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Sooo. I spontaneously decided to start using my Tumblr account, whose only job so far has been to follow other blogs.

So, fellow art-Tumblrs, let me know yours so I can follow you! I believe quite a few here on dA have an account there as well :)

Find me here:
I felt the sudden urge to update this poor bugger, now that uni is out and I'm free!

Needless to say, I've been inactive. That seems to happen a lot lately. University sort of drowned me last semester, but I've returned to the living. I got a job at a guesthouse, at the reception desk. It's so much fun! I love interacting with the tourists. Chatting about their countries, working my English (and a little German here and there!) and just helping them out. They're always so grateful, one elderly man even left me and the other staff some chocolate for each one recently when the checked out. My heart melted! So this is definitely a welcome break from sitting alone in the library for the past months.

Another big thing happening this summer: I'm moving out! Finally! My beloved boyfriend and I bought our first apartment which we are currently working on, making it all pretty before we move in. There's quite a lot to do, but it will look splendid when we finally move in, probably late August/early September. I'm so excited!

Art wise, well, not a lot of news here. I'm rusty, but definitely eager to brush the dust of my Wacom and flexing the creative muscles. I'm even thinking about having a sketchblog (most likely my dust-collecting Tumblr) that would have regular updates this summer. I'll let you know if that happens. Otherwise, I just hope to make some finished pieces soon! All my WIPs need some lovin.

Lastly, LalaAdanwenB tagged me a while back with some questions, I guess it's time to answer them! Some of these were quite hard to answer. Keeping them short wasn't easy, either.

1. Three places you have to see before you die
Egypt (I gotta see those Pyramids, damnit), India (all of it, really), Peru (Machu Picchu! Or most South- and Meso-American pyramids). Choosing only three places is hard.
2. Favourite Disney character?
Aladdin, mainly for sentimental reasons. But yeah, he's awesome.
3. If you could spend a day in someone else´s body, who would it be?
Oooh. Tough. It'd be interesting to be in some athletic's body, just to experience for once what it's like to be in kick-ass shape! But nah, probably Glen Keane. I want his skills.
4. Favourite flower and tree
Flower: Viola (favourite colour is a hint). Tree: Golden Chain (Laburnum)
(These are sort of from the top of my head)
5. Which Hogwarts house would you be in?
Finally an easy question! Ravenclaw all the way!
6. Three languages you´d love to learn?
And back to the hard questions. Wow. Um. Let's see.
Chinese (I'm actually taking an intro class next fall, so excited), Spanish (very useful but it also sounds beautiful), Ancient Egyptian (because Hieroglyphs)
7. Your personal idol/hero
I have a few, but I really want to put Indiana Jones here. (alsoglenkeane)
8. Greatest feeling in the world
Accomplishment, probably. That feeling when all the hard work pays off.
9. Your favourite element?
Water. I know I'd rather be an Airbender, but Avatar-verse aside, I love water.
10. What do you love most about yourself?
Probably my curiosity/thirst for knowledge. It's unquenchable! (I love that word) Also, I kinda love being tall!
11. Best thing about being human?
That you can constantly improve, grow and learn. That's just amazing :)

I'm not tagging any people for now, but if there's interest, I could make new 11 questions. Or you can just answer these, they were fun!

And now to tackle the monster that is my inbox...
It's been over a year since I wrote something here. About time!
This is actually something that's really only for Icelanders, but I'll keep it in English anyway.
This is mainly some pimping all over, but it's all for a good cause!

This March is a prostate cancer awareness month in Iceland, called MottuMars (MustacheMarch). Basically, men grow out their mustaches this month for awareness and raise money as well to the cause. But, for women to participate as well, my dearest friend Guðný (also on dA: guggus ) designed a necklace for the ladies! She's selling it in collaboration with the Icelandic Cancer Society. Half of the price goes to the fight against cancer, so I'm hereby encouraging all of my fellow natives to get their own!

You can get them in various places, including on the Cancer Society's website (online shop), but it's slightly more expensive as it involves shipping. You can also go to Guðný's page on Facebook and order it there: Mini Inc.. They're also sold in various shops in Iceland, you can read better which ones here on the announcement page from the Cancer Society.

But well, there's also a little shameless self-promotion involved in this, as I drew the lady on the cover. :dummy: You can see it in better detail right here! Yes, the necklace looks like a mustache! I actually drew a man as well, but since it's mainly for women anyway, she decided just to use the lady. Here are my raw sketches: lady and gentleman.

However, the graphics on the cover (as well as the back, not shown) were not done by me. That was done by our talented graphic designer friend Sigrún. Check out her design portfolio for more awesomeness! She also has a dA page: listaspiran

Well, this is enough plugging from me for a while! Go back to drawing, y'all :)

Another one of those u-turns

Sat Jan 8, 2011, 11:43 AM
As promised, here's a quick update regarding school.

I'll keep this short. I quit. Yeah, again. Well, it wasn't a completely spontaneous decision, I didn't turn in the project for last term so I basically failed that course. Sure, I could've maybe somehow finished this...but honestly, I feel this is enough. So yeah, I'm officially over with this darn school. Man, do I feel relieved! Unlike last time, exactly one year ago, where I stood in pretty much the same situation, I felt disappointed in myself and ashamed, but now I only feel relieve and happiness. This wasn't my path, I already tried (twice!), but now it's over, thankfully.

So now I'm going into the University of Iceland to study Linguistics. Quite the u-turn, I know! Thing is, I absolutely love languages, history and the such, so this is an easy choice. I did one year of Linguistics in high school and loved it, so I'm going to check it out. This is, however, just something I'm trying out for the semester. I might continue, I might not. I'm still going to continue drawing as before (hopefully more!), maybe get a job alongside and think things through. I'm still very much interested in studying Illustration/Animation/Game Design, so that's definitely still on the table.

