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* We like to participate ^^ leave messages in the comments ... give our opinion help those who want to help ... if we have ideas for the group

*We also like ... abstract surrealism the fractal the imaginary the painting the fantastic - drawing and digital. The Gifs.
Auction Adoption Commissions !
This blog is for us ... For everything about group ideas, our desires and so on, this blog is ... I'll take care of presenting your work to my friends and other DA's through newspapers.

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MallardTaipan's Recipes. 1): Beef patty tacos:HISTORY:My family got this recipe from my grandma's friend way back in the day. She was native to Mexico before she moved to the states and gave our family this recipe as a sign of gratitude. These are the most authentic patty tacos I've tasted and have been told so by numerous people, including natives. I'm tired of bottling up such a good recipe. Have at it!INGREDIENTS:1lb. of lean beef for every 12 to 16 tacos you want. The less fat the better.Small not burrito sized yellow or white corn tortillas. It doesn't matter.Avocado oil. It doesn't burn till it gets to 500 degrees or so. It tastes great too.Salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Do not substitute with garlic salt. It's 90% salt 10% garlic.DIRECTIONS:I cook from the heart and one should always be careful with ground beef products. Thintacos are much better than thick tacos. People tend to like the cheese, pico de gallo, salsa,etc.1). Put about an inch of avocado oil in an electric frying pan and preheat to 300 degrees.2). Spread a thin layer of beef on half the tortilla, so you can fold it during frying.3). Each person can easily eat about 3-6 in my house. More is better.4). When done spreading meat on all tacos, add a thin layer of salt, pepper, and garlic powder.5). Take a folded taco and with some tongs fry the bottom to get it crisp.6). When the bottom is crisp enough, lay the taco on one side for about 2 minutes.A little more than half the taco should be covered by the oil.7). Repeat until pan is full of tacos.8). After the 2 minute mark, flip the tacos on their other side for about 2 minutes.9). Cook meat until it's done enough for you. Ideally the shell should be crisp and meat tender.10). Set finished product in a container with paper towels to let oil drip off.11). Fill with amenities and enjoy.VARIANT FOR VEGETARIANS:We take the tortillas and fry them flat until they're crisp. Serve them with hot re fried beans,black beans, and amenities on top.2): Taco Salsa/Pico De Gallio: HISTORY:This is a salsa recipe my family uses with our "Beef patty tacos."INGREDIENTS:6 - 8 Tomatoes.5 bunches of green onions.1 bunch of cilantro.2 Tbl Vinegar.  May substitute with lime juice if you want.Salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  Never substitute garlic salt for garlic powder.  It's 90% salt 10% garlic powder.DIRECTIONS:Chop tomatoes, cilantro, and green onion into small pieces.  Stir it up.Add vinegar/lime and seasonings.  Stir it up.I usually just eyeball it based on how red or green I want the mix.  I like an even amount of green to red personally.3): Guacamole for beef patty tacos: HISTORY:This is a recipe that my mother uses for our families beef patty tacos.INGREDIENTS:6 Avocados4 Bunches of green onions.1 large tomato.2 limes worth of juice.Garlic powder, kosher or Himalayan salt, and pepper: Don't ever use garlic salt, it's 90% salt and 10% garlic powder.1-2 tea spoons Cilantro paste.  Use fresh if you want.5-10 drops of smoked chipotle sauce or Louisianan Red Devil. This is optional.DIRECTIONS:Peel avocados.  Blend the avocados in a food processor with lime juice and seasonings.Chop tomatoes and green onion and blend them in the food processor.Serve with tacos, chips, sandwiches, yadda yadda.4): Green fruit shakes: HISTORY:This is what I drink to feel good.  It keeps me full all day and helps me feel energized like coffee.  