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Meeting Peter Capaldi at LFCC 2018 - II by ArwendeLuhtiene, visual art


Good Omens - Biblical Crowley cosplay VII by ArwendeLuhtiene, visual art

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13th Doctor cosplay S11 - She's coming, she's here by ArwendeLuhtiene, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Doctor Who - Twelfth Doctor (colour) by ArwendeLuhtiene, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Meeting David Bradley at LFCC 2018 - II by ArwendeLuhtiene, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
My Bio
Physicist and Astrophysics PhD student. Whovian, Sherlockian, Tolkienite, Trekkie and Potterhead. Intersectional radfem. Time Lady. Gryffindor with a strong Ravenclaw streak. Noldorin ranger. Celtic warrior-druidess. INFJ.

-Cosplay FB page:…, “@arwendeluhtienescosplay”

-If you want to support my work :):

-POLICY: Please bear in mind that MY COSPLAY PICS ARE NOT STOCK. Do not use my cosplay pics for photomanipulations, and always ask for my permission if you want to use them as drawing references (that's OK if you ask beforehand and link to my priginal pic, but no photomanipulations, just artwork).

You can share my photos/artwork in other social media (such as Pinterest) as long as you credit me in the description.
-Tumblr: Please reblog my posts instead of reposting, thank you :)!
-Facebook: Please share my pictures from my cosplay page instead of reposting, than you :)!
You can use my Deviations to illustrate blogs and the like AS LONG AS you credit me and link to the deviation on DeviantArt. ALWAYS CREDIT ME.

Amateur artist. I attended painting classes for five years during high school, then turned to self-teaching, and I'm currently taking painting classes again. I favour graphite, ink, oils, watercolour and wax crayons. I like drawing landscapes and trees, fanart (mostly Tolkien, DW, Harry Potter or Sherlock-oriented), warrior-women and horses. Regarding photography, I like depicting sunsets, trees and nature in general. I also paint miniatures.

I've been cosplaying as an established hobby since Autumn 2013 (and cosplaying OC Tolkien characters since 2003). I consider cosplay to be a hobby purely for fun, and I deeply despise any kind of cosplay elitism or jugding behaviour.

-Fandoms: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Tolkien, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Star Wars, Avengers and the Marvel cinematic universe, Brave, Frozen and 2014's Maleficent, Astérix, Tintin.

ABOUT REAL WARRIOR-WOMEN, OBJECTIFICATION AND THE CHAINMAIL BIKINI (because I see a lot about this on here): I'm very much against anything sexist and against objectification and pornography (different from natural nudity and non-objectifying sexuality). Regarding warrior-women, I am VERY MUCH against the chainmail bikini model: Armour should be practical, useful and protective, not "sexy" (or ridiculous, more like, as I personally don't find a chainmail bikini sexy at all. Just have a look at the Hawkeye iniciative to see just how ridiculous all the attire and poses usually given to women are). Corsets, high heels, skimpy, uncomfortable loincloths, overtight clothing or armour, breastplates with cleavage,...All of these are things a real warrior-woman would NEVER wear, and the 'warrior-women' portrayed in such a way are highly unrealistic. Warrior-women want to protect those parts that are more sensitive and/or vital: The breasts, the chest in general, the genitalia, the thighs (where the femoral is!). And let's not forget about all the come-hither gazes and suggestive poses...warrior-women, real warrior-women, are not here to decorate anyone's world, and neither are women in general, and I find it rather disgusting that they are portrayed in this objectifying (plus unrealistic) way like 90+% of the time :/ .

I can't stand any kind of objectification, be it male or female. This applies not only to warrior-women, but to women (and men) in general (to men too, we're starting to get the ridiculous, objectified, unrealistic male warrior image as well, courtesy of comics such as 300, for example).

I'm tired of seeing so much objectification, not only here, but in the whole Internet! Where is all the healthy erotica and tasteful nudity that expresses sexuality and the beauty of the body without turning it into a piece of meat, full of contorting poses, come-hither gazes and distasteful hypersexuality? There is a LOT of difference between natural nudity and non-objectified sexuality, AND pornography/objectification. Pornography includes objectification and submission of any of the parties involved, and as such, I'm totally against it. I've never found objectification and submission 'sexy' AT ALL. Sue me!
*Arwendë out*

DeviantPor- I mean Art. by DesuSigMaker DA IS NOT - Stamp by luvgoodstuf Anti Porn art stamp by DeadAnthro Stamp- dA For Art Not Porn by aisucafe :thumb199977710:

-ON THANKING FOR FAVOURITES: I deeply appreciate people who favourite my work, and I'll generally try to find time to thank you. But I'm pretty busy and can't always comment on every profile, so I'd like to issue a general THANK YOU! here just in case :)

ON BLOCKING: Be warned that if I see to much distasteful objectification and/or disgusting creepiness in your favourites or your gallery, I will BLOCK you, because I don't agree with the depiction of human-beings as grotesque and dehumanized pieces of meat for your pathetic turn-ons (this very much includes bondage, which I find intensely disgusting), and I don't want to see my material among your favourites, or have you interacting with me in any way. Hate comments on this subject will be deleted.
Same goes if you promote sexism and mysoginy in general, rape culture, racism or homophobia.