So, recently turned 24 and still mighty confused about what lies ahead! I'm hoping things will clear up this year. I have a good feeling for 2011, in any case! :)

Happy New Year! And other things.

Sat Jan 1, 2011, 10:41 AM
I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and fabulous holidays! :dummy: I celebrate the 2011 with a cozy new journal. Why not.

Christmas was fabulous, I got loads of great presents this year! Very happy with the outcome there, don't remember the last time when I was so happy with my gifts. Love all around! :heart:

I figured I'd give a little update on my trip to Germany that was earlier in December, or from the 17th till the 23rd. Well, most of you probably didn't know about it anyway, but I did mention it some weeks/months ago, I believe. So I went back to Freiburg for a week to meet with my beloved boyfriend, but he's currently studying there, has been since April and will finish next Spring. Meeting again was so great and we had such an amazing time together. Coming back to Freiburg was weird, it was like I had never left. Strolling around the adorable Christmas markets and enjoying the snow and German traditions was a blast, a much needed break too. We also went to Stuttgart for a day, I got some new clothes! Otherwise there wasn't much to say about the city, but it looks pretty nice.

However, as most of you in Europe were aware of, flight traffic (well, all traffic really) was really, really fucked up during this time. So naturally I got my share of that! Before I continue, some of you may remember the terrible experience I had almost exactly one year ago when I flew out to Freiburg for the first time. Need a reminder? You can read all about it here, in an older dA journal. The tl;dr version: flight delayed, stuck in London for 24 hours before getting on a plane to Germany. So naturally, I figured I had finished my quota with bad flight experienced for the freaking decade, but nooo. The cosmos is not that kind, it seems!

I won't go into the insane details like last time, but in short: My flight from Iceland got delayed for 5 hours, so a rather boring wait ensued. Finally got to Frankfurt, where I had bought a train ticket weeks earlier to Freiburg, but I had naturally missed that train. Waited in a queue for 1 hour to change the ticket, where I was told the next one to Freiburg would leave in about 2 hours. So long boring wait at the airport train station. Then that one is delayed for 30minutes. Then suddenly for 2 hours! I panic. We're told to take another train. It finally comes, I get inside, wait inside it for 15minutes. Suddenly we're told to leave, train ain't going anywhere! I panic some more. I wander around the train station for a bit, probably with anguish written all over me.

Then I suddenly notice people run towards a train platform, so I follow, curious. I see it's absolutely packed and is leaving for the Frankfurt Main Station (I was at the airport train station still), where a train officer inside the train suddenly hollars at me, asks where I'm going. I manage to stutter Freiburg--I had now been stuck in Frankfurt for close to 7 hours, mind you, absolutely exhausted. Thank god I travelled light, only with hand luggage. He literally pulls me inside the train and tells me  train should leave for Freiburg from the Main Station, surely. Within 10 minutes we're there and I get a little panicky, since no train is scheduled for Basel (which stops at Freiburg), but I join some American tourists who're heading the same way and somehow we figure out where to go, and just 5 minutes later a train comes for Basel! GOD was I relieved. So I quickly hop on board and finally get to Freiburg around 1am or so. I was originally supposed to be there at 4pm. What a freaking day! Never again, I thought, this is enough for 2 decades.

Of course it wasn't. On our way back home, we also had to take a train to Frankfurt, with one stop in Mannheim. Naturally, our train gets delayed by almost an hour--but thankfully our other train also had about an hour delay! Not because of the weather, btw, apparently technical problems with both. Odd. So back in Mannheim, the second train gets really, really delayed. We start to panic, only about 2 hours until our flight! Finally it arrives and boy, it was packed. In fact, it was so packed that we're told the train won't leave until some people get off board, it was too heavy and couldn't close all doors. We're told another one would leave in half an hour and people encouraged to take that one. No one moves. We couldn't take another train or we'd miss our flight, and consequently, Christmas at home, since no other plane would leave the next day, on the 24th, for Iceland. So we naturally panic. But thankfully, after some 15-20 minutes aboard it finally starts! Not the most enjoyable ride, crammed at the cafeteria wagon (and we who had tickets originally for 1st class!), but hey, we didn't complain. So we rush through the airport and manage to get on board. Happiness!

So, Christmas wasn't cancelled this year. Not sure how happy I'd be with Christmas in Mannheim :p But fuck, I swear I'm starting to develop some sort of allergy towards flight travel during this time of year, especially when I'm alone! Thankfully I had my boyfriend with me on the way home, but I was seriously cracking the first time around.

Oh, and also! That drawing-gig I promised to keep you updated about? Well, didn't happen. I got a message from an Icelandic guy from a fairly new computer game company and asked me if I was interested to be an illustrator for them. I naturally replied right away saying I was interested, although somewhat short on time, but would love to hear more. Well, that was already weeks ago and I never heard back, so I'm guessing it's not gonna happen! Nice to be considered though, I guess.

Anyway. There are more things to talk about, school-wise, but that'll wait for another journal.

I'm mainly writing because I had grown seriously tired of my other journal, dated since last July!
So I'm just gonna write a couple of things since I'm bored. ^^

:bulletpurple: Last Saturday I met some awesome Icelandic kids! There's a dA group here for Icelanders, Icelandic-deviants, and we planned a DevMeet! There were about 15 people who showed up and it was just delicious. The café that was chosen was also so lovely and cozy, the atmosphere was simply a delight. Everybody brought so many books, magazines and stuff (origami, pearls etc) so the creative juices sure went flowing. Meeting like-minded people is fun, especially on this tiny island, so we're hoping to make this a regular thing. Go us!

