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Pokemon SM concept dump by asami96 Pokemon SM concept dump by asami96
I kept myself quite busy this sunday, drawing a bunch of random ideas related to Sun and Moon instead of... You know, actually taking care of other, more important projects...

Son top to bottom: an artificial Tapu created by the Aether Foundation, it's a fairy/steel type, and it exists mostly cause I love the design of the Tapus, down to their ability to contract and form a closed structure... I don't know why, but even tho they look like toys, I really like it.

The second is an evolution for Pykumuku, I honestly hate the poor thing, but I thought it could use a drastic evolution, as a sort of counterpart for Golisopod, so here it is straight from hell.

The next is a concept for a 80s themed Oricorio... It didn't turn out just the way I expected it to, but in general is cool, if a little bit boring.

And last but not least, Burgh... I will be honest, he is one of my favourite characters, and I heavily ship him with Grimsley, so they seemed like the perfect couple for an Alolan vacation so many years later. I kinda like the colour and the design, but the tatoos are a little too solid cause some idiot messed up her layers again... I like it anyway.
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March 26, 2017
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