My nephew drank some and excitedly said "I feel good and it tastes great!"INGREDIENTS:Blender.Greens like Swiss chard, kale, or a pre mixed bag.Fruit like strawberries, peaches, or a pre mixed bag.Coconut water or water if you want it thinner.Coconut or almond milk.Chia seeds.Green powder.  The $25 powder is fine.  Don't spend $60 bucks.1 can Coconut cream.  A little thicker than the milk.1 can Coconut paste.  These are small, but thick.Ice.DIRECTIONS:Put all the fresh greens and fruits you can fit in the bottom half of the blender.  Add the paste, cream, and a little water/milk to help it blend smoothly.Blend until it's smooth.Add chia seeds and green powder,Add coconut milk/water and ice until you are one inch from the rim of the blender.Blend until it's smooth.A full blenders worth can make about three to five servings.  It tastes like fruit and coconuts more than vegetables.5): Tuna for sandwiches: HISTORY:For some reason my family has a great tuna recipe that is really simple.INGREDIENTS:I like containers like tupper ware to store my tuna.Sourdough bread is my favorite bread with this dish.Potato chips are nice and salty and go with the tuna.Kosher dill pickel.  A garlic pickel would be fine too.Fresh greens like lettuce or spinach or both.1-2 cans of golden canned tuna in water.  NEVER IN OIL!!!Real mayonnaise, not miracle whip.Garlic powder, kosher xor Himalayan salt, ground pepper.  Don't ever use garlic salt, it's 90% salt and 10% garlic powder.Clear Vinegar. INSTRUCTIONS:Open cans of tuna and drain the excess water.  I don't like soggy tuna, but let me tell you how to do it.Use about about one big spoon of mayonnaise per can of tuna.  Same as above, I don't like soggy tuna.Stir together.Put one to two cap fulls per can of tuna into the mix.  Sprinkle spices on top.Stir together.If it's too thin, just pop another can of tuna open and to thicken it up.If it's too thick, just dab a little mayonnaise on top and stir it in.If you have kids, put the chips on the sandwich and smash it down.  Cut the crusts off and cut it into four pieces.  Don't put greens on.Serve and enjoy!6): Quick potato salad:HISTORY:My mom has a quick recipe for you potato heads out there.  I could live on potatoes.INGREDIENTS AND EQUIPMENT:Instant pot pressure cooker.8 large potatoes10 eggs1 medium sweet onionYellow mustardReal mayonnaiseGarlic, kosher or pink Himalayan salt, pepper;  Never garlic salt.  It's 90% salt, 10% garlic.White vinegarInstructions:Put 1 cup of water in Instapot.Peel potatoes and chop them into chunks.Put them into instant pot in the water.Put raw eggs on top of potatoes.Set Instapot to ten minutes on manual pressure cook.Peel hard boiled eggs and cut them in half. Put yolks in one bowl and the whites in another. Stir in 2 table spoons of mustard and 3 caps of vinegar into the bowl of yolks. Smash yokes and mix together. Add two to three cups of mayo and mix well. Add garlic, salt, and pepper then stir.In a separate bowl, add potatoes, onions, and egg whites. Stir.Stir both bowls together.Refrigerate till chilled. If you can wait.Serve and enjoy!,Sensible Cenobite7): Chicken noodle soup:HISTORY:My mom is famous for her chicken noodle soup.  My cousin asks for it on his birthdays when he's in town. INGREDIENTS:1 whole chicken1 medium onionGarlic, salt, pepper, celery flakes. Never garlic salt. It’s 90% salt, 10% garlic.2 cubes chicken bouillon.― – 1 pack of egg noodles. Any noodles will do, but my family prefers egg noodles.DIRECTIONS:Put chicken in pot and cover with water.Chop up onion and put in pot with chicken.Spice to your liking.  Boil for roughly 1 hour, or until done.Take the cooked chicken out of pot, leaving broth in pot.Put noodles in broth and boil until done.While noodles are boiling, shred chicken into chunks.When noodles are done, put chicken into the pot, stir it up, and enjoy.Enjoy the most ancient of medicines ,Sensible Cenobite8): Great grandma's poor man's cake:HISTORY:My great grandma's poor man's cake was pretty famous back in the day.  I hope it keeps up with the times.INGREDIENTS AND EQUIPMENT:Small bread or muffin pan for baking. Pot for mixing ingredients.1 lb of raisins.  