:bulletpurple: School goes on. I've decided on a topic for my bachelor's essay, gonna write about a neighbourhood in lovely Freiburg! It's called Vauban and is almost totally self-reliant on energy, all houses have solar cells. And there are almost no cars so most people go about their ways walking or biking. It's fairly new too and everything is so pretty, I went there several times back when I lived in Freiburg. So that should hopefully be cool! Oh and yeah, I'm going to Freiburg in December, as soon as I finish the school term and will stay for a week with my boyfriend. That'll be awesome. Also, I'll use the opportunity to take pictures and do some research about Vauban. Two in one!

:bulletpurple: I might be getting a pretty sweet drawing gig, but no further info until, well, I myself get more info! I'll keep you updated in any case, just hoping my beloved school won't make me too busy for it.

Well anyway, I'm off to watch the newest ep of The Walking Dead. Anyone following this? It's pretty good so far. It's odd, I'm normally not that much into splatter/gore stuff, but there's something about zombies that intrigues me endlessly! And I know others who feel the same way. Zombies, what brings people together? I could go with that.
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Oh yeah, I'm home

Tue Jul 20, 2010, 5:02 PM

It's been 3 weeks since I came home already, but since nothing really significant has happened, I really didn't think of writing a journal earlier!

In any case, I'm back and it's nice :) The weather has been great, especially for the past few days. I do really miss my boyfriend though, but he's coming home in about a week and will stay for 2 months before he returns. The semesters in Germany and Iceland don't match up, but it's actually a good thing, so we'll have our breaks at different times and that way meet more often.

Anyway, meeting the gang here at home was great but now I'm just back to routine. I actually got a job, much to my surprise! I got so many rejections so I had really given up hope, but just a week before I flew home, I got a positive response from an old people's home. I've never worked in such a place before, and was honestly very nervous at first, but I'm pretty confident by now. Sure, it can be demanding at times, but it's generally a nice job. With plenty of new experiences, that's for sure, but also lots of interesting and kind people.

So I finally saw the last season of LOST this weekend! It was a marathon, literally, but we managed. I'm still rather 'wtf?' about the whole thing, but I found this really interesting theory that makes a lot of sense. Check out it, if you're a Lostie:… Thoughts?

Since I've ended pretty much all of my journals lately with a I'm-going-to-draw-soon-promise, I'm just gonna skip it this time...that also adds the whole surprise factor!

And on a final side note, I really need a new journal theme. Now I'm back to my bigger extra monitor, and I had forgotten that the colours are somewhat off, much brighter. So the purple now hurts my eyes! (I sure hope it wasn't that way for everyone else that whole time..)

So this post was a rather mixed bag. Enough for now, night!

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Almost over

Fri Jun 18, 2010, 3:45 AM

Even though I've been here in Germany for almost 6 months, it still amazes me how fast time flies. I'll be going home in one and a half week, on June 29th. Suddenly I feel this happened too fast, that I didn't use my time here well enough--there are still places I want to see, stuff I want to do. That's probably not true, though, I've done a lot. I guess it's just always like this, when the time comes you need to leave, you suddenly realize all the things you wanted to do. I think I'll just use that as an excuse to come back! My boyfriend will stay for another year after all, I hope I can visit next winter.

I'm so happy about having gone, I learned a whole new language! Well, I'm obviously still far from fluent, but I'm very capable of keeping up conversations with natives, asking my way around, understanding stuff on TV and all. And it's not like 6 months is that much time, for many people nothing significant has happened during that time period. Just the same routine, work, school and all. That kind of changed the way I think about time. Usually a year was my minimal time unit. So the fact that I managed to do all this in just a few months was a new and a great experience.

So. I'm obviously looking forward to go home, but it'll be weird not being in Freiburg, speaking German, meeting my classmates from all around the world, cooking my own food, living on my own. My final year at uni starts in August, so that phase will be over in about a year. Then, freedom!

Sort of a pointless journal, but I felt like reflecting.

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Sat May 1, 2010, 8:48 AM

Hey gang,

1st of May! How's that for a good example of 'time flies'? I swear March was yesterday.

Well, to the point. In short, I'm getting really low on cash and I thought I might give commissions a shot.
I don't really have a rigid price table, so just contact me and we'll figure something out, although the prices I stated last time are probably not far off. I use PayPal.

What I would offer is:
- Sketch (regular or coloured, up to you)
- Inked and flat coloured (example)
- Inked and cel-shaded (example)

I'd only do simple or no backgrounds, and only a single character (both OCs and fanart). I don't do porn or gore.

Anyway, if you're interested, drop me a note :)

Have a good May!

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The School Update

Thu Apr 22, 2010, 11:48 AM

Hello guys!

Is it summer yet where you live? It's certainly here in Freiburg, beautiful weather :)

Anyway, I was going to share a bit of what's going on with me, school-wise. Let's start with my current one.

Sprachenkolleg (German School)
Okay, so before I start off I need to explain very shortly how the level system works in the EU for foreign language learning. There are 6 stages, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. A1 is complete beginner and C2 is a fluent speaker. The C2 is actually not taught everywhere, usually it's only up to C1, as the C2 class is really just for university students who want to get that extra finesse.

Anyway, so when I got here I took the test for the A2 because I had done a little studying on my own for a few weeks before I came. It still wasn't enough and I was placed in A1, but somewhat quickly offered to move up a level as I told you earlier. So a few weeks ago I finished the A2 class and expected to continue on to B1. However, to my surprise, I was offered to go straight to B2 because I did so well on the final test. I was doubtful at first, because I had already been moving pretty fast. But I decided to run with it so here I am now, at full speed in B2. I've had to read up on B1 on my own, but it's going really well. This is also the reason why I haven't been drawing much lately...!

