunately Levi found you and helped you get out of that godforsaken city to make you a Squad Leader.
Your feelings to finally trust someone was because of Levi. For he was the most blunt and foul-mouthed man you had ever met.
And oh how you loved him.
Of course your relationship had a bumpy start since he would curse at you and you would curse back. It had been years since you both had been working together and in a few days it would mark the first year of being boyfriend and girlfriend.
This excited you since Levi wasn’t much of a celebratory type. So to make up for
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 391 176
Nishikigoi EDIT 2016 by Lukiya Nishikigoi EDIT 2016 :iconlukiya:Lukiya 872 17 Pixel Vignette: Bath Time by hitogata Pixel Vignette: Bath Time :iconhitogata:hitogata 5,684 222 Pixel Vignette: Nap time by hitogata Pixel Vignette: Nap time :iconhitogata:hitogata 5,298 261 Pixel Vignette: Who are you? by hitogata Pixel Vignette: Who are you? :iconhitogata:hitogata 5,679 192
Daddy!Makoto x Child!Reader- Boo Daddy!
"(Name)! Where are you?"
You were currently playing a game of hide-and-seek with your father. You had picked the best hiding spot EVER: hiding in his closet behind his clothes. It was a good thing most of the clothing covered you since you weren't that tall. Makoto was trying to find you, but he was getting worried since it had been 15 minutes since he counted from 10.
"(Name)?! Where are you (Name)?" He yelled worriedly, looking under every table and in every hiding spot you've used before. You weren't there. He was getting worried. What if you ran away and never came back? What if someone kidnapped you? What if you hurt yourself and would never be found?! Makoto panicked. He was thinking up the worst situations possible until he heard a giggle coming from his room. He went into the bedroom and he heard more giggling from his closet. He opened the closet and you jumped into his arms yelling "Boo Daddy!" Makoto had never been more relieved in his life. He hugged you gently and kissed t
:iconanimepikachu:animepikachu 88 15
Daddy!Makoto x Pregnant!Reader- Worry
"(Name)... Are you sure you're ok?"
Makoto was worrying about you, as usual. You were 7 months pregnant, but being pregnant at all was what Makoto was worrying about. He didn't want anything to happen to the baby. He heard of way too many incidents of miscarriages. He couldn't let that happen to you.
You were climbing the steps to your house. Makoto didn't think you could do anything by yourself anymore. He would do everything for you. You knew he was trying to be helpful but… He was getting kind of annoying.
Not that you would ever tell him that of course.
"I'm fine Makoto, don't worry."
You flashed him a small smile before walking up the last few steps. He followed you as you entered your house. You lied down on the sofa and watched TV. Makoto was sitting next to you, putting an arm around your waist. You knew that he absolutely ecstatic for the baby. He would take every chance he could to snuggle with you, or shower your stomach with affection. You
:iconanimepikachu:animepikachu 471 84
PCM: Piwy x Sasuke by YukiLilaPudel PCM: Piwy x Sasuke :iconyukililapudel:YukiLilaPudel 138 23


:icongelodevs: :iconryoko85: :iconnizzy19:



My Wish

One day i hope you can think about me.
I hope only me in your heart
I hope you can love me whatever I'm,
I will always here when you need me
please tell me that you love me...

Only You

In my eyes you`re my everything...
Everything about you are amazing...
I can`t think anyone else because of you..
You`re my only one, only one in my heart


Any time you hurt me I always trying to smile.
if you just ignore me I always trying to smile.
but when you leave me I can't keep this smile...
This smile just for you...
you're the only one can make me Smile.


I think you're a good person
I think you're good for me
but I'm wrong...
you're just like the others
you're only think about yourself....
you're so selfish.


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