2 cups of water.1 cup cold water.2 cups of sugar.1 cup Crisco/butter/lard. Choose one.1 teaspoon salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg.1/2 teaspoon of cloves.2 teaspoons of baking soda.4 1/2 cups of flour.DIRECTIONS:Put two cups of water into pot with raisins.  Boil raisins for 15 minutes.Add sugar and lard before you add the cup of cold water into pot.Add baking soda then the other ingredients.  Stir well.Bake in bread pan or muffin pan for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.To check if it's done, poke with a tooth pick.  If it comes out clean, then it's done.Enjoy!,Sensible Cenobite9): Old school Beve's salad:HISTORY:I looked up Beve's salad and it came up with something completely different than what I'm used to.  It looks good, but it's the savory version not the dessert version.  My family used to eat this during the holiday season all the time. INGREDIENTS:Giant glass bowl.1 can mandarin oranges.  Drained.1 medium cottage cheese.  Small curds.1 medium cool whip.1 3 oz package of Orange Jello.  Use dry.1/2 cup walnuts.  Optional.DIRECTIONS:Mix all ingredients together.  Keep in refrigerator until you use it.Enjoy!,Sensible Cenobite10): Bone Gnawer breakfast:HISTORY:One time I didn't have bread in the house for two weeks by accident.  I ate black beans and eggs and lost thirty to fifty pounds.  I wish I knew I had siliac spru before twenty six.  INGREDIENTS AND DIRECTIONS:Open one can of black beans and put it in a bowl.  Heat in the microwave for about one minute thirty seconds.Prepare two eggs.  Suggested methods:  Frying them over easy;  Scramble them;  Whip them in a cup with some milk and put them in the microwave for a one to two minutes.Put eggs in bean bowl and enjoy!This helps me feel great all day.  I usually can get by with one meal a day, maybe two.Hope that helps some creatures of the night that are in a rush,Sensible Cenobite.11): Eggs in a basket.:HISTORY:I looked up "Eggs in a basket", but found nothing.  My aunt used to make this for us in the mornings.INGREDIENTS:1 slice of bread per egg.Butter.  When in doubt, double what you think you need.DIRECTIONS:Butter both sides of bread.Use a glass to cut a circle in the bread.Fry bread and left over piece for a little bit.Crack an egg into the the bread with the hole.Fry until egg is cooked on bottom.Flip bread and cook on other side.Serve and enjoy!Sensible Cenobite.12): Potatoes divine:HISTORY:I looked up this dish and didn't find it by name scanning the first page. My grandma used to make this dish during the holidays.   INGREDIENTS:24 oz Sour cream.1 cup Shredded cheddar cheese.2 cans cream of potato soup.1/8 tea spoon of garlic powder, not garlic salt.1 tea spoon of salt.1 chopped red onion.1 32 oz bag of frozen hash browns.Butter.Pam or cooking spray.DIRECTIONS:Combine first six ingredients in a large bowl, then mix in frozen potatoes.Spread in 9x13 inch pan sprayed with Pam.Dot with butter and one cup of cheese.Bake uncovered for one and a half hours at 350 degrees. Let sit for ten to twenty minutes before you serve.Enjoy my creatures of the night!,Sensible Cenobite13): Heavenly salad or desert:HISTORY: I saw another recipe that was similar, but different enough to post this. I used to enjoy this during the holidays.INGREDIENTS:16 oz cool whip.1 package instant pistachio pudding mix.1 can 20 oz crushed pineapple.1 cup chopped walnuts.1 cup miniature marshmallows.1/2 cup flaked coconut.1 cup maraschino cherries drained and halvedDIRECTIONS:Mix all ingredients and refrigerate for several hours.Enjoy,TheBeardedDragon14): Hershey bar pie: HISTORY:This comes from my grandma's recipe cards.  I vaugeley remember having it.  It looked good, so thought I would share.INGREDIENTS:1 large cool whip.2 table spoons of instant coffee.  I would personally try to use real coffee.1/2 pound of Hershey bar with almonds.Graham or baked crust.DIRECTIONS:Melt the Hershey bar in a double broiler.Add the 2 table spoons of instant coffee.Stir in cool whip till blended.Pour into crust and chill.The instructions are a little vague, but hope you enjoy!,TheBeardedDragon15): Shrimp Dip: HISTORY:This is a recipe from my grandma's friend.  