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The fog besieges, a cloak upon my wary mind
A fraction of me notices the descent into sleep
The rest unceremoniously decides to ignore it
I float, a different self, into the room prepared
It is dressed with oddities that seem so familiar
There is a strange and listless peace for a space
The room begins to vibrate in visible waves
And I can feel the threat before it reaches me
It bleeds throughout the air and bids me hurry
My feet glide on frictionless panels into the air
I run and don't look back, yet the evil reaches me
I wake, unable to keep a grasp on the transience
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 17 14
Life is Harder than Fairy Tales
The witch died a painful death after her dance in the hot iron slippers. So, the princess married the prince and lived a hundred happy years with him in his castle, with their kingdom continuously rejoicing. I finished the story with a sigh and closed the book as I sat on my living room floor.
I could not suppress the words that rose to my lips, and they rung aloud to an empty room, “Why can't my suffering be solved like that in a fairy tale?”
I let the book slide onto the floor, all the while staring with detachment.
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 12 11
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The Legacy of Magic: Progenitors - Part 7
Luciana reopened her eyes to the waning light of dusk. She laboriously picked herself up from the forest floor and began to limp. She had to tell Agnolo what happened. It took great effort to travel a few arm lengths, but she kept pushing herself. After dark, she made it to the hut where she had spent time with Agnolo, and finding it empty, she laid herself inside. Before long she was asleep, and in the morning, she limped her way to the outer walls of the city, hoping to find him somewhere nearby. Where Agnolo had been posted, there stood a new guard. Luciana limped up to him as he turned around.
“What happened to the guard who was posted here?” She asked, choking back the tears.
His face took a momentary reprieve from his boredom. “Oh, the guy here before me?”
She nodded.
“Well, I heard they caught him running around in the woods. He was executed the day before last for desertion of his post.”
Luciana stifled a scream and hurriedly limped back into
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 5 12
What Geometry Doesn't Tell You
The circles we measure are inconsequential
Distance between our hearts is the sum of our pain
Boundaries are all that we can keep up now
I want to traverse the space lingering between us
Tedium in these numbers is a distraction
Necessary for survival, far from the peace we seek
I want to transcend this limited logic
I know this is not the zenith of our existence,
But the bane of it
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 18 22
Dance of Lies
Your tongue sashays like a burlesque girl
Drawing my eyes to the dance of your lips
You beguile with the music of your words
The rhythm picks up and I am mesmerized
Lies build carefully in steps of one, two, three
While I am distracted by the quick gyration
Your story prances around my confused mind
I am left stranded and tied as the song dies
This calculated frolic around the honest truth
Culminates in the shimmy slowing to a rest
Your charming and ready burlesque girl stands
And you look me in the eye with a bold smile
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 26 18
Summer Brings an Unusual Feeling
Sunlight spreads from the equator
Its warmth occupies the atmosphere
Reaching my disposition with intensity
Humidity gathers and heightens
Air finds a way to become electric
Storm clouds roll in to my excitement
The wild storm dies out quickly
Night descends with lazy lethargy
Fireflies dance and play as I sleep
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 9 14
The Legacy of Magic: Progenitors - Part 6
Alfeo had adjourned the public confrontation until the next morning. The anger radiating towards Luciana had been palpable and almost choking, and she surmised that Alfeo wanted to give them a chance to cool off. But despite that thought, she waited sleeplessly through the night, locked in her wagon. She knew it wasn't enough time to dissipate their strong feelings.
Hardly had the morning broke when the meeting was reconvened. As soon as Luciana was brought out of her wagon and before them again, shouts rose from the group and fought for attention. Alfeo hushed everyone, and Vittoria pushed her way out into the front, near to where Luciana stood.
“I need to say something.” Vittoria unsuccessfully hid a sly smile from Luciana.
The group did not seem to notice and became louder. Alfeo hushed them again.