But what this means, is that it's now a possibility (just maybe, I stress!), that I could take the DSH-test after the B2. The DSH-test is basically the German equivalent to the TOEFL test, which i'm sure most here are familiar with. It's basically a test to ensure you're good enough in the language to enter native universities. And if I want to study here in Germany, I'm going to need that diploma. Usually people take it after the C1, but it's not unheard of that people do it after B2. Obviously though, those are people who probably did this at the normal speed, so I'm definitely unsure still! It'd simply be very nice to get that over and done with while I'm still here, as I can't take the test at home. It's being going pretty well so far, so I thought hey, why not? It means extra work, even less drawing, but I'm willing to sacrifice that for some weeks to get this. But as I said, it's still a big maybe. I really need to practice my speech as well--someone here who lives near Freiburg who wants to meet up and sketch? :bucktooth: Honestly, though, that'd be great!

Anyway, so that's that. More German and less drawing for a bit...

Art Academy

I'll keep this short. So here goes: I've decided to return to my old artschool in Iceland and finish this damn bachelor's degree. Yeah. *siiiigh* I will go home after the B2 course in the end of June and the academy starts in the end of August.
This has been on my mind for quite a while and suddenly it just came to me: I'll never be content if I don't finish. I mean, I already feel like the past 2 and a half year were pretty much in vain, and they'll definitely be if I don't get something actual out of it. So I'm gonna just...go there and finish. Obviously it will be lot of work and yeah, maybe even less drawing (yet again...), but it must be done. If I hadn't dropped out I'd be graduating next Saturday. I guess that kinda had a saying as well in my decision. But honestly though, I'm happy with the decision and I'll do my best this time. I can't say I'm dying of excitement, but I have to do this.

Okay, that's enough for today. Have a good evening, all!
Oof, I ate too much flammkuchen earlier..

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InterRail trip

Sun Apr 11, 2010, 7:15 AM

Happy Sunday, all!

So since a few asked, I thought I'd give a quick recap of my InterRail trip.

We started out in Switzerland's capital (only a 2 hour train ride from Freiburg) and spent the day there. I have to admit I knew nooothing about this city before we came, so it was such a pleasant surprise! It's a beautiful medieval town--yeah, town, only about 300.000 people live there. The old downtown is really special, so we really enjoyed walking around the city. The city's mascot is a bear, so two bears and their huns are kept in a special Bearpit by the river Aare (which surrounds the downtown). It was a bit cruel, I felt, because the papa bear was kept isolated from the rest and was obviously not happy about it! Poor thing. We also went to an Einstein museum, but he lived in Bern for a while with his family. The museum is his old apartment, where he created the famous E=MC2 equation. So Bern was an awesome, beautiful city that I'd love to visit again!

I've been there before, but my boyfriend hadn't. It was a really hot day, but unfortunately our hostel was somewhat more far away from the center than we thought, took us about an hour to walk there from the train station. Again, we mostly just walked around and enjoyed exploring the city. We saw Duomo, the famous cathedral, and also went up to the towers and on top of the actual roof! Gorgeous view. We came somewhat late from Bern, around 5pm, so we really only had the evening. But it was enough, I think, we got to see plenty. The center is still so big, didn't manage to see all!

We left Milan about noon and we got to Venice a few hours later. I've wanted to go there for the longest time, so I was excited! The weather wasn't the greatest, very rainy and somewhat windy, but surprisingly warm still. We only had about 6 hours there, but we had so much fun. Walking around the city is somewhat confusing, all the streets are really narrow, but cute squares then suddenly appear in between. It's like a little labyrinth! And no cars, only people. We saw of course St.Mark's Square and went inside the church. Definitely among the prettier churches I've been into. We walked along the canals and saw the Basilica of St.Maria (so huge!), but we only saw it from across the canal and at that time we didn't have the time to find a way across it, so we just stared from afar. Ah well, next time! I definitely want to visit again. But near the end of the visit, it rained heavily and thunder came (which I'm terrified of), so we retreated into the train station.

We arrived late at night to Slovenia and had a few problems finding our hostel, but finally managed. I too didn't know a whole lot about Ljubljana, so this was another pleasant surprise. What a beautiful city! It definitely has a European feel to it, but there's also something different about it. It's not huge, about the same size of Bern, so the center isn't that big, but I like that--not a fan of huge-ass cities. Above the center is a big hill with an old medieval castle, quite a sight. We walked up to it and got a magnificent view! The castle itself is also gorgeous. There's a big outside market by the center, loved walking through it. And we saw something fun there, a milk-automat! LOL. But yeah, I'd love to visit Slovenia again, beautiful country.

I thought Vienna would be a big and beautiful city, which it very much is! But everything is in superlative here, biggEST, prettiEST, most magnificent, most get the point! I was very overwhelmed, to be honest! The houses are so big and elaborate, the squares huge, the statues many and awesome. But I loved it! There's such a special atmosphere there. Even though it's definitely a big, big city, it's still managed to be cozy. I dunno how. So my favourite was the Parliament! Google it! It's like coming to ancient Rome, huge building with a fountain with a huge statue of Athena in front of it! And also numerous statues of famous ancient guys, like Herodotus, Caesar, Tacitus etc. I loooved it :bucktooth: I so wanted to go to the art museums (they have original Klimts!) but it was so expensive. So my mission is to come again to Vienna when I'm filthy rich, mwahaha! No, really.

SO, that was it! Awesome trip! Obviously somewhat short, this was only for a week. We didn't really get to explore the cities as much as we might've liked, but it great fun to visit. Still somewhat straining to go so fast past them all, I didn't include in the summary all the train trips...the longest was about a 7 hour long from Vienna to Frankfurt. Oh boy. My feet were also pretty dead after all the walking, but I managed to resurrect them!

I also wanted to tell you about some things regarding the German language school, but, this is pretty damn long as it is, so I'll do that in a separate journal in a little bit.


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One week trip

Mon Mar 29, 2010, 10:52 PM

Hey all!

