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Lovecraft colour out of space

If you don't know this short story of lovecraft, then go read it and go read the others too :D

About 3h of work for this one
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Early , before the Colour reaklly got its claws in deep...

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Amazing work, you really captured the mood of this story (which is one of my favorites)
EmmetEarwax's avatar
It will change your life. I know. It did mine.
One of the better "Colour Out Of Space" works...I love it!
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This is my fave Lovecraft tale!
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The subtlest of horrors. You wist something is inherently wrong, but you can't escape. 
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I love this piece.  Great story too.  

I had found it on google images and used it for the art on a tune I made inspired by the story.  I hope you don't mind, I'll remove it if you want.  Please, check out the tune and let me know what you think…
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Superb mix among light,colors and darkness!Congratulaions!  Two Thumbs Up! Icon 2 
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I read Stephen King's book "The Tommyknockers" many years before I had even known that this story was the inspiration for it. then I read this story.
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Not going to lie this story scared the crap out me. 
>_> I love this. 
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Perfect! The place is just like I imagined it...but the alien colour...I imagined it more yellow-red-pink, more warm, but it's undescribable, really, so every interpretation is rightHandshake 
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One of my favourite lovecraft-stories! This fits very well with my imagination of this place - good job!
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This story really freaked me out. I like your take on the impending destruction about to unfold.
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This was always my favorite Lovecraft story.
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Classic story. Considering Colours can't be identified by any known color spectrum, this is a fabulous rendition! Love it lots. 
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One paragraph describes the snow as being noticeably LESS on that farm than elsewhere, and somebody saw something foraging in the yard. He glimpsed the colour itself !


The wildlife was becoming -odd, and in the spring, wildlife and vegetation was too much for normal people's nerves ! (like the deformed woodchuck, and the rabbit tracks !)

EmmetEarwax's avatar
What the experts found in that well - no bottom, fetid bubbling mud, corroded bones,of animals -and of 2 boys !, and the way the trees behaved near it. Something climbing out of it, and ,after feeding, going back in. (Nahum was the last victim, and the colour was getting strong and feeding fast !). The horse died of sheer terror at something it saw, and another horse ran off. The horses in the barn had ,some time ago, gone mad and had to be shot.
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By far and away one of the most disturbing and disquieting stories I have ever read. Such a great job capturing that feeling.
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This is brilliant' I love the eerie glow, I think you managed to capture the atmosphere very well
Asahisuperdry's avatar
than ks that def not a piece i am super proud of but well Lovecraft didn't make it easy on us visual artist to picture his world :D
Sleyf's avatar
You're welcome, yes he was rather vague! Everything was unspeakably horrific yet with very minimal description as to HOW horrific
Asahisuperdry's avatar
true at the same time that what's make his universe so crazy original that we can't even imagine and it go beyond human comprehension, i love this, how many times i've tried to imagine what he was describing and find myself in the impossibilty to imagine something out of our own lil box of "knowledge" .
As a visual artist there is nothing more challenging and frustrating haha :D like WTF i cannot illustrate his novelllssss whhhyyy
Sleyf's avatar
I found that too actually! I could never visualise anything clearly, although I think most things were sort of...crustaceany or arthropody like deep sea creatures
Or like loads of different shapes, but mostly plant or fungus like I think
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J'adore le choix des couleurs, ça rend un effet très mystérieux ;) J'arrive même pas à comprendre comment il est possible de faire un truc pareil en trois heures, c'est trop fort ! ^^
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