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Just something for Halloween :pumpkin:

Poser, a lot of Photoshop, Background by resurgere, Blood Brush by PrettyBrush
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Keep reading on, or die tonight a exactly

12:42. This

is based on a TRUE STORY! Once there


a baby

girl named Marry. Her mother couldn't


all the

crying, so she decided it was time for her


go. She

buried her baby alive in her back yard.

After she

buried her she could still hear Marry


So she dug her back up and stabbed her


time in the arm,

and buried her again. Marry cried harder,

but a few

hours later it stopped. At exactly 12:42,

Marry died.

She bleed to death. Now her sprite



world. When your sleeping, she stabs

you in


arm and watches you bleed to death.


that's how she got the name "Bloody

Marry" this is the true story

of her. She wants everyone to feel her


that she

felt. Apparently, if you re-post This isn't


Apparently, if you copy and paste this to


comments in the next ten minuets you


have the

best day of your life tomorrow. You will

either get kissed or asked out, if you


this chain you will

see a little dead girl in your room tonight.

In the next

53 minuets someone will say I love you


I'm sorry

to 12 other comments you will have the

best day of

your life tomorrow. But if you break this

chain you die

at exactly 12:42 tonight by Bloody Marry.

Don't believe me? You'll see not taking

(Sorry if I hurt your feelings, I can't break the chain!!!!)
I like Halloween
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This is great sent to :iconwhats-the-piont: feel free to check us out we have a halloween contest open today .
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i LOVE your halloween picture its AMAZING! keep up the great work =D
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Because it is that time of the year and all ghosts and witches come out to play :pumpkin: You have been featured in "Halloween Bash !! " News >> [link]

:evillaugh: Spook as many humans as you can :evillaugh:
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I love it ! :heart: i like her creepy face :love: and the background :heart: Good Job!
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Your wicked Halloween artwork is ooozing and scaring deviants in my "Halloween" journal >> [link]
Have a spooky good time !!! :pumpkin:

If you don't wish to be featured, please do let Me know.
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Thank you very much :hug:
this is soo amazing! i want to ask you if i can use the girl for a halloween flyer for a halloween rock concert here in Berlin/Germany?
I wont get money for it!

pls write me back soon

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ooo I love this so much... very very wonderful
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beautiful work!
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i like it

nice gallery
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Thank you for comment and fav :)
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shes freakin adorable!!!!!!! love those eyes!
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beautiful job!!! :D
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Thank you very much for comment and fav :hug:
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I love those huge eyes, she's spooky but she has such a sweet face
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Thank you for your nice comment and for the fav :hug:
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you're welcome :)
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