First off, happy Easter vacation :D

I finished the first semester of the German school last Friday, went well.
But in about an hour, my boyfriend and I are leaving for Switzerland! We decided to do some proper travelling and bought an Interrail Pass for a week. So we're first going to Bern, and then the rest is sort of...unsure. Our first plan included going to Venice, Ljubljana and Vienna, but since the weather forecasts aren't too sunny there, we simply might go south in Italy and get some sun! I dunno, really. I'll tell you what happens when I get back. :)

Other than that, I also have some news about the German school! But I'll get into that when I get back, I have to go pack now!

So enjoy your Easter! Eat lots of chocolate!

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New sketchblog

Wed Mar 10, 2010, 11:58 AM

Hey guys, just dropping in real quick!

I've been meaning for such a long time to have my own sketchblog, where I can just post any little thing I doodle or whatever art-related is on my mind. And finished pieces, heh. All part of my progress to draw more. So I'll probably be posting things that never make it to my Gallery here on DA, as I like to have it mostly for finished work. So WIPs and sketches will have their home here:

So do any other here have cool sketchblogs? I'd love to follow more blogs like that, as I like seeing sketches so much. With the handy 'follow' feature (at least for Blogger blogs), it's super easy. So throw your blogs this way, please!

I also put the link in the top links up in my journal skin, even easier.

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The Future is decided! Sorta.

Tue Mar 2, 2010, 11:40 AM

Hey everybody, can you believe it's March already? How time flies!

I haven't been very active lately here art-wise, but I hope to change that now. The reason why I've been pretty busy lately is not only the whole living-in-a-new-country experience! Well, that also. But some weeks ago I was allowed to jump up one class in the German school! I had done some studying on my own a few weeks before I left for Germany, just so I wouldn't be totally clueless. But when I got the school, everybody was to take a status test and I tried for the second stage but unfortunately just about didn't make it. So I went to a totally beginner's class. However, because of my language background and maybe because I'm a fast learner (yay Jasmine quote!), I was doing very well. So I was offered to move up to the second stage! I accepted, after some debating. It would mean lots of extra work, but I agreed. So I've had to spend time studying extra, but I think I've reached their knowledge by now! Grammar is fuuun.

Anyway, so now that all this extra-reading is over, I figured it's about time I spend some time drawing! I just submitted a new piece I did this morning and I intend to be much more active. I know this is the umpteenth time I say this, but honestly, I must.

Ah yes, speaking of which. The Future. The big question, what do to with My Life. Well, I've decided--as I mentioned in the title! I'm going to pursue Illustration :) Or that whole creative field, be it that or Animation, Concept Art, you name it. I feel like such a huge burden has been lifted now that I've simply decided. And it feels very right. So that's also another reason why I really want to practice, practice a lot now. For the past few years I simply didn't have a lot of extra time for drawing and studies, but now I intend to make the most of my time here.

Originally I was thinking of trying to go to an art school next autumn. However, most deadlines are either already over or just about to. No time to make portfolio. Besides, I think it'd be better to wait another year, sharpen my skills, get some cash and most importantly, decide what school to apply to. Right now there's no one that sticks especially out. There are certainly some I've got my eye on, but there are always some obstacles, financial or language requirements I don't have. So I'm gonna use the next months to think this all over. Exciting times! :)

Anyway, just wanted to share that here :D Ooh, if anyone here is studying Illustration or Animation in Europe, please shout out! I'm looking at all possibilities, so I'd welcome all suggestions. Or just general tips or whatever. I'm sort of taking a big u-turn here, so I'm still figuring things out.

That's all. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

P.S. Oh yeah, and yet another new skin. I like this one. It's purple!

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Update from Germany

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 24, 2010, 6:27 AM
Hey all, hope everyone's been having a fabulous weekend!

I just thought it was about time to take that long-winded and somewhat depressing story off my front page. Besides, I've been here in Germany for two weeks now and thought I'd share a little of how it's been so far :)

Let's see, where to start. Well, our apartment is cozy. I fully admit some things could be improved, the carpet is sorta filthy, bed could be more comfortable, small kitchcen etc, but all in all, it's good! Big TV, big bathroom, big table to study and eat and more. It's 50m2 which is just dandy for the two of us. But the best part is probably the location! We're only about 10-15min walk away from the dead center of downtown but also 10-15min away from the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), so we have the best of both worlds. The neighbourhood (Wiehre) is considered one of the best, very beautiful and and old buildings here. So everything we need is just around the corner, the nearest tram station is a 2min walk away, a local super market is roughly 10min away and so on. So I think we got really lucky, overall, and apparently the rent we pay (considering the neighbourhood+location) is a real bargain!

Then there's the language school. I'm very happy about it, the teachers (we have only 2) are really excellent, so fun and helpful. Also my class is great, full of fun people from all over the world. I've gotten to know some of them pretty well, spent time together outside of school and such. Some live very close to me as well, so we share the tram. The school is still, however, somewhat easy so far. That's only because I had studied some German before I went out and we still haven't really reached my point of knowledge so far. I can understand they want to cover the basics carefully, it's so important. Besides, many people come from far away and have a harder time pronouncing some sounds that I already know--Icelandic is much closer to German than, say, Korean or Arabic! Besides, I know Danish and they share many similar sounds and also vocabulary. In any case, I've been taking it pretty easy so far and probably will for a another week or two, but it's still a great experience :)

Other than that, both my boyfriend and I have gotten just the worst case of the cold! He's just now getting better after more than a week of it and I'm still somewhat soar and weak, lost out two days of school last week. So we haven't been as much out and about as we had hoped, but we still have plenty of time for that! Besides, it's still fairly cold (although the snow has gone), so I'm sure it'll be more fun to explore the surroundings when everything gets greener.

Then, of course, there' for dramasound...The Future! :O So far I haven't made any concrete plans, I'm still always juggling between art and university. I want boooth! Ugh. However, I'm starting to lean again towards art/illustration. Take that with a grain of salt, of course, since I have made similar claims here before, only about the other thing--archaeology and the like. More updates on the matter when I do something about it!

