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Rosencrantz Jeon


basic information

Name: Rosencrantz Jeon

Plant Name:  Sweet Briar Rose | 
Rosa rubiginosa

Age:  24

Gender: Agender ; They/Them

Height: 6'7" | 204 cm

Weight: 242lbs | 109 kg

Occupation: Hair stylist at Aki Aesthetic

Residence: Rosu Complex

personal information

Personality: + ( Hard-Working | Elegant | Articulate ) = ( Blunt | Astute | Cynical ) - ( Shrewd | Fickle | Cold )
    The eldest of three, Rosencrantz is a hard-working individual, setting the example for their younger sisters growing up. Elegant, they walk with a bold and confident stride, never shirking from a crowd and direct confrontation. Due to this, they can sometimes come off as overly proud and borderline haughty. This is further exacerbated due to their particularly articulate and eloquent manner of speaking. Blunt to a fault, they aren't afraid to tell someone how they feel about them or any issue they have with them, be it trivial or non. This also extends to any commentary they may have on an individuals sense of fashion. Astute, they, at times, analyze people to see what they can benefit from a relationship, for better or for worse. However, due to this, they're ironically and hypocritically cynical of the intent of others. Shrewd by nature, they are quick to judge and can be particularly cold. Furthermore, while they like to consider themselves to be 'attuned with the fashions of the times', they're really just fickle.

✔High fashion
✔Expensive brands
✔Sun bathing
✔Hanging out with their sisters

-Bumping their head on doorways
-Cold weather
-Poorly written works/badly paced books
-Cheaply made items/clothing
The eldest of three, Rosencrantz grew up with a great interest in fashion. Their mother was a designer and their father a photographer, so much of their childhood was molded by sitting and watching the pomp and glamour with their sisters. This drove them to try and practice the hair styling methods in particular on their sisters or dolls, which, for the most part, had varying levels of success. Throughout the years, Rose's passion for becoming a hair stylist increased, and they spent much of their highschool years studying techniques of hairstylists under their mothers employment. 

Eager to get out into the world and make a name for themselves outside of the shadow of their mother, they went off to cosmetology school as soon as they graduated from highschool. Upon recieving their license, they launched themselves into the workforce but soon found their hometown stifling. This in turn led them to a series of constant moves that eventually ended with them settling in Shokubutsu Town.

miscellaneous information


    [ color: pale pink ] [ food: passion fruit ] [ beverage: water ] [ genre:romance or suspense/mystery ] [ weather: warm and sunny]
Relationships: TBA
RP Information:
    Name: Asahiyama
    Pronouns: she/here; they/them
    Type: Lit. or HC
    Method: Notes or discord
    Timezone: JST | UTC + 9
    Availability: Weekends mostly
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just looking at how they're posed, I can feel like I am being judged for my appearance. very harshly judged
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I love the butterfly shirt collar and their hair. :0