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Oh bold writing.
A t t e n t i o n S e e k e r.
You're are going to win the battle and not the way you would like.
:iconasadcatastrophe:ASadCatastrophe 4 1
6 word stories.
And then her world fell down...
:iconasadcatastrophe:ASadCatastrophe 13 4
Bittersweet Love
It's the last day of our Bittersweet love.
I have to say i'm quite sad it's ending.
It was the best and worst thing rolled in one.
The idea of love and hate forced together.
And we thought it would work, we were wrong.
Always fighting against the other doesn't work.
Hopelessly bent, sadly breaking down.
Love dwindling down the drain to fast to catch it.
A love that was strong as ours confuses me with the ending.
I'm sorry my love but this will be the last day of my misery.
So i bid you farewell so you don't see i'm breaking.
:iconasadcatastrophe:ASadCatastrophe 2 1
Carpe diem.
I'm seizing the day, making my way.
Coming through someone very new.
It's all going to be different now.
I'm a stronger person than i was.
I believe in myself, it's a confidence.
A very big thing, that makes me feel.
No one will want to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself.
:iconasadcatastrophe:ASadCatastrophe 6 0
It's a Christmas story.
It's a Christmas story.
Mossy green like the tree, your eyes glow with wonder.
Hope for the new year to come, as this year slips away.
The idea of a family feast, presents, laughter and cheer.
A holiday you will always remember, the best of the year.
You string the tinsel round and round with pretty lights too.
The colourful balls showing your reflection back at you.
Smiling brightly, you bid goodnight, for tomorrow brings joy.
:iconasadcatastrophe:ASadCatastrophe 1 0
a sad princess story.
"What princess will you be today ma'am?"
"I'm not sure, what do you think?"
"Hmm, lets take a look miss."
I held up different tiaras to make a choice.
"Do you want to be Cinderella?" She smiled warmly.
Looking at my dress I sighed, "there's no ball to go to."
"We will make one for you, Miss Cinderella.
She started rearanging things.
"Do you want to be Snow White?." She chuckled.
"Does she get a tiara? or a happily ever after?"
"I believe she gets a bow, and 7 men."
She handed me my bow, and 7 teddies.
"What is it Miss are you feeling ill, I'll call nurse."
"No, no. I Decided to be Sleeping Beauty."
"You know, her prince charming can dance."
Her eyes glowed for a moment as she fastened my tiara.
"It will be okay Piper." I looked at her sad face.
"I know it will miss, i'm just going to miss you."
"I'll leave my heart with you when I go to heaven."
Handing her a cut out of a heart I closed my eyes forever.
:iconasadcatastrophe:ASadCatastrophe 0 0
Her life as we know it.
Bent broken, full exposure.
Hurt heart, heavy soul.
Tears stained of red colours.
Cried out but no one heard.
Broken frames and torn pictures.
Letters burning because of hate.
A mind that is sad and tortured.
Of the memories you gave her.
Along comes a boy who loves her.
A guy who cares about enough her.
One who will wipe all her tears.
Fixing her slowly, mending her heart.
He will teach her the important things.
How to smile and laugh again.
So along will come a stand up guy.
Who will win her heart forever.
:iconasadcatastrophe:ASadCatastrophe 3 0
A Sad Catastrophe
There it was...
A bang and a crash.
Sad as this story will go.
He knew her weakness...
Her one kryptonite.
And with that she fell.
A sad catastrophe.
:iconasadcatastrophe:ASadCatastrophe 3 2



Hi there.
I'm bek. I want to be an english teacher.
I haven't got a lot else to say enjoy my art.


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  • :iconmamorel:
    Donated Dec 7, 2010, 8:19:51 PM
I'm doing commissions so i can help out HayleighElizabeth with prizes for the 'Love and Heartbreak' competition thats being held in ItsAllAboutWriting You should check it out.
And if you can help with prizes, be it points theres a donation pool on her profile features llamas critques all that stuff its all apreciated.

anyway check my donation box for what im doing commissions of
if you want me to draw or write you anything its 10 points each :)
and i'll colour the drawings if you like for nothing.
just note me what you want drawn.




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