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O' how I sought thee, in song, in prose, O' ye far from sight, nearest to the heart, shall I make thee a bracelet of strung tears or would a necklace suffice, the jewel, my beating heart. I shall walk, if you beckon it, till my feet bleed and the lands end, I will go on, I will enter the seas, I will drown, still I will walk crossing all depths, till I chance by you again, trailing blood, my feet gone, on my knees, I will steal a look and go on.
You could tell me to close my eyes and I would be blind forever. If you said to hear no more, I would nail my ears shut, if you once said to be quiet, I would hold my breath and not even die, for if I did, I would fall. And though the angel might visit, I would beg with tears in my eyes, to let me be, standing still for the sake of my promise to the beloved but if he were to insist, I would take up arms and wage a war against existence the likes of which the heavens has not witnessed, I will take on all rules that be, teary eyed, consumed with
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I covet for me a happy tale
Of care-free times where I to sail
A merry ferry and on its rail
My love and I would relish the gale
Adventure and glory for them we’ll fight
Hunt the day and sing the night
Punish the bad and help the right
We’ll row and row till we reach the light
A dark wizard will come to be
And a dwarf, an elf and me
Will quest to make the evil flee
And fill the land again with glee
Hero will be I of many tales
They’ll call me the man who never fails
And when I’ll pass through the vales
All will cheer standing on the rails
Copyright © 2008 by Asad Aftab Iqbal
                                    All rights reserved
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A valiant confession
I am waiting for you to disclose
A fate, a punishment to impose
A faulty soul, an error to dispose
A blessing would be now to repose
But how do you drown a fish in water?
How can a hawk in mid-air falter?
Norms and laws are a fragment of reality
But how can they, the course of my mind alter?
Define me
Or confine me
For in my search of me
I have found and than lost me
Vague is this expression with no meaning
Maybe the emotion and not the words I imply
What purpose are words not intended to commune
Maybe not the tongue but the ears are to reply
Flow of my hands, figure the untold relation
Stem now this feeling of a creator’s elation
For I must make sense to those who think me fool
So I write rhymes of happiness sitting on a stool
I do not know pain for I have never bled
I do not know hunger for I am so well fed
The pain for the poor that is in my words so well refined
As the tower of my castle shows two villages of their kind
An ending of Frost or the conclusion of Blake
Fitting wou
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O’ moving dust pursuest of the frozen sun
Predator of prey till left is none
O’ laborer of night and day, your effort in vain
For life was planned not bliss but pain
O’ digger of graves, ready art thou for all
But who will dig the grave in which ye must fall
O’ the ungrown legend, you fear the unseen day
Then fear more for it means tis’ the right way
O’ budding rose, thou sleepest in full content and glee
And wish that these brighter days would not flee
O’ scriber of these words for once let me be
For I must show ye the path not out but in thee    
Copyright © 2008 by Asad Aftab Iqbal
                                    All rights reserved
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The unforbidden sin
A crossing of the mind commences when we sleep
To the seducing precincts of the dream master’s keep
Where man can, through the window of fancy peep
And go higher than higher and deeper than deep
Unbounded are the pleasures of the unforbidden sin
Toils of reality ended, man goes to rest
Even Apollo retires to his castle in the west
So mortals return to the refuge of their nest
The allure of forty winks promises heaven’s zest
Welcome are the pleasures of the unforbidden sin
In winter nights slumber is deep and mute
The mere notion of action the mind will refute
Summer nights bring the winged herald with his lute
Its song is as wretched as its spear is acute
Ever changing are the pleasures of the unforbidden sin
The sleeper is no different than a man dead
He visits other realms dormant in his head
The spirits commune with this aid, so is often said
On the borders of reason the man does tread
Mystical are the pleasures of the unforbidden sin
Though careless abandon is a folly in
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Near a garbage can
The pain, the agony; the blackness I see
Oh you baffled fool! The choices you made
Was it really that hard to be?
A man of dream, a man of thought
You are a conspirator in the decay of man
You would sell your flesh if someone bought
Answer me, why is your struggle not profound?
Why is your sight fixed to the ground?
You are all traitors of Him
For you to rise above all was His whim
Sorry sir, my humblest apology
For you see I have not eaten since last night
And to think and speak is hard for me
So, I would leave the thinking to all you wise
Right now I think water and crumbs would suffice.
Copyright © 2008 by Asad Aftab Iqbal
                                 All rights reserved
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Lost and Found
Still I am
Lost wondering
Secrets, illusions
Greatness destiny?
Call to arms
Afraid of more
Still I am
Found sure
Clear dreams
Destiny greatness!
Call to arms
Afraid no more
Copyright © 2008 by Asad Aftab Iqbal
                                    All rights reserved
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Memory of bliss
Memory of Bliss
It’s been a month since I spoke
I utter words but no passion they invoke
I am rusty and fear my soul gone
Yes it’s the loss of myself I mourn
I sold it yes I sold my art
It was never mine but a thing to guard
I thought I could tame my inner voice
And will the words to bend at choice
What a fool I was I know now
My tears and wails are the story how
It feels like a thing torn from me
Oh the sights I saw, no more to see
The blood on my hands is but my own
I killed the child I heard the moan
Oh God please help me put an end to this
Take my being and return but a memory of bliss
Copyright © 2003 by Asad Aftab Iqbal
All rights reserved
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Poets laboring both day and night
Bristling verses an hour’s delight
Lovers of illusion, courting dreams
Content with hope filling reams
A barrage of colors drawn from tears
Images of pain and bottled fears
Laid in a platter nice and neat
For those who just like it sweet
Waiting for a day when rocks will melt
When shadows are seen and silence felt
Copyright © 2005 by Asad Aftab Iqbal
All rights reserved
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Enough is enough
Enough is enough!