As for art, I hope to get more out soon. I've made a couple of doodles, but nothing finished. I'm still sort of settling into my new routine, and just now recovering from the bad cold and such. Besides, the internet we have is pretty's not ADSL (too expensive for only 3 months), so we got one of those portable-internet-in-a-usb things. Whatever it's called. It works well when it does work (can be very whimsical!), but unfortunately for me, I really have to cut down on all things graphic (like looking at big images, etc), since it eats up our bandwidth fast. But I still kinda do it :bucktooth:

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

(Also yay, new skin!)

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Hello all!

I'm now safe and sound in Freiburg and enjoying myself. Getting here, however, was not the easiest thing! Jesus, it was the most horrible trip I've ever had. This is quite long, but a rather funny read, in hindsight. So let me explain.

First off, since this whole thing was decided on such short notice, getting a cheap flight out was a headache. My boyfriend had already booked a ticked on Jan 4th, going straight to Frankfurt and taking the train to Freiburg. But since I was booking this in late December, the prices were ridiculous! Instead I ended up with this:

+ Flying to Gatwick, London with a low-price airline at 7:00.
+ Arrive at 10:40, wait there for ca.8 hours.
+ Fly to Mulhouse, France at 18:00.
+ Arrive at 20:30 (local time, hour ahead), take a one hour long bus to Freiburg.
+ Take the "status test" at the German language school at 9:00 the day after.

Even though it was a little patchworky, it saved me a lot of money.

However! Oh man. You've all heard about the snow disaster over in London?

So the day before I go, I get an email from the Icelandic airline that my flight to London was delayed for about 3 hours due to the weather. Great, I thought, more sleep and less waiting in London! I then arrive at the airport around 8, the new time was now 10. But as I get there, they said it was delayed for another hour. No matter, I just got something to eat and brushed up my German.

Around 10, I get the news that Gatwick is completely closed and we have to fly to Stansted instead. Fuck, I have to catch that other flight in Gatwick! I rush to the information center (with many others!) and they tell us they'll have a bus ready for us which will go to Gatwick, but it'll take about 2 hours, since they're in the opposite side of London. People are shouting, many will apparently miss their connection flight. Thankfully I had all these hours inbetween, but they were suddenly getting fewer.

Now it says it's time to go to gate, so I get ready, but as I cross the security check, they say the flight is now going to Luton, London. I panic, but they assure said bus will just go from there instead. Great.

At the gate we face more delays, so the plane isn't leaving until almost noon. I get a nice seat on the plane, by the window, but my damn seat is broken so I can't recline back. Didn't get a lot of sleep. Also, during the process, my pillow magically vanishes! Think it slipped through the cracks between the seats. Buh.

So we finally arrive in Luton, roughly 14 o'clock now. We rush to the baggage claim and wait forever. Seriously, about half an hour passes by, and nothing. I'm getting panicked, I knew the check-in for my 18 o'clock flight would close at 5, and the bus would take 2 hours so it's getting stressful. We still wait and wait for the luggage and some workers there are telling us the whole baggage system is in chaos. It's almost been an hour now and I've been calling home and telling them the news.

Then my boyfriend calls me and tells me bad news: my flight from Gatwick to France was cancelled. I'm appalled.  But just as I hear this, the goddamn fire alarm goes off! Yes, you heard me. So we're all asked to get out in the cold, where we wait for good 20minutes. It was freezing. So cold. At this point I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

Since there was no point for me getting to Gatwick now, having my flight cancelled, I call home. They inform me there's a flight from Heathrow going to Basel (this is actually my French destination, but it shares an airport with the Swiss city, being near the border) at 19:05. It's now nearing about 16:30 and I rush out and find a bus going to Heathrow which takes around an hour to get there.

Around 18:00 I arrive in Heathrow, panicking, since my flight is leaving in an hour! My awesome parents booked me a new ticket and then sent me the information via phone. I surprisingly manage to get through the whole check-in and such in about 20minutes, so just before 18:30, I sit down, so tired, sweaty and in pain--I was carrying so much luggage!

The information says the gate for Basel isn't yet determined. When it's about 18:45, I suddenly see this on the big information table: Basel delayed until 20:30. Great! Haha, of course it will delay! Suddenly I realized I haven't eaten for 10 hours so I use the downtime to get food. Glorious food. I see that with the current time I'd arrive in France at 23:00 (local time, once hour ahead) and then the last bus to Freiburg leaves at 23:45, so I can't lose any more time.

So now it's finally somewhat passed 20:00 and still no info about what gate to go to.   You can only imagine my nerves. I stare at the table, waiting for info and nothing. Suddenly it's over 20:30 and still no news about it. I see by now it's delayed further. I try to ask some workers there but poor people have no info for me, everything is in chaos. At this point my cellphone ran out of battery, so I could only call my parents and boyfriend via payphone from then on. Bugger.

About an hour later I suddenly get the info about going to Gate 10! Hurray! I rush down. I realize I'll have lost the bus to Freiburg by now, but I thought I could maybe find some alternatives or worst case scenario, find a room for the night. So I get down there and wait. About 10 minutes later the  screen with the info just dies. People get up. I go and call my parents and they inform me, from the Heathrow website, that the Basel flight was cancelled after all. This is when I first start to panic.

Turns out there were 10 flights cancelled at that time, so imagine the huge crowd going round and asking for info! We're all asked to go to some place to pick up our luggage. That takes its sweet time, there were huge piles of luggage everywhere that I had to look through, but finally found mine. After that I'm told that I can rebook now by calling some numbers or get a hotel room for the night. At this point I'm completely out of it and ask for a hotel. They appoint me to a queue. A very long queue. I wait for an hour and a half. There were 3 people handling many hundreds! It's nearing midnight now.

