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Reyh grew up in the harsh lands of the north, in a small farm close to the frontier between the north and the southern empire, a land often subject to southern's army incursions .
From a young age she was already a fearless combatant , and strategically adept ; she joined the town garrison very early, and was quickly sent to the capital where the most promising recruits would be trained .

She made quite an impression leading her team, during her arena training fight against other teams of recruits , using cunning strategy and fighting ruthlessly . 
As more people went to see her fights during the training, her name was starting to carry weight , and fame soon came , many were praising the "daughter of the goddess of war" some even saw a new awakening , hope in her .
Many but not all , some politicians and nobles were not too enthusiast at the idea of her accumulating political influence, she was very open about fighting back the south , and this wasn't in their interest .

Eventually, she was sent to the frontier as a garrison captain at the age of 18 , the youngest ever recorded , no doubt to get rid of her; the political backlash for sending her away though , was unprecedented . Her departure speech in front of the queen herself , the court , and the people has been of such impact that it divided the capital in 2 factions .


Too long we have suffered 
Too long we have been silent
Too long we have been slaves


Too long our ancestors haven't been looking at us  
Too long we have ashamed the gods and the life they gave us
Too long we have not looked at ourselves and be proud

Reyh Ol'skavia leaving the Queen's palace"

Meanwhile in the south, a new emperor , Leor IV , succeeding his despotic father, came to the throne , and to establish his supremacy, launch a series of skirmish and incursions in the northern territory. It is worth noting that the south have no claim, neither the will to claim the northern lands , as those are harsh lands , it was , for centuries  , just a way to show the south's superiority and entertain it's nobles . 
This,  didn't went well with our young garrison captain , who , with her small regiment, successfully incapacitated a quite large enemy force closing in her territory , taking  the head of one very important noble's son of the southern empire  .

It was the first time in centuries that the north had ever retaliated , the old politic of balance, which consisted in letting the south do what they wanted with the border territories in exchange of their independence, had just crumbled because of one regiment captain .
The effect was immediate , some wanted her to lead the northern armies ,  some wanted her dead , both sides of equal political power , but she was the one that took the decision .

"As the Queen was ready to send a messenger to the south , Reyh , unexpectedly walked in the throne room , in front of everyone , she had such an aura around her , and such a determination, that no guard , no nobles, no generals, not even the queen dared emit a sound , everyone was hypnotized as she made her way to the throne ; when she finally reach it , she close her eyes , sighed , and in one rapid motion cut clean the head off the queen's body.
As she finally turned to face the crowd , still aghast , she raised her sword and all kneeled down in front of their new queen ."
Jehr Morstan ,  political advisor to the throne

The rest of the story is a succession of battle waged during a tough winter, all lead by , the most amazing queen the north have ever known ; at the term of only one season the southern empire has lost his emperor to the profit of an empress .
Reyh Ol'skavia empress of the central region and the precursor of a long line of fair rulers . 

History of the northern lands , Glenyr Perforth 
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