O’ weary soul, transcend your mortal ties
Enough is enough now leave these lies
Burning eyes, tears well spent
Enough is enough now relent
Piercing verses, the labor of your hands
Enough is enough stop and till the lands
Philosophic intrigue, your brain’s only use
Enough is enough spare us this abuse
Spirit and soul let them take lead
Enough is enough for once heed
Copyright © 2007 by Asad Aftab Iqbal
All rights reserved
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Lost in vengeance, the heart will bleed
Faced with rejection and pain will lead
The path where the self is lost
Virtue abandoned, penance crossed
Though the crowd cries patience and calm
A rage so sweet knows no balm
Ashes and soot seem the just pursuit
A poison tree bearing the fatal fruit
Dipped in blood theses verses I’ve sown
My heart the garden, the puncture my own
Copyright © 2007 by Asad Aftab Iqbal
All rights reserved
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Immortal dreams immortal being
Immortal dreams, immortal being!
What is the ideal, the dreams that I once had, the path, the road, where is it, my aspirations, my dreams, my dreams. I know I have a purpose, a purpose so big, why then am I what I am, damn it I have to leave this lot, my dreams, my dreams. What am I doing with my precious life, its just flying away, it’s flying away. I still hear the voice, the soul rending voice, it’s my voice, my voice, I recognize it, its there still. I think I might have lost my soul, what I am, it’s not me, it’s not me. The voice, the dream, my soul. Tears come and I fear the death of me, the death of being, the death of who I am. What am I doing, its trying to take me over, don’t let it take over; don’t let it crush my voice, my dreams, my dreams. It’s still not letting me go, I am helpless. but the voice is still there, that is my way back, yes say it, do it for that is my way back, hear nothing else, your voice is your way back, don’t ca
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The un-spoken words, the language of love, flying fancies, dreams of a new life, childish desires that might just survive a river of hate and doubt gushing all around tearing souls and I a refugee am taking flight. I hide from an enemy of two faces, one a reflection, other a guise. I run and run for I know a fire is coming to sweep all the little flames, a king is coming to whom all these imposters will bow and a judgment that will be passed upon all. And as I sit in the shadow, I see the time of tyrants is at an end for the last victim is dead but still they thirst for blood and now they will eat each other until there will be only one, once more a victim and a world will be born of him of tyrants again. I am the watcher and I have seen slaves breed their masters and victims carrying on their heads their persecutors. This is the justice of the plan; this is the irony of life.
Copyright © 2004 by Asad Aftab Iqbal
All rights reserved
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Why I write
From the pages of my past I see a pattern and so I take on the pain of my present in future’s hope. Let me tell you here that when I hold a pen, I do not know what it will scribe but when I read what I write; I know that but God is my guide. The next word like the next breath is His gift and I humbly submit and thank the Benefactor for indeed this respite from reality is most needed and joyously accepted.
Copyright © 2003 by Asad Aftab Iqbal
All rights reserved
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I am the reason, the cause and the song, I am the light and the dark, I am the moon and the star. I come unto the world to run its course.
I see love and aspire to be the one who can see for I feel the sun saying to me that for you I rise, so take the mantle and my advice, you were given this status and greatness as a birthright, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Be your-self and creation will receive.
When I fall I see where I was, I realize that I am what I am and I see the loss. I knew love and music but have forgotten the cause. I was not meant to do but live it through for I am not the whole song but a little pause.
Old Age
Un-hinder my last and solemn flight, know that I have fought from womb till tomb; respite is what I seek for I forfeit the reward. I was like all, full of dreams and thought I could achieve what I sought but I failed like all for this is a road that ends at a wall.
I am back where I was; forgive me my Lord for I have los
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The Answer
The answer
Come to my aid o’ prince of darkness, strengthen my arm be my guide, I intend to learn from a master, I grow weary of conformity, I crave to be a rebel for I know that change is but difference and I am to be different, show me your path so that I can ravage the balance and destroy the strings that make me a puppet. I implore thee, show me thy guile and vile for I have to befool a man and earn a day’s living, show me thy corruption for I crave that which belongs to someone else, show me thy vanity so that I can stand in front of Him, He who thought it wise to make black dust the essence of earth, I have improved and made glittering gems the harvest of earth, show me thy evil for I must kill my opponent or be killed, show me thy darkness for I must scatter the unity of my people to get to the seat of power, show me thy strength and valor for I must take on all creation and come out victor, grant me thy archive of sins for I must indulge my customers in pleasure to sa
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Letter of Recommendation
To whom it may concern:
Laurie Fleming is a person of sterling character and untarnished reputation for whom I would gladly give a kidney, eyeball, or hair transplant.  There have been many, many times in my life that Ms. Fleming has been there to offer critical bits of advice, which had I chosen to follow, would have made me a better human being.  She assures me, however, that my skin and eyebrows will grow back someday.
Ms. Fleming has some impressive characteristics, some of which I would like to share with you.  First and foremost she is an avid philatelist, or perhaps I mean philantropist.  Whichever is correct, I assure you she has built up an amazing tolerance to the glue on the backs of postage stamps.  If you are considering her for a role in your mailroom or as a lickable-tattoo quality-assurance inspector, I imagine she would be perfect.  
Secondly, Ms. Fleming has an astounding memory, having completely memorized e
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