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Tutorials and Memes

How to Commission an ArtistI've been commissioning artists for a little over two years now, starting with site money on GaiaOnline and moving to dA from there.  One thing that's hard for me to ignore is the number of artists who are concerned about being scammed, either because they've gone through that experience before or because the stories and warnings of it happening all the time proliferate.  Commissioners have their own concerns about being scammed by artists.  The simple fact of the matter is that it happens.
However, I think a good portion of the problem is that many people who want to commission an artist have no experience doing so, and it's not as easy to find instructions on it as, say, how to draw anime eyes.  That's why I'm making this guide.
It should be noted that while I mention commissioning through other websites now and then, this is meant as to general guide, and all of the examples are from  Also, this does not
blank Submit Plight meme
For any character(s):
1. Greetings.  What is your preferred name, and why do you prefer it?  Who actually calls you by that name, if anyone, and why do other people not call you by it?
2. What is your plight?  What is the driving tragedy or motivation in your story?
3. Who is your best friend (pet, wild animal, magical creature, family member, random stranger who helped you for an unknown reason)?  Why do you consider this person/creature/etc. to be the best friend you have?
4. What is your profession?  Why did you choose this, or how did you get into it if it was not your choice?  If you could change your profession (or have been in a different one in the first place), what would you choose and why?
5. Who are your family members (biological, foster, or adoptive)?  How well do you get along with each of them?  Who can make you laugh, who can makes you cry, and who do you seek to impress?
6.  When

Legal junk

When you use my stuff:

:bulletblue: Please link back to the original, or provide the web address if you are posting to a site that does not allow linking.

:bulletblue: Please respect my characters, stories, research, and anything else you find here, and do not claim them as your own.

When you make art for me:

:bulletblue: If I use it publicly, you will be credited and probably linked to. If I use it privately--as a reference for someone else to draw from, for example--you may not be credited... but the next artist I'm commissioning could probably care less about who drew the refs, and if they do care, they'll ask me.

:bulletblue: If I want to post it somewhere where it might be misunderstood as my own work, I will talk to you about it first and get explicit permission.

:bulletblue: If I want to proportionally re-size it or turn it into a thumbnail (that links back to the full-sized image), I will not ask you. If I want to crop it or add text, I will ask you first, because I can never remember who has what rules about their art.

:bulletblue: I consider stretching an image out of proportion to be a form of libel, and I will never do that.

:bulletblue: I do not resell, and I will tell you in advance if the art is a gift for someone else.

If you have any questions, feel free to Note/IM/PM/MM/email me.

Holiday Spirit

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2018, 10:13 PM
I'm a Commissioner | How to Commission an Artist
Baroness-Widow (project on hold) | Website (forthcoming)

I'm tired.  I'm just so, so tired.

Because it's raining, because it's raining instead of snowing, because I'm always tired between December 21st and January 2nd, because... I, er, stayed up really late watching Netflix specials the other night and haven't recovered yet... (( xD ))

Anyway, I've barely been on deviantart this year.  There are private messages from many months ago that I still haven't read, much less responded to.  My email inbox is much the same.  And let's not talk about my Twitch channel... but I am, in fact, still among the living.  If I had been online more, you'd have seen my first attempt at candle pouring, experiments with Saimain's coloring book pages, all 18 medieval magical girl/boy designs (plus specifications for all 4 power-up costumes, plus pose ideas for the individual playing cards, plus "tarot" meanings), nearly 50 clay figurines, and my first, stumbling creations with alcohol-based markers.  Which I am absurdly proud of, because they are objectively good, and I can't say that about most things I create.  If I were more talkative this year, you'd have read about my struggle with an Etsy seamstress, the joy I found this summer when I discovered my love of research writing, my trepid steps into using Uber and Lyft to go to art jams and movies, and how I finally got my wisdom teeth removed.  I might even have mentioned how I finally swallowed my fears and stopped hiding my home altar, building a nice, new, spacious one in plain view of my bedroom door.

I might yet post pictures of these things.  I'd like to-- to document my year in art, no matter how sparse it's been.  But I thought I had figured out a life balance, and that's clearly not the case, so I need to figure that out again.  How much of my life is spent online, versus phone app games, versus art projects, versus research and writing, versus social activities, versus trying to keep the house clean... and versus, always, sleep and rest from the pain.  Life can be too full.  The trick is how to pare down without losing anything important.

So, that's my life and my year since we last "talked."  How are you?  I hope you had a bountiful harvest feast, a fun Halloween, a clear sky for fireworks, a quiet gathering of family or friends, and a holy night-- in whatever order you celebrate those in.  In four days, Happy New Year!

Header art by ArynChris, Skin by ArynChris


If I were a food, I think I would be jello.
I'm silly and colorful and believe in transparency, but not TOO much transparency,
and there are definitely others who come from the same mold-- and I love them all.
I can't really hold much weight,
and I wobble a lot, and I'll trip over myself and bump into things when I move across an uneven surface,
and I'll crack if you handle me too roughly,
and oh, I don't really handle warm temperatures too well (though freezing is fine).
But if you are thoughtful with me,
and set me down on a nice, flat plate,
I will hold myself together and stand upright with a bizarre pride,
happy to surprise you and make you laugh.
You are welcome to believe anything you want regarding my gender, sex, orientation, species, etc., etc., so long as you do not assume that any of your guesses are correct.

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