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The Ghosts of Our Choosing by Asahi-Taichou, literature

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My Bio

I mainly write free verse poetry and flash fiction (with a little bit of haiku and other things).

Awards on DA

First Place

  • Only in Winter

  • How to Bring About Change

  • Which Witch?

  • Haunted House

  • Self Evaluation

  • Dark December

  • Dreams

  • Ghosts are Real

  • Reality, The Rival of Fiction

  • Things That Go Bump In The Night

  • Turned Tables

  • Funny Thing

  • The Ghosts of Our Choosing

  • Forgetting Regret

  • A Lump of Rust

Second Place

  • Turning

  • Who You Gonna Call?: A HorrorKu

  • I Agree with Abraham Lincoln

  • The Reality of Suicide: A HorrorKu

  • Dance of Lies

Third Place

  • Komorebi

  • How They Are Made

  • A Mere Conflict

  • Little Cloudchaser

  • What Geometry Doesn't Tell You

My DD's

  • Wednesday Night

  • The Wrong Kind

  • The Most Indescribable Color

DD's I Suggested

  • Passage

  • separation

  • Waiting

  • We are the Trees

  • Run to the Voice of the Banshee

  • The Crossroad

  • # 1503 - Unidentified

  • A Just Readjustment

  • Song of the Fairies

  • trnsnc

  • By the Large Old Elm

  • no easy way

  • a new year-ning

  • Nocturne

Award from @Barosus

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What Others Have Said...

LadyLincoln: "A wonderfully creative writer, their work is clever and distinct. I know I can expect high quality outside of the box prose and poetry. They take traditional topics like love, and mold it into something more beautiful than we could have imagined it being. I happily anticipate seeing their work in my inbox, and highly encourage others to explore their gallery. When not writing, they can be found making thoughtful contributions to various projects, contests, and other literature related venues that continue to help our community flourish."

Please Read First

I am forced to add this list to my profile because others are being disrespectful, even to the point of harassment at times.

:skyblue-orb: Please do not send me ads or post them on my profile.

:skyblue-orb: Please do not not ask me for a watch for a watch or a fave for a fave.

:skyblue-orb: Please do not send me chat messages. I cannot get it to work properly.

:skyblue-orb: Please do not ask me for critiques, editing, art trades, collabs, requests, or commissions of any kind unless I say they are open.

:skyblue-orb: If you want to thank me for llamas, faves or watches, please do so only in the comments section of this page.

:skyblue-orb: Please do not critique my deviations or offer advice on how to revise them unless I specifically say I want it. Also, my pieces are not always written from my point of view or personal feelings.

:skyblue-orb: If you harass me in any way, expect to be blocked. No spam!

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Please donate if you like my writing!


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I just don't know what to do with myself... Not feeling the greatest either.
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Ok, how am I getting a journal in my watch section from someone I don't even watch? Don't have any clue who this person is.
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Can anyone recommend a robot vacuum on Amazon (best bang for the buck)?
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thanks for the llama badge

i really appreciate it

Thank you for the llama! I appreciate it!

Love, Mochi.

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