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Death Plane Colossus

It sucks any life in it's way, it is the creature wich create desolation and expand the death plane as he walk through the lands once full of life. The colossus will spare nothing , like a machine programmed for only one purpose , bring death !

( haha i shouldn't write those kind of description in english really :) )

hope you will appreciate it , loads of fun ^^
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Nice! I like the space background. It fits with the colossus : D surreal
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I don't know why but, just the shape and curve of that creature is enough to make me shudder, despite the color choices and everything else, it's still makes me shiver. I like your choice of shape and the complexity of the scene around it as well. Well done. :)
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I bet I could bring it down wit a nuke
Asahisuperdry's avatar
hahaha no way a simple nuke would make him disseapear that would be too easy , try in multidimension arcane magic , you may have a chance then ... That creature is more a Lovecraft type , here but not here at the same time in between multiple dimensions :D 
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FUCKING hell that's creepy.............:+fav: .-.
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"It sucks any life in it's way"
Sounds like a wife:P :giggle:

Awesome work!
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hahahahahahaha XD
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Very "Wayne Barlowe esque", if I do say so myself...
Asahisuperdry's avatar
didn't know this guy , thanks for the discovery it's very interesting :) a cool reference and inspiration for sure ^^
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Yeah, he's probably my favourite painter. His alien planet work is incredible (what reminded me of this image of yours.
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Then i take it as a huuuggee compliment ^^ thanks a lot !
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Yes, very nicely rendered. Composition is intriguing as well
Asahisuperdry's avatar
hum the compo was a last minute tweak XD like " mmh ok it looks dull what could i do , OH i know lets rotate the canvas " ...that's basicallt what i did , somehow it works but if you check in detail you can see that it's a bit weird time i'll focus more on compo first ! thanks
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Yeah, more often than not, a strangely angled scene is a tacked-on effect to add a dramatic feel to the image. But this feels different. I think it's the sharpness of the angle, that feels different than the cliche angles I've seen, that makes it feel like a more unique usage of the technique (even if it was just an afterthought). It adds to the "alien world" kind of strangeness of this place we are witnessing. So it works.
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wow thanks ^^ dunno what to say then ..thanks ? and thanks ? and again thanks :D
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Wow, I'm looking at this again, and I'm wondering how you do the anatomy, is so, so perfect, dude, it's insane.
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thanks for your enthusiasm it mean a lot ^^ , as for the anatomy , only the outline kind of make it believable, because i'm not sure muscles could works the way they're . ^^
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Lol really? it seems hyper real, don't know if it can work or not but seems very live like and perfect.
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thanks that's what matter the most in the end :)
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Yep, comme dit sur le café ; Top !! :-)
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