She dead and I wanted to pass on historical recipes.INGREDIENTS1 can shrimp.  I would use "fresh" pre cooked Shrimp ONLY!  1-4 oz pkg cream cheese.1/2 cup celery, chopped.1/2 cup green onions, sliced thin.1/2 cup mayonnaise.  Not Miracle Whip.Dill weed optional.DIRECTIONSRinse shrimp and then arrange them on a platter with water and ice.Mix rest of recipe in a bowl.Let shrimp get chilled then serve.Hope all you creatures of the night enjoy,TheBeardedDragon16): Artichoke chicken salad or casserole: HISTORYThis is from my grandma's recipe book.  I've never tried it, so let me know how it is.INGREDIENTS4 chicken breasts, cooked and de boned.1 package of chicken flavored Riceroni, fix per instructions.1 jar marinated artichoke hearts with the juice included, chopped.1 small can black diced olives.Mayonnaise, not Miracle Whip.INSTRUCTIONSCook chicken until done to liking. De bone and set aside.Prepare Riceroni.Chop artichoke hearts and mix mayonnaise with the can of black olives.Mix all the ingredients together.Serves about 8.Hope all you creatures of the night enjoy this dish,TheBeardedDragon17): Sauce for broccoli: HISTORYThis comes from my grandma's recipe cards. I've never tried it, but I hope you enjoy it!INGREDIENTS2 table spoons of butter.2 table spoons of avocado or olive oil.1 1/2 tea spoons of Worcestershire sauce.Kosher or Himalayan salt and pepper, to taste.1 tea spoon of dry mustard.1 table spoon of vinegar.Tabasco drops to taste.DIRECTIONSMix all ingredients and heat till butter melts.Pour over cooked broccoli just before serving.Hope all you creatures of the night enjoy the broccoli sauce,TheBeardedDragon18): Crab bake:HISTORYThis recipe comes from my grandma's recipe cards. I've never had it, but hope you enjoy it!INGREDIENTS2 cans mushroom soup. Get Progresso or something high quality if you can.  Home made is best.1 cup mayonnaise, not Miracle Whip.1/4 cup white wine.1 cup half and half.2 pounds fake crab, broken up.3 cups croutons, seasoned.2 cans of water chestnut, sliced.1/2 cup chopped onion.1 cup Swiss cheese.1/2 cup almonds, sliced.DIRECTIONSMix the above and top with cheese and almonds.Hope all you creatures of the night enjoy this recipe,TheBeardedDragon19): Cranberry salad or dessert. HISTORYThis a recipe from my grandma's recipe cards. I've never had it, but hope you enjoy it!INGREDIENTS1 pound raw cranberries, ground.1 1/2 cups of sugar.1 cup of Tokay or Flame grapes.1 cup pecans, chopped.1 cup mini marshmallows.1 pint of whipping cream.DIRECTIONSThe directions are sparse, so I've done the best I can.Mix sugar with the cranberries and let sit overnight.Mix the rest of the ingredients together the next day.Dish keeps well enough to prepare 2 to 3 days ahead of time.Hope all you creatures of the night enjoy this recipe,TheBeardedDragon20): Blond brownies:HISTORYThis is a recipe from my grandma's recipe cards. I've never had them, but they sound good!INGREDIENTS1 box light brown sugar.2/3 cup butter.2 tea spoons vanilla.3 eggs.1 tea spoon baking powder.1 tea spoon salt.2 cups flour.1 cup nuts.  It doesn't specify.  1 cup chocolate chips or carob.DIRECTIONSMelt butter in saucepan.Remove butter and mix the rest of the ingredients except the chocolate chips.Pour into 9" x 13" pan and sprinkle chocolate chips over the mixture.Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes.Cut while warm and take out before real cool.21): South West breakfast: HISTORYI've lived in the South West most of my life and here is a tasty treat from me to you.INGREDIENTS1 slice of sour dough or wheat toast per person.1-3 eggs per person.1 can black or pinto beans per small group.1 avocado per small group, sliced.2-4 corn tortillas per person XOR 1-2 flour tortillas per person. Fresh tortillas are the best.1-5 Serrano peppers, chopped or sliced.Long Horn or Cheddar cheese, shredded.Butter, not margarine. Sour cream.Jalapeno and strawberry jam.Red Devil Louisianan Hot Sauce. Has lots of vinegar and is good on eggs.My families Taco Salsa recipe, optional.  