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bounty hunter bot

Escaped from AI research facility during a bot test subject revolt that he triggered , he also nuke the whole zone killing both bots and scientist ... well... as there are no witness anymore , difficult to say if it's true or not but nobody is fool enough to doubt him .
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Wow, I thought this was an action figure or model at first, impressive sir! I love the gritty aesthetic you gave him, the military-esque paint job, the unusual posture and proportions of the android, the knapsack and other packs on him, and of course the Terminator shotgun, pistol & grenades combo! Really cool stuff, dude, good luck!
P.S. He also has the coolest fanny-pack ever. Sure, it's not exactly the greatest compliment I can give, but... still. 
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don't make fun of fanny packs :D haha Thx much appreciated
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Of course! You deserve it!
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The backstory is exactly the one of IG-88 from Star Wars.
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ho ok i didn't knew the story of this chara ( didn't even knew he had one tbh) , interesting :)
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Yeah, it's quite the coincidence. Seems to be a strong story if people come up with it independently from another ^^

I read in an almost unknown anthology about the bounty hunters of Star Wars once.
Think it was even the same one that told how Boba Fett actually chose his name for himself instead of being given the name, and in which he orders his Slave I from a starship manufacturer.

For me this will always be the real Boba Fett - fuck Episode II and III.
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hahahaha :D yeah i guess if you read the extended Universe you are in for a lot of dissapointment sadly , i am not reading those but i am sure they could have come with something that keep at least some stuff from the EU instead of discarding the whole thing as non canon , you know for the fans and the people that spend a lot of time writting books . just saying :/
"whats the cigarette for?"
"that's to make me look cool"
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he actually watched too much clint eastwood movies * true story*
that's actually really interesting. I've always liked the aesthetic of robots wearing/carrying accessories and objects made for humans
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yes i think inconsioucly it make them more relatable even though they're mechanicals .
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of course he does ... he is a big fan of clint eastwood :D
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This iz so BADASS. :beer:
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yes because a robot needs a cigarette lol, badass bro
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very gangster apocalyptic.
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wow my feeds are sleeping with your art skills
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ça fasait un bail que j'étais pas passé sur ta gallerie. Tu déchires!
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classe le design:)
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Je suis totalement fan :)
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this is bangin! I'd feel super proud of myself if I painted an awesome character like this.

loving the detail man

very cool
also gave me an awesome idea for my own thing
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thx glad it can give u ideas :)
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