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Path of exile - beach arrival -

some path of exile fan art , awsome game !!
45 min speed painting PS
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Hi, could is use this as a Preview image for my YouTube stream of Path of Exile if i link to your DeviantART? They are excellent for that purpose. Stunning work.

The entire game basically looks like this sort of speed painting, so good job.  :P

I do like the art style of the game - realistic and gritty, which is refreshing after all the anime, marvel/DC, and 90s 'gritty' art that can be seen everywhere.
Is there any 1980x1080 version? 
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the larger i have is 3508/1604 hit the download button top left 
This is absolutely awesome. I wanted to ask, would you be okay with me using this image (a little modified) as a header in my blog about Path of Exile? Of course I would put link to your profile in my blog post.
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best game since Doablo II :D Diablo III was a fail path of exile is what DIII should have been^^

great work heavy feeling in the picture exactly as in the game at the first time plaaying and you wake up on that stormy beach ^^ :D
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Honestly i love both , though i can hardly say i played  lot of path of exile , i think my  main issue is the free to play , i don't feel the ownership of a title ( even though i am a silver early backer wich means i kinda spend on this title ) , i feel also like i get tired a bit of the look of path of exile , wich is indeed more realistic , but lack a bit of personnality . The skill tree though is the best thing EVER period , a bit unforgiving though i would have love to be able to reset to try different build ( well at the time i was playing it it was not possible at least , not sure now )
As for D3 , i am a heavy player , i like the casual way they introduce you to the world , nice mood , nice story/acting/cast you get hooked up very quickly  , and when you dig more you have an other level wich is more hardcore oriented with build and gear combinaison , and since they remove the auction house ( that was the worse thing EVER period) legendaries drop more significantly thus allowing more combination ( i admit at Tourment 6 only few of those builds are viable , that a pity but dev are working on bringing more variation and did so with last patch and expansion ) . Art wise i get less tired , because of a good balance of textured , but not too much in environment , vivid colors but not too much to be a cartoon game , a good balance ,overall i felt they did a great job on art , even more with the last expansion with westmarch and pandemonium fortress ) 

Like i say my preference goes more to D3 but i do not discard PoE at all , i feel it's great game with awesome mechanics , and if it was not for being hooked with Diablo 3 i would totally be hooked by this one .

Anyway i wish the best to the team they deserve a lot of love and support ( and money too but i already gave my 100+ usd :D  )

best to you :)
ONe more thing : the fact i do path of exile fanart is also because PoE lacks a bit hisown personnality art wise , allowing artist to be more free when doing artwork whereas D3 as such a strong art direction it pretty hard to do something a bit different , dunno if it makes sense )
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wow almost get lost in such a long answer :P it is alittle reversed with me PoE is a really awesome game and yes the more realistic and in some cases kinda gray texture can get a bit tedious I think too but it is the mood of the game that there is something there all the time it is something in the wind or just out of sight that keeps you going all the time^^ I'm a writer and that is what I am hooked for with PoE because it is a story I have never heard and that I kinda feel as if I write it as I go ^^ I have to say that I might have been a little hard on D3 but I was a hardcore D2 player and still plays it with friends from time to time so I have to say I got a little disappoited with D3 because it changed so from what we had first expected ^^ I will not say it is a bad game but for someone who relly loveeed and grew up with older brothers playing D1 and myself playing it alittle and then going over for D2 it was kinda like a hit below the belt when D3 came :) but who knows over time it might be better and I will give it another try somteime again ^^

They have made several updates for PoE but I haven't played in a while since my laptop is acting out on me and I don't really want to buy a new pc when I will be doing military service soon and be gone for more or less two years if it goes as I want but I think you are able to reset parts or the full tree now if you want too ^^

artwize your stuff is stunning you can really send a feeling through it and I love it :D
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Hey , i see your point , and that is exactly what i thought too , in term of letting you fre to imagine things , PoE works the best , even for me as an artist i prefer doing some PoE art than D3 , a bit like you with the writting , it let you room for imagination :) wich is good imo.

As for D3 , don't worry i hated it , and thought that was my biggest waste of money so far at release and never played it again after Reapar of Soul , but the expansion made it right , and since being hooked .

I like both , but i don't have enough time to dedicate to both , i had to choose , but both are very appealing in their own way different , and they target different needs for the player , wich is good . 

And thanks for the kind words , best of luck with the military thingy :D 
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Yeah PoE is a very inspirational as a game and iti is as much a game as a artwork wich is one of the things that really got me hooked ^^ but for D3 I will have to try it out someday ^^

Good thing they fixed it with the expansion then ;)

Anytime you have some great art :)
Thank you :D
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Nicely done. It has the same mood as in the game :)
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This is epic! Really feel the gloom and doom! Well done. :D (Big Grin) 
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You should put this up as a print for sale.
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This is incredible, 45 minutes? You are an Inspiration there. Absolutely beautiful detail.
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Need more Exile art like this!
Good stuff.
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:D First great fanart for path of exile i've seen ;D
This is amazing, I appreciate this fanart very much

Can I use this on my Path of Exile Facebook page?
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I see here "Dear Esther" and I like it C:
Well done, thank you!
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I'm listening to Two steps from hell and I suddenly find this... Badass inspiration has new meaning!
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This is amazing. I've had this as my desktop background for a while now, and I really love it.
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