Feel free to blend with the Serranos instead of serving them raw.DIRECTIONSPut corn tortillas on a plate with a moist paper towel on top of them into the microwave.Start preparing toast in the toaster or frying pan.Start heating up beans in a pan or the microwave.Scrambled eggs go the best with the Red Devil.Slather butter on toast. When in doubt, use double. Coat with jalapeno jelly.For corn tortillas, heat up for 10 to 60 seconds in the microwave.For flour tortillas, use a gas oven and slowly rotate the tortilla over the flame. Don't burn. IF you don't have a gas oven, prepare like corn tortillas.Top eggs with Taco Salsa, Serrano peppers, Red Devil, avocado, beans, shredded cheese, and sour cream.Serve with hot corn tortillas on side or inside flour tortillas as a breakfast burrito. For breakfast burritos, lay one tortilla down on the plate. Make your burrito and wrap the bottom tortilla around the bottom half of your burrito. This prevents leakage.Hope all you creatures of the night can handle the heat,TheBeardedDragon22): Party punch:HISTORYThis is a recipe from my grandma's recipe cards. I added the alcohol,  which isn't required.INGREDIENTS1-3 shots of vodka per person, optional.Cherries, orange slices, and pineapple cubes, optional.3 quarts orange juice.1/2 quart grenadine syrup.3 6-oz cans of pineapple juice.3 6-oz cans of unsweetened grapefruit juice.Juice and rinds of 2 oranges and 2 lemons, rinds cut very fine and used as a floating garnish.1 lime, sliced thinly and used as a floating garnish.DIRECTIONSSoak your cherries, orange slices, and pineapple cubes in grain alcohol over night, grain alcohol optional.Always pour your alcohol first, alcohol optional.Mix the rest of the ingredients in order and stir well.Put fruit into the mix and stir again.Float with the rinds of the oranges and lemons.Float with the lime slices.This recipe makes slightly more than one gallon of party punch.Please sleep at your hosts home or get a taxi ride home,TheBeardedDragon 23): Chili con queso casserole: HISTORYThis is a recipe from my grandma's recipe cards. I vaguely remember having this and liking it.INGREDIENTS1 dozen corn tortillas.1 can cream of chicken soup.  Add chicken pieces if wanted.  I would.1 cup milk.1/2 tea spoon salt.1 small can green chilies, diced.1 medium onion, minced.1/2 pound [2 cups] of Longhorn or Cheddar cheese.DIRECTIONSCombine soup, milk and salt.Line baking dish with tortillas.Spread with layer of 1/3 chicken soup mixture, 1/3 diced chilies, 1/3 chopped onions, 1/3 grated cheese.Repeat till all ingredients are used up ending with cheese.Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes.Hope all you creatures of the night enjoy this creamy dish,TheBeardedDragon 24): Butter pound cake: HISTORYThis is my aunt's recipe from the East coast. She says it's very good!,INGREDIENTS!!!DO NOT PREHEAT OVEN!!!3 cups of sugar.1/2 cup Crisco.3 cups flour.1 cup milk.2 sticks of butter.5 large eggs.1/4 tsp salt.2 table spoons of vanilla butter + nut flavor OR 1 1/2 tea spoons almond extract.Berries, optional.DIRECTIONS!!!DO NOT PREHEAT OVEN!!!Cream shortening, sugar, butter, and salt.Add eggs one at a time, beating after each egg.Add the flour and the milk alternately, ending with the flour.Fold in flavoring by hand.Bake in a greased and floured tube pan at 325 degrees for 1 hour 45 minutes.After baking, cool cake 15 minutes then remove from pan and finish cooling.Top with berries if you like. Makes a lot.Hope all you creatures of the night like my Aunt's recipe,TheBeardedDragon