I finally get through and get a voucher to the Sheraton hotel. Not a bad place at all. I get to a bus and after another queue at the lobby, I finally get into my room. So. Tired. So. Hungry!  Thankfully they had arranged a meal for everyone, so I go down and eat. In my room I can charge my phone again and finally inform my worried parents that I had made to the hotel.

I still had to get a new flight! My parents said there were 3 flights to Basel from Heathrow tomorrow and said they'd try to get me the 14:00 flight. Obviously they wouldn't buy a new ticket, but rebook the one they bought earlier. I give them the rebooking-number, take a shower and go to sleep, now at almost 2:30.

I wake up at 8:00, so nervous about the flight, but my dad had sent me a text message that he'd already taken care of it. He'd woken up around 6 and waited for almost 45 minutes to get through (phone bill...) and managed to rebook it. My awesome dad is the best! My boyfriend also wrote me a text saying he'd done the test at the language school and said the teachers completely understood my situation and would allow me to take it on Monday. Relieved at the good news, I pass out and wake up feeling good at 10:30.

I catch a bus to Heathow and get there around 11:30. Getting through the check-in and security was no bother and I patiently wait in the waiting room at the airport, my eyes now fixed to the time table. No sign of delay! About 13:00 the gate is announced and I get there and I'm actually inside the airplane just before 14:00.So relieved.

However, just then we get the news that there's a small delay and I wait for about 25 minutes. Typical! I was supposed to land in Basel at 16:30 and I knew the next bus I could take was at 17:30, but with the delay, we'd be landing at 17:00. Which we finally did. I was so stressed about missing the bus, but I finally got my bag around 17:25 and then I rush out and just barely got on the bus. For the first time in 2 days, I could breathe normally!

So yes, the rest went well! My boyfriend picked me up on the bus station where we then walked to our apartment. I spent yesterday walking around town and studying German! So far very impressed with Freiburg, such a beautiful city. I'm sure I'll have a great time!

I'm now off to study German for the test tomorrow. It took me forever to write this!

And a Happy New Year, everyone!
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Change of plans

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 16, 2009, 6:47 PM

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Hi everyone, hope everybody's enjoying the spirit of Christmas! (Or was it stress?)

Just wanted to update you guys on what's going on, because I just did a major u-turn in my plans. Life plans, that is, even though that does sound too grand for its own good!

A quick backstory so everyone understands:
I started studying Architecture at the Art Academy over here in 2007. It's a 3 year long bachelor's course. When I applied for the academy, I applied both in Architecture and Graphic Design--the latter mostly because my teachers at the foundation course I was taking encouraged me to do so. I was accepted into both, but after much debate I chose Architecture, I thought it was more practical and respected (such bs!). And to make a long story short: I didn't like it. I had some great classmates that made it easier, but for each day that passed, it became more of a struggle, and it became much more evident that this was not my niche. I got to know many kids in Graphic Design and constantly seeing them doing all kinds of fun things made me so unhappy about my choice. I even asked in the beginning of my second year whether I could switch courses, but nope, impossible!

So that leaves us to today. After I got home from Russia, something just...happened! I didn't care anymore, I guess I just suddenly hit a wall. My attendance was well below what's required (80%) and I missed out of many projects. So last week I finally had a chat with the teacher and the head of the department, and they said they were required to fail me in this class. And also, they didn't think it wise to let me continue on to the next (and last) semester either, since I hadn't learnt enough in the current class. I have the opportunity to come back next year and redo the two semesters, but I'm not going to. So I quit school. I've already wasted enough time and money here.

I realize many might find my choice illogical, or just the fact I let things come to this. But I'm happy! I'm very content about my decision. Admittedly, a bachelor's degree would've come in handy, but I'll get one someplace else, then. Life doesn't always have to happen in a straight line.

Since my boyfriend is finishing his Master's in Law this Christmas, he had already made plans about going to Germany and study German for 3 months. So I'm jumping on a plane on January 7th and going with him! Finally I get to stand on my own feet and do something fun! I can't wait. We haven't made plans yet what we'll do after those 3 months, but that's a headache for later. I'm going to use this time to clear my head, enjoy the change of scenery and put myself in first place, for once. Not having a plan years ahead is actually really quite refreshing.

So! That's where I stand right now, definitely a big change of plans. I'll still have the Internet in Germany, so I guess no one here will feel any change from me! I'll bring my laptop and Wacom, so I definitely intend to draw and update my gallery abroad. In fact, I'll probably be very productive!

That's it, then. Hope everyone's enjoying the holidays :)

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Birthday journal!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 6, 2009, 6:36 AM

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Hey everyone, happy December!

Since it's been such a while I updated this thing, I thought I'd use my birthday as an excuse. I turned 23 last Friday on December 4th--getting so old!
I have to tell you the fun story of how my boyfriend gave me my present :D

I actually had to spend the majority of my day studying, but I had a great evening planned, so I let is slide. I actually got a surprise birthday greeting at the library where I was checking out some books for my bachelor's essay--I had to give my social security number (which includes my date of birth) and the clerk realized it and wished me a happy birthday!

Anyway, since I was at the university, I decided to stop by and meet my boyfriend in the cafeteria, who was studying there. But when I was about to leave, he gave me my present, but told me not to open until I got home. It was a pretty small package and he was making excuses about it, how he was low on money and all that, was hoping I'd like it. So I got home and opened it! What was inside? It was a new 4GB USB key! Something I'm constantly saying I needed. I sent him a message and thanked him for the practical gift! He then replied that he was hoping it'd also pass for a Christmas gift as well, money being so tight.

Okay, I will fully admit here that I was a bit miffed! But I did nothing about it and just replied it was all good. It was then I noticed the case around the USB had been opened and he told me that he had actually had to use the USB at school! He already has 2 keys himself, so I was really surprised. I didn't think about it and just went online for a little while. But then, out of nowhere, the penny dropped. Maybe the reason he had to use the USB was to put something on it...? I put the key in my computer and lo and behold--a .pdf file named "Happy birthday!". I opened and then I saw the real gift--a flight ticket! :D Or more accurately, a gift certificate (for a decent amount of money, too!) for a flight of my own choice.

