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Belly dancing belt by Arya118 Belly dancing belt :iconarya118:Arya118 2 0 Bored with a camera and GIMP by Arya118
Mature content
Bored with a camera and GIMP :iconarya118:Arya118 0 0
Mature content
Suffering for you :iconarya118:Arya118 1 1
My little pony pajamas by Arya118 My little pony pajamas :iconarya118:Arya118 1 0 Sammy's WIP portrait by Arya118 Sammy's WIP portrait :iconarya118:Arya118 0 0 Sam's Portrait  WIP by Arya118 Sam's Portrait WIP :iconarya118:Arya118 0 0 Destry competition attempt by Arya118 Destry competition attempt :iconarya118:Arya118 4 2
last night
The last night... written music video...for now.
"linda! jason's here!!" the youthfull voice of linda's mother rings down the halls twords linda's sensitive ears. Her radio clicks off, leaving the house eerily quiet. NOt 2 minutes later, linda could be seen weaving her way through mountains of boxes, packed and sorted to ocd standards of perfection.  Linda's mother marches off to the kitchen, leaving jason staring disbelievingly at the long sleave shirt and pants she wore.
"linda, its mid summer."
You come to me with scars on your wrists, you tell me this will be the last
night feeling like this."

"The last time, i promise" She mumbles, looking guiltily down at the tell tale sweater she always wore when she tried unsuccesfully to hide the bandages around her wrists. no one believed her when she lied about it, but no one tried to stop her either.
"linda..." his voice was soft, welcoming, but laced with sorrow for her. She looks up to find his arms held open and she ru
:iconarya118:Arya118 0 3
For Taijjs girl Comision poem.
An infinite gift,
you always seem to be,
Right around every corner.
Always there for me.
In my eyes you are the world,
now how to make you see?
Without you in my arms,
nothing could ever be right.
My heart would turn to stone,
my days would ever be night.
You are my life, my heart and soul.
you are my guiding light.
Without you in my world,
I would forever loose my might.
Baby girl, you are my all.
So here me well when I say,
That I'll love you forever,
every hour of every day.
:iconarya118:Arya118 2 3
somewhere out of the blue.
I didnt know what love was,
untill i loved you.
you were kind, loyal
heartfelt and true
i never knew what i was missing
untill i found you
you opened my eyes to what
life could really be
before i know you,
i always felt a black hole
like nothing was right,
i was never whole.
YOu loved me as if i were a queen,
spoiling me emotionally
i never knew it seemed
untill you were gone from me
i realize what i was missing
now it seems so much
that youve opened my eyes to
and as i lie here, missing your touch
i think to my self,
i should never have left you.
:iconarya118:Arya118 1 1
so unexpected
my heart beats
so unexpected
my thoughts have turned
crazy and hectic
my world has been turned
upside down
where are the clouds,
what happened to the ground?
this disease for which
there is no cure
it purpose
unknown and obscure
what do i do?
whaere do i go?
lost and alone,
i feel like a hunted doe.
then from the clear blue sky
it came
one face
one name
arms open wide
and heart pure as snow
the name of this disease
i now know.
the white dove flew
and as we kissed
i suddenly knew
it was love
:iconarya118:Arya118 1 2
a moment lost
a moment lost
never to be regained
a moment forgot
only one knows the pain
of a future that
can never be
simply because
she refused to see
the courage lost
on a love 6 years old
only she knows the cost
of her courage lost
never again will she forget
that a moment can be the world
when you forget about
your only little girl
:iconarya118:Arya118 1 0
6 years
6 years rolled by
that i stood by your side
my love unspoken
my heart rebroken
i tried to move on
in this game the only pawn
only one way to go
would i ever know?
the love in your lips
your touch on my hips
my tears in your eyes
like stars in the sky
how would you see?
if i lied to me,
about a love that cost
years forever lost
:iconarya118:Arya118 1 1
How do i explain how i feel,
when all i want to do is turn on my heel
and run as if i have no choice
run forever from the comfort of your voice
away from the pain inside
that wont let me say goodbye
away from her accusing eyes
with hatred deeper than the blackest skyes
how do i share my heart?
when its been torn apart
into pieces uncounted
without a word, without a sound
all i can do,
is pretend to see you
as just another friend
and for now, hold inside tears that will never end.
:iconarya118:Arya118 0 15
In my grip you have no will
one false word could cause you to kill
to snap and let the flood gates flow
inside you the feelings grow
The malice, hatered and scorn
building from the day you were born
my skelital fingers grip your soul
feeding the fire with bits of coal
i cause you to push your family away
leaving you isolated at the end of the day
ile devour you from the inside out
to the point you can no longer shout
leaving you in the cold winter night
your heart griped with frustration and spite
I am your anger, your shadow inside
Ile lead you away, from me you cannot hide
together we will devistate lives and homes
we will grin as tears set in stone
and when it is all said and done
and finally the end has come
we will gather everyone near
and with one lit match and a swig of beer
wele drag them with us at the toll o fthe bell
yes wele drag them with us to the firey pits of Hell
:iconarya118:Arya118 3 5
When thoughts consume you
that werent there before
so much they asume you
arent there anymore
When you see things
no one else comprehends
like so many wings
that once seemed pretend
When you give up hope
and begin to curse it all
refusing to live and cope
believing your worth none at all
Dont stop and give up trying
because death isnt the end
so many end up dying
because someone forgot to say
:iconarya118:Arya118 0 13

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