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  • You may not use any of my art under in your own work unless permission is expressly given by me. Tracing or directly copypasting pieces of it is NOT okay and requires permission.

  • You may reference my own work in yours for learning purposes or aid without permission or credit.

  • You may not claim that you are the artist of my artwork.

  • If you have commissioned a piece, you cannot use it to make money, claim you are the artist, or make heavy alterations to it. Other than that, you may do whatever you wish. 

  • Questions are always welcome. If you are confused or unsure, feel free to ask.

Fan Art

  • You may share and otherwise distribute fanart on imageboards or sites such as Tumblr without any permission or credit.

  • You may crop and use any of my work as avatars for forums and other various places (such as for Youtube videos) without any permission or credit.

  • Credit is preferred as it increases my exposure, but not necessary.

Original Art

  • You may share or otherwise distribute my original work if credit is given.

  • You may not use my work as an avatar without permission and credit.

  • You may not share my work if you do not give credit.


  • You may draw your own art of my designs as long as credit is given

  • Permission to draw my designs is not necessary, but is preferred. 


Arylett-Charnoa's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States


Links: Aelita Crystal | Twitter

"Liberty in beauty. Strength in cleanliness. Power through order."

I am one of many insignificant pieces of this greater whole, which does not function as it should or contribute much of anything.

Artist, crystal lover, and obsessed with the color red.

Here is some information regarding my art:

  • I am flighty and draw whatever I want, whenever I want. It isn't always fandom specific. If I feel like drawing a random character from something you've never seen me draw before, I'll do it. It all depends on my mood. Consistency may only occur a few weeks/months at a time.

  • Technically not a "student" because I don't go to school. Just self-taught. But I feel that's a better description than "Professional" or "Hobbyist."

  • I can be very slow. I try my best to draw things in a timely manner, but sometimes I get caught up in perfectionism. Either that or my hand just falls off with pain. Or both, and that's when we're really screwed.

  • Aelita Crystal is my main project at this time. This is the world that I am creating. It is a story series I have been working on for several years. So you may see some art for it. Gallery here.

  • Speaking of that, I am notoriously picky about the worldbuilding and in particular, the designs of the main characters. (One of which is my fursona, which I've been trying to perfect since the day I was born.) So prepare to see many drafts until I am satisfied. If that ever happens. (I'm really trying to settle down and keep things as consistent as possible nowadays though.)

  • Socializing isn't really my thing. I'm just here to show you my art and get your reactions.

  • For criticizing my work: Just be as clear as possible about how to fix whatever problem you think is there, since it's likely that I already know what the issue is and don't know how to get rid of it. However, I don't usually fix issues on finished pieces. I prefer to move on rather than dwelling. So I'll just keep it in mind for next time. (And when I say that, I am absolutely serious. I do not dismiss any criticism I consider legitimate.)

  • Known problem areas: Perspective, dynamic poses, stiffness, clothing folds, humanoid anatomy. I am working on these as I can,
    but it won't be too active at the moment as I am focusing on drafting new character designs than polishing my technique for my project. So my art may be a little sloppy and conceptual for a while.

Updated: December 28th 2018


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