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Daft Punk - Epilogue

Daft Punk was my favorite musical group of all time. I spent a few days getting down these lines and my sketch cuz I wanted this to be perfect. I threw the Alive 2007 logo in Guy-Manuel's facemask since his robot is still "alive" at the end of epilogue (and it's importance as one of the most influential shows ever in the history of dance music), and I put the memoriam logo from their epilogue video in Thomas' helmet since his robot went the big blammo. The back ground is a bit of an exaggeration of the final shot used in Epilogue as well.
I choose to use their Discovery era designs since those were the ones used in the Epilogue video (which iirc, was from an older video many years ago too). I spent about 15 hours on this piece.
Tried my best at giving these robots one hell of a send off. Their music helped me get through some of the worst times I've ever had to live through. Rock on robots, 28 years of your music was sick as hell and I'm so happy you shared it with the world.


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I'm gonna miss them
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I'd rather them go out on top by their own choice than down in flames in something shameful or tragic.