Vittoria regained her opportunity. “She is in love with a boy from the city, and I've seen her sneaking away from the encampment since she came back from the errand she
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 7 13
This Poignant Feeling: Beauty in the Darkness
Hemingway on the nightstand
A quiet thought for the pain we share
Words are sharp and sweet but distant
A list of affirmations on the mirror
“Normal” can't recognize the irony
All has lost and gained meaning instantly
An empty glass where vodka could be
If only one could surrender their ideals
I no longer feel capable of being myself
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 14 7
Sadness in All Seasons
Sadness shades her eyes with leaves of Palm
Receding confidently to heightened position
She knows she has usurped a piece of my will
And the barren land continues to swelter on
Autumn comes with bated breath and heart
I observe what little hope there is remaining
She reminds me how the time has been running
All around me there is death ever-surmounting
My last doubts are cemented facing Winter
I vainly steel my all against the coldness
Her attacks remain sharp and unrelenting
Her cruelty alone has defeated me completely
She conjures the tears that become the dew
Her reminders rest upon the budding flowers
She will never allow me to feel this warmth
A new cycle of life, unaware, starts anew
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 11 5
Ineffable Typhoon
Pursued in the tempest by fear unknown
Adrenaline rushes as thunder rages
A haste converges upon my tiring soul
I find myself torn on which way to go
This force constrains me to the waters
I writhe and crusade to secure my air
The battle necessitates what I lack
My identity drowning amid the depths
Reaching fingers probe shamelessly
Disruption robs serenity with guile
A shudder runs electric and wild
I salvage a self that remains unwhole
Drifting in the wake of apocalypse
Pain radiates outward from my core
Held by bands unrelenting and real
Eroding semblance and concept of self
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 7 7
The Legacy of Magic: Progenitors - Part 5
Luciana tiptoed into the encampment as the sun threatened to make its presence known from just underneath the horizon. She had spent a full week with Agnolo, relying on everyone's trust that she had  sequestered herself in her wagon for the sole purpose of studying. She thought back, remembering no time in which they questioned her whereabouts, in attempt to console her pounding heart. But, still, it thumped on as loud as a drum, almost loud enough to convince her that maybe the others could hear it in their wagons. Quietly, like a predator in the bushes, she slinked along until she reached her wagon and secured the door close without a creak.
She slept until midday, awaking from a frightful dream she could barely remember. There was a bitter taste in her mouth as she roused, freshened and dressed. She opened the door to her wagon and stepped out. Half of the adults from the encampment stood surrounding the entrance, and immediately stopping herself, she almost instinctively took
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 7 13
Legions of Sorrow
A war rages inside of me
Bayonets and cannon fire
Emotions explode into a frenzy
Strewn all over the battlefield
Cries of agony rise in the air
Smoke never dissipates long
I lay bleeding with my traumas
Dead are numbered like the stars
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 10 27
The Legacy of Magic: Progenitors - Part 4
Luciana had used the excuse of holing herself up in her wagon to study spells for the past few months in order to hide the fact that she had been meeting Agnolo, a guard from the city. She could hear the chanting of the evening prayer as she raced out of the boundaries of the encampment.
“We thank Gaia, mother of all mortal creatures, for her protection this day, for the magic she blesses us with as her chosen children. We thank Dante, judge of all, for the stay of his judgment for another day. We thank Valentina and Sergio for their gift of love, and also the gifts of sunrise and sunset from  Aelius and Luna. We ask the Gods and Goddesses to grant us all another day of their blessings.”
As the chants faded, she felt a tightening in her chest that she knew was different from the effect of running. But before she could give it anymore thought, she came upon the meeting place and sighted Agnolo, who was sitting slumped against a large tree. She slowed down as she came ne
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 11 10
The Legacy of Magic: Progenitors - Part 3
From a short distance, they could see the brush moving, and they both strode towards it. Soon, a fawn came into view. Agnolo sprang from the path, immersing himself in the brush beside the animal. It writhed more frantically as it noticed their presence. He put his hands gently on its neck and wrestled the brush around it. Before long, he freed its neck and front legs. Shoving one arm deep into the mess of weeds he helped the fawn get the rest of its body out. The animal bucked as its hind legs were freed, and it dashed off deep into the woods without looking back. Luciana sighed in response. Agnolo stood up and picked off the large bits of leaves that clung to his clothes, looking towards her as he made his way back onto the path.
