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Adult Mavis

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Adult Mavis

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Mavis Vermillion
FairyTail © Hiro Mashima

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MacblinkSkylightHobbyist Digital Artist
to thing that she's even older than Makarov :v
SwordMetaKnightWave's avatar
SwordMetaKnightWaveHobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn, no wonder Zeref fell in love with her.
Godking20's avatar
good god, why do so many people draw adult mavis, i'm gonna have to copy and paste a bunch of stuff and show my friend this stuff for our Fairy Tail rp!
Hapiness11's avatar
Hapiness11Hobbyist General Artist
Younger Mavis is jealous 😆
the-unusual-one-56's avatar
the-unusual-one-56Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'Ve been searching for this my whole life and didnt know it XD
Jake-asaurus's avatar
Jake-asaurusHobbyist General Artist
didn't she say she wanted curves during the Grand Magic Games?
Wixzel's avatar
Uh, can't she like.. Not grow up?
Jake-asaurus's avatar
Jake-asaurusHobbyist General Artist
Yeah that's true because she used the Law spell before she was ready
Wixzel's avatar
Yah, the concept is nice but, doesn't make much sense
Jake-asaurus's avatar
Jake-asaurusHobbyist General Artist
basically she's immortal and can't physically age, like Zeref.
Fanboy1253's avatar

If possibly Zeref and Mavis had a child, will it work?

draconichero18's avatar
Holy crap! 

1. Excellent job with the artwork it almost looks like Mashima drew it himself.

2. Now I have a reference point of what I've been TRYING to envision in my fanfiction where Mavis IS an adult...sort of.

3. ...that Rapunzel hair yo (lol)
SeanMaguire1991's avatar
You capture Mashima's style really well!
misorass's avatar
misorassHobbyist General Artist
Like little Mavis reacthion =3
thankyoufor's avatar
Yeah.Don't worry Mavis.u're still young.
Icesturm's avatar
IcesturmStudent Digital Artist
This looks great. But I find that Mavis's young form is way to small. She was 13 years old in the anime and already pretty tall. But apart from that it is awesome. :)
SashaPawlyuk's avatar
SashaPawlyukStudent Photographer
Pretty ^^
IamanArtist20's avatar
Nice job, I love FairyTail!
GalaxyConvoy654's avatar
Awwwww Mavis is so kawai <3
artemiseus's avatar
artemiseusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awwwwww Mavis is so awesome! And AMAZING JOB on this :D :D :D
ponygirl234's avatar
I'm new and I don't know how to us the tools :/
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