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ninjago - the golden age,episode 1 - rise of purple*a view of ninjago city**ring* *ring*nelson mother: nelson, wake up, itīs going to be late for the news papernelson: *yawn* thanks mom, i canīt be latenelson mother: as you always say, "news never sleep"nelson: yeah mom, byenelson mother: bye sweetywe change to the monastery, but is lonely, thereīs no one there, where are the ninjas?later in ninjago cityīs downtoon*open* grunt 1: jeje, itīs too easygrunt 2: what if the ninja catch us!?grunt 1: donīt worry the ninjas left for a mission and they are not in the citya shadow figure: i donīt think so!!"a lime ninja": poison!!!grunt 1 and 2: *cough* *cough*grunt 1: who the heck are you!!??"a dark green ninja": your worst fear. ha!!*vines grow and catch grunt 2* *grunt 1 run away*a yellow swit ninja runs adobe him, and jump just in front"a yellow ninja": take this!! *glow and the grunt fall back*"a lime ninja": ninja-go!!! *make a lime spinjitsu with green clouds*grunt 1: i surrender, i surrender...tox: great job teambolobo: letīs get these two to the policemr.light: ninjago city is never going to be alone anymorelloyd: so, master, what are we in these travel to the dark island?wu: we are going to try you to reconect to the golden power, so we trained some of the elemental masters for protect the city.lloyd: i told you master, i lost my power, how i can be able to reconect to them?wu: at least you deserve a recess from fight all the weeklloyd: the dark islandkai: argh, i still remember the last time we where here, and i still thinking that we donīt have to stay here.cole: letīs make to the light temple as fast we canlloyd: (come here, here with me lloyd....) why i have to be with you zane?zane: i didnīt say nothing, maybe is your imaginationlloyd: maybe...misako: look the light temple!jay: just as we left itcole: well, letīs try! ice! ligthning! earth!averyone shoot to the belllloyd: hya!!! *dong!!!*nya: well thatīs uselesslloyd: see i told you *uses the green power*cole: everyone look! a room is opening!jay: thatīs just a helmetzane: well is golden, maybe it can helplloyd: we donīt miss nothing trying...*lloyd tries the helmet*cole: look, your arm is gold!!misako: lloyd you made it, lloyd?*shoot a golden energy sphere to kai*pixal: kay!!!jay: what are you doing!?*lloyd eyes turn gold and purple*zane: i recongnize those eyes! but is imposible!lloyd?: as i say wu... there can be ligth without darknesseveryone: the overlord!?*kai wake up but golden veins are in all his body*over-lloyd: as i control the energy master, i can control every elemental master!!!zane: think it twice! *shoot him with ice**kai use the true potential and melts it*zane: what!? how!?over-lloyd: i control every aspect of his elemental powers!!! like...*kai unleash his burst for first time and carbonize the room*the team run out of the templecole: donīt worry i got it, after all we are on a mountain!!!*cole use the explosion and attack over-lloyd, but it doesnīt affect him*cole: what!?over-lloyd: such a weak burst never will hurt me! *touch cole whit goldeen power**the burst stop and cole is under golden power control*pixal: everyone, to the bounty*kai aim to the bounty*over-lloyd: no, let him flee, they already lose*golden, earth and fire dragon are summoned*back in ninjago city, in the centre for be exacta kid: mommy mommy look, there is cole!*cole activete the earth hands and use the golden power**cole smash the earth and golden fissures appear in the ground*people: ahhh, whatīs happening*neuro touch and his powers run out of control*neuro: w-whatīs happening ah!!*in all the town, elemental masters powers are being controled by over-lloyd*misako: everyone, run to the fortaleceīs temple, is the only way to escape from the golden power!!nelson: go mom!!nelsonīs mother: sweety iīm runnig as fast as.. ah!!nelson: come mom stand up...* a part of a building broke and is going to collide with nelson and other people*nelson: mom wait!!!*a golden string touch nelson and something happen**the building part never crash the floor*nelsonīs mother. nelson, how are you...*the part is being moved by a wind stream from nelson*nelson: iīm the one doing this?
Political Art
Agender Snake by CosmicLuci
Mature Adult NOT Smut OR Porn

Mature Content

This Demon's Hot! by Hexdrake
Christmas miracle by OrokanaKikimono
March creature of the night contest.
Cthulhu by bschu

Mature Content

Spring AND Summer Madness contest.
Chromatic Insanity by NosaneTryhard

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