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There was Commercialism Once


There was Commercialism Once

There were trees once People used to chop them down Haul them to their dwelling And set them up inside Decorate their monument to death They gave each other gifts And would later discard them No regret for the result in the future So, she stood there thinking now Casting her gaze upon barren wasteland

I Miss You


I Miss You

I hold your last letter in my hands Tears and memories blur together A silence had hung precariously Bracing my heart for the grim news My breath stalled inside my throat I fervently hoped for reality to twist But, here it is now: you are gone, Your written word my only testament.


The Ghosts of Our Choosing


The Ghosts of Our Choosing

Sheila had always lived her life helping no one but herself. She strove to etch her legacy into history. It was her way of becoming immortal. She looked up from her desk, piled high with financial charts and business proposals. A spirit began to take rough form before her. “What do you want from me?” She managed to choke out the words. “I beg you to stop.” “Why must I stop my life's work?” “Because you are only considering this life.” The image of the spirit now became clear. It was herself, twisted in such a state of complete agony.
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