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Social media icons

By ArXh
the .zip file contains icons for 12 social networks in two sizes - 128x128 , 64x64
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Nice icons! Thanks for sharing.
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Hello ArXh

can you pass me the source files to edit icons?

I need to add the icon Linked In.

I hope you can help me on this.

Thank you ...
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Wow these are great! Thanks for putting these together.
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Love these. Would like to have LI also. Do you have one for LI?
Love it! Thnx.
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Do you have the original photoshop file for these? I was wondering if I could use it to make custom ones for things like spreadshirt and other youtubers.
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What amazing work. Thank you so much.
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Great icon set, I am using them on my social media blog ([link]) if that's OK. I will cite you on my credits of course ;)
Would you happen to have the psd of the background? I would like to make my logo have the same feel. And how to I get a different color?
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Sorry for replying so late...
i have the background in .ai format... u can change the color in photoshop with color balance and hue & saturation .
If you need the .ai contact me via mail:
I have Illustrator CS5, but I cant find any filters, graphic libraries, etc. that look like that. Curious what did you use?
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Well, I created those icons an year ago!
I dont really use illustrator much, so i dont remember what did i do.
Shoot me a blank email at , i'll check illustrator and reply to you (if i can remember what did i do :) )
thanks. have sent a facebook friend request.
Great icons. Using them on my Nokia N900. Any chance you could send me the psd file so I can make some custom ones for myself?
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i have a psd file only for the blue block, you can change the colors in PS by 'color balance'.
Pls let me know on facebook(link below) if you want it.
thanks dude, i also needed them in .png
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it was great if you have them in .png format :)
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hey... i hav uploaded .png format..
now u can download .png icons
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