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lost road inn

3-4h speed , a old medieval inn ..a bit creepy but still welcoming considering the surroundings :D
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...this has a strange mix of a cozy at home feel and an untrustworthy and potentially horrific vibe -- nice work.

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It seems cozy.
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Gorgeous indeed! I don't think I would spend the night there, though...
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holy fuck beautiful
Hello, im an author and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions in reference to your art, please email me at , I would love to use some of your artwork for a few book covers. Please message me so we may possibly discuss this. Thanks you.
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I like it a lot ! :)
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An inn in the middle of nowhere.... Sounds like the beginnings of a twist tale. ;)  Love it!
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I love the eerie glow it gives off but I bet if you're lost its a nice place to stay in
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love the mood. reminds me of the inn in the book i'm reading right now, called, "The Name of the Wind"
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Awesome detail. Creepy
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Very creepy, I like :D
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Why do I feel that place needs a surrounding wall..Getting paranoid here :D great job :thumbsup:
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ho i wouldn't be sure of that :0 the danger may be inside :D
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Wooow! Are there any ghosts? I bet, there are!!! *_*
And a lot of beasts and monsters outside...
I'm pretty sure, that innkeeper closes all doors and windows before the night at least on three locks!!! And he'll never open the door before examination a person, who's outside. May be it's a undead monster @_@
Yep, creepy - but incredibly awesome!!! *_*

*О боже, о боже, о боже, я хочу написать про это рассказ или какой-нибудь фанфик ааааааа мои глаза @_@ *
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who said that the danger is outside hin hin hin *small hint* : the inn keeper never had to cook any breakfast.... :D ,
Aby-of-N-city's avatar
Ow!!! It's even scarier! @_@ *hides under the bed*
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You could't have said it better :P Creepy as hell, but I'd still sleep there instead of outside :S But I'd sleep with a knife under the pillow and stick it into the owner when he/she tries to kill me in the middle of the night ><
Besides all that, looks really good. I love the reflection of the light in the water
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hinhin the owner? ho u mean the guy that always hide his right hand with a long large sleeve , seems that there is something moving under the sleeve and that's definitely no fingers ... why do i smell putrefaction from the kitchen? mmh i ll sleep outside ...i don't like his long snakey tongue .... :D
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lol you went much further than me xD
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