So that totally made my day. He actually called me just as I realized, he'd become nervous that I was not getting the joke. Oh, and I haven't mentioned, he's leaving on Jan 4th for Germany since he's finishing his Master's in Law this Christmas (a semester earlier!), so he's going abroad to brush up on his German and then to continue his studies. The plan is for me to join him next autumn. But the ticket is obviously so I can visit him soon, most likely next February or March, when I get a week off from school :)

We then went out to dinner at our favourite Indian restaurant, which was beyond delicious as always. Afterwards he went home, had a long day, but I went to meet my girlfriends. We made Cosmopolitan cocktails, just like the Sex and the City girls, so posh! I then went back to my boyfriend's afterwards. So this was a fabulous day :)

Oh, can't forget what my parents got me!
I'm not sure how may here know that I'm a big Latin nut (studied it for 3 years in high school), but my parents definitely know and got me something I had dropped many hints about wanting. A few weeks ago an Icelandic translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses was released and that's what I got :heart: These stories are so interesting and fun to read, all Greek/Latin mythology tales accompanied by beautiful French 18.century drawings. And I got a pair of ergonomic slippers, so comfy!

Alright, this is getting far too long. I just wanted to share all!
Hope all is good!

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Back home!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 28, 2009, 11:59 AM

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Hey gang! I'm home and well!

It's been over a week since I returned home from my trip. So I'm just gonna make a quick recap :)

So we spent pretty much exactly 24 hours in Helsinki! Arrived roughly 2pm and our train left at 3pm the next day. So we tried to make the most of our time, since it isn't long. First off, our hotel was adorable! Tiny and cute room with a huge, red cabinet right in the middle for bathroom. We walked around the city, the highlights must be Kiasma, Temppeliaukio Kirkko (Rock Church), Finlandia and the cathedral--although I only saw that last through a cab! We had such in the Kiasma art museum, there was a fabulous exhibition at the top floor, by artist Pipilotti Rist. It was so dreamlike. There were carpets and pillows on the floor where you could lie and experience the soothing music and imagery projected all over. Some even fell asleep! Overall I loved the city and I definitely want to return and spend more time exploring it. It's so fresh, open and inviting.

After a 7 hour long train ride from Helsinki, we finally arrived in St.Petursburg, close to 11pm! The hotel was nice, although the, wasn't. Fun fact: the stairways in Russia are owned by the government, considered a part of all public spaces (like squares, sidewalks etc), so inhabitants can't do any fixing, painting and such. In short, they look disgusting. Just so you know, in case you'll visit someday ;)

St.Petersburg is a fun fusion of the western and the eastern, and a very well well mix at that! It's definitely different in many ways, but it feels oddly familiar as well in many ways. We tried to use each day as well as we could, which resulted in looooads of walking and little time to eat during the day. So I was a little exhausted, but it was worth it! Let's take a look at some of the highlights:

- Ballet! Yep, I saw a very Russian ballet, how could I not? We saw Tchaikovsky's The Swan Lake. Simply gorgeous.
- The Hermitage. The building is jaw-droppingly fantastic and huge. Just wow. The art museum inside is not too shabby, either! We spent almost 3 hours, but then we were too exhausted. We didn't manage to see nearly everything, though, it's that huge.
- Church of Spilled Blood. A beautiful Russian orthodox church, like St.Basil's in Moscow. The detailed art and mosaic inside is...mad.
- St.Isaac's. A Catholic church with one of the top 5 biggest domes in the world! The inside was amazing. We also got to the top and enjoyed a lovely panoramic view over the city!
- Kunstkamera. That's an anthropology museum, with some awesome exhibits from all over. But the real reason we went: 200 year old deformed fetuses in formalin jars. You heard me!
- Art Schools! We visited two art schools, one has a really traditional 19th approach, with hardcore drawing. Loved that one! The other was way in the outskirts (I saw some pretty ugly Soviet blocks!) and had a more modern, technical method. Both were really interesting!
- Learning the Cyrillic alphabet XD Haha yeah, I sort of picked it up on the first two days or so. It was fun reading all the signs, even though I hardly ever understood it! But it was sometimes handy when looking for places and such ^^
- Fooood. The best beef stroganov in my life. It was there. Overall we got some really awesome and interesting food!
- Walking and exploring was overall awesome, finding little art shops or other stuff. Really a fun city to walk around, so beautiful and open.

Loads of other interesting stuff happened, but these were the very basics! Contrary to popular belief, we all experienced the city as really friendly and welcoming. No one was mugged or nothing. One guy even dropped his wallet while walking and whaddyaknow, some sweet Russian man comes running with it!

So I'd definitely recommend both St.Petersburg and Helsinki for everyone! I really want to visit them both again and preferably in a more relaxed fashion this time, we were always running around to see eveeerything. So yeah, that's the plan.
To wrap this up, here's a snapshot of me and some classmates in front of the ballet! Aren't we dressy and cute? :D I'm to the very right!

Ballet time!

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Do svidaniya!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 10, 2009, 12:48 PM

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Or to be more exact:  До свидания! Yes, that's "goodbye" in Russian.

Why? I'm going to Russia!
Haha, I so totally forget to tell anyone here, sorry!
It's a schooltrip, I'm leaving early next morning for Finland where we then take a bus over to St.Petersburg the next day. There we will spend a week! I'm so excited :D I promise to come back with awesome photos! It's also mandatory to bring a sketchbook, so I'll possibly bring some sketches of Russian stuff with me too.

See you in a week, näkemiin! (This time in Finnish, which is also appropriate)