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PKMNation - Phillip



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Name: Phillip
Pokemon: Furfrou
Type: Normal
Nature: Bold
Gender: Male
Hatch Date: 5/3/14
Mated: No


Level: 64
Started Base Attack: 5
Current Base Attack: 17
Tackle (Starter)
Growl (Starter)


Level Up Log:
Pokeball Reference Sheet: 4 levels (2 full body + 2 detailed shading)
Pokeball Learning Yawn: 2 levels (2 full body)
Pokeball Ummm...Hello there?: 6 levels (2 full  body + 2 complex shading + 2 complex background)
Pokeball Calamity and Phillip: 6 levels (2 full body + 2 shading + 2 detailed background)
Pokeball Payment for Fusion Ghastly Part 2: 22 Levels (2 full body x 4 + 2 shading x 5 + 1 headshot + 2 detailed background x 4)
Pokeball Phillip: 5 levels (2 full body + 2 complex shading + 1 simple background)
Pokeball You'll Do Just Fine: 10 levels (1 headshot x 2 + 2 shading x 2 + 2 complex background x 2)
PokeballPKMNation: Commission - Of cuties and sweet teeth : 4 levels (1 chibi + 2 shading + 1 simple background)


Pokeball  Phillip is one of the most senior members of the ranch. He's more then willing to let others take the lead or learn on their own, but his experience often lands him in a leadership role.
Pokeball  Despite his appearance, Phillip is not apposed to battling. He doesn't, however, do it out of sport or pleasure, but rather necessity. This is especially true when defending family, friends, or other members of the ranch.
Pokeball  He comes off as rather aloof in appearance, so he often surprises others with how attentive and easy going he is. This is likely due to his quiet presence and his tendency for passive expressions.
Pokeball  For many on the ranch Phillip is a bit of a father-figure.
Pokeball  Phillip is usually the one sent to bring packages or run errands to the city.
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