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Mei Lin

took me way too long to get the motivation to finish this one ... and not too happy about it , but i had to finish it anyway .
Actually it took omuch time that i forgot the story behind this chara ...
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Beautifully rendered as well as very plausible. Also goes to prove a woman warrior/soldier needn't be half naked and busting out of her thongkini to look great.
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thanks :) i am not liking too much the boob/T-back armor  i found it silly ...  My take on it is , ppl who does those kind of armor just enjoy drawing bodies most of the time , it get really addictive to draw naked body , i mean really really addictive in the sense it feel super  satisfactory . Now the issue is a naked body drawing is not somehting you can sell as a product for cards or  illustrations , hence the fact so many ppl use thos tiny bikini armors .. just to make it saleable . i dunno just thinking out loud :)
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Wonderful color composition dude!
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Wow, I love the subtle change in pallate. Quite serene.
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Wow, great design!
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the armors look wonderful><~
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dude this is good shit
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Wow, this is a painting? It looks real!
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Wowee! Your style is so clean and crisp!
I really like how you did her armor and the metal. Very realistic and shows a lot of great skill. As with the rest of her costume!

I like the minimalistic approach in doing the background however I feel you could add a little more lighting elements to help distinguish the edges of the rock formation from the sky or add some more blue to the sky (unless this was what you were going for then np :) ).

You executed a great distribution for the detail on the character and the background and your composition for this work is awesome as well.
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It's really beautiful =)
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