“I thought the people in the city were adverse to nature.”
“I don't know about most people, but I like to get out of the city and explore. I find that nature is such a wondrous thing.”
Luciana smiled, and they started walking down the
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 12 10
The Legacy of Magic: Progenitors - Part 2
The pillars of the wall surrounding the city rose high into the sky, gleaming alabaster in the sunlight, and Luciana stretched her neck up to get a better look as she crossed through the wide entrance. She bumped into something and heard a grunt. Refocusing her gaze in front of her, she saw a guard. He muttered something and stepped out of her way. Ignoring him, she meandered into the market, pulling out the map Alfeo had given her for this task. She located her position on the map and found that the toll collector's office was at the end of the market street she was on.
Easy enough. Luciana thought to herself.
She folded the map neatly, slipping it into the pocket of her dress, and continued down the road. The road was lined with stalls. First, she passed one with butchered meats. She briefly glanced at the wares. The next stall had various beads and baubles that glittered on the table. She beheld their shinning beauty in various shades of colors, but soon shook her head. As she pulle
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 12 10
2nd entry for liv's contest

Horror Deviations for Halloween

Undeserving“Geeze, Teresa. Don't you ever shut up? You talk enough to lead the manticore right to you.” Zack sat back in his seat at the dinning room table and closed his eyes.
She looked sheepishly at her dinner plate, his remark stinging her. “What's a manticore?”
“It's a creature with the body of a lion and the head of a guy. He eats people, especially people who don't shut up.”
Mom turned from her dishes in the sink. “Don't listen to your brother. Manticores aren't real. He's studying myths at school right now. A myth is a kind of story about pretend things.” She turned to Zack. “Stop scaring her.” She turned back to her dishes.
Zack ran and got his trumpet, packed in its case and leaning against the adjacent wall. He quickly took it out, and whispered, bringing the instrument near to his lips. “And it sounds like this.” He blew suddenly in to it, forcing out an abrupt and surprising note. Teresa clamped her hands over he
  Things That Go Bump In The NightThe shadows played against the wall
Spurred on by the faint light emanating from the fire
I lay tucked underneath the covers of my bed
Wondering what horror might befall me
My mind would hesitate on each worry
Each ghastly atrocity that could appear to snatch me
I burrowed myself deeper into my cocoon
Hoping beyond hope that it was a sanctuary
I felt the dull vibration of a noise
At first, I questioned myself if I had heard anything
It echoed again, finding its own pace
That reached my ears with a muted regularity
Before long it began to repeat faster
It grew in volume and I knew it was coming for me
I drew the blankets tight to my chest -
Finding my own heartbeat to be the source
Sweeter than CandyThough it may be absurdly cliché
The boys around her would say
That Lorelei was sweeter than candy  
The girl was easy to bring to a blush
She never spoke much above a hush
Her innocence made her sweeter than candy
Those boys would tug on her hair
Or they would put on childish airs
Fancying the one who was sweeter than candy
Before long came a certain boy
Who singly crafted his own ploy
To catch the one who was sweeter than candy
Fred sidled up to her with guile
Aiming to capture her timid smile
Hoping to steal her away, sweeter than candy
He offered a confession to Lorelei
She bashfully cast about her eyes
Then, she ran off, sweeter than candy
He met her again outside the chapel
Bashfully, she handed him a red candy apple
All too pleased with the girl who was sweeter than candy
But, soon, our ambitious Fred
Well, frankly, he turned up dead
And no one ever again called Lorelei sweeter than candy
  The Ghosts of Our Choosing
Sheila had always lived her life helping no one but herself. She strove to etch her legacy into history. It was her way of becoming immortal.
She looked up from her desk, piled high with financial charts and business proposals. A spirit began to take rough form before her.
“What do you want from me?” She managed to choke out the words.
“I beg you to stop.”
“Why must I stop my life's work?”
“Because you are only considering this life.”
The image of the spirit now became clear. It was herself, twisted in such a state of complete agony.

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