ALSO: THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE, for heaven's sake. I sincerely appreciate non-creepy, well-meant comments about my work, or about me in general (especially if this isn't out of context - cosplay work, for example), but this is no place for creepy/objectifying/downright inappropiate notes or comments. I will delete and completely ignore such comments. Learn about respect, please, I'm just a random stranger to you and I DON'T KNOW YOU, why did you even think it would be remotely OK to private message someone and make them potentially very uncomfortable just because.

Egalitarian by AtheosEmanon Feminist IV by AtheosEmanon Feminism Defined Stamp by Spikytastic Misconceptions everywhere by Mechanical-Koi Stamp: Pro Choice by Riza-Izumi Pro-Choice by LaPurr Pro-Choice by call-me-in-love

Mature Content

Rant: Fuck Pro-Lifers by Fragdog
Forced Pregnancy by Childe-Of-Fyre Da Stamp - Human Rights 01 by tppgraphics LGBT+ Stamp: by Orphically Identity Stamps - Demisexual Biromantic by boopnugget :thumb339743021: :thumb266121223: Just Say NO by Dametora Do not force me to agree-Stamp by Dinoclaws DA Stamp - Difference 01 by tppgraphics Proud Anti-Twilight stamp by FlyingTanuki
Well Behaved Women by ArchetypeStamps :thumb400120482: Merida Stamp by Kennaleecat Elsa Fan Stamp(no free) by RosalinaEstela2000 (Request) Elsa being single Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 (Request) I support Merida being single by KittyJewelpet78 :thumb471014902: STAMP: Katniss Everdeen fan by neurotripsy
Agnostic by capricordestin I'm tired of your religious bullshit :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire LETZ TEECH RELIJINN IN SKOOLZ by Geth-VI :thumb276122329: :thumb178045291: DA Stamp - Emotion And Logic by tppgraphics Stargazer Stamp by PixieDust01 Female Scientist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Celtic Civilization Stamp by ChuutayuntiFutsuhime
Sherlock and John by 1stClassStamps Sherlock Holmes by 1stClassStamps Sherlocked by darkestmelody :thumb305736969: Supporting Sociopaths Stamp by LetsSaveTheUniverse
Tolkien Geek by TricksyPicksy Noldor stamp by AmarieVeanne Alan Lee by AmarieVeanne Frodo by Robiinding Bilbo Baggins Stamp (Request) by LinkinParkBrony Gandalf Stamp by AlvStamp by Crazzity Eowyn Stamp by imrahilXbattousai Galadriel Stamp by imrahilXbattousai
Gryffindor Stamp by smileystamps POTTERHEAD Stamp by smileystamps
Stamp :: I (Heart Heart) Doctor Who by homestucktroll123 Ninth Doctor stamp by Bourbons3 The tenth doctor by BlueRavenAngel Tenth Doctor Stamp by raven-pryde Allons-Y by equineRenaissance Ten and Rose Stamp by rainbowjazzy Rose Tyler Stamp by raven-pryde Martha Jones Stamp by raven-pryde River Song Stamp by raven-pryde Donna by BlueRavenAngel Eleventh Doctor Stamp by raven-pryde
Vulcan Stamp by explodingmuffins

Favourite Visual Artist
Alan Lee, John Howe, quite a handful of people here on DevArt :)
Favourite Movies
Orlando (1992), Star Trek Beyond, Star Trek IV, Star Trek Into Darkness, Maleficent, Hunger Games, Brave, LOTR and Hobbit, Harry Potter, Rogue One and TFA, Captain America II, Frozen, The Adventures of Tintin
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, Good Omens, Sherlock, Vikings, Agent Carter, Star Trek
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Traditional Celtic, Wim Mertens, Soundtrack, especially David Arnold&Michael Price, Murray Gold, Michael Giacchino, John Williams, Alexandre Desplat, Patrick Doyle and Howard Shore, Nightwish, Garmarna, Mozart, Beethoven, Carolan
Favourite Books
Feminist books, DW books, Good Omens, science and astronomy, books about Celtic culture and mythology, Tolkien, Conan Doyle, Harry Potter,...
Tools of the Trade
Oils, graphite and charcoal, wax crayons, watercolours, ink, photography, cosplay
Other Interests
Intersectional feminism, sword-fighting, archery, Tai Chi, Astrophysics, reading, writing, painting miniatures, playing music, (piano, flute, harp), singing, languages, haircare, cosplay, fandoms, photography
Finally started on the Twelfth Doctor drawing (later painting, with inks and/or watercolours) I'm planning for LFCC this next month :D I find Capaldi's Doctor often pretty challenging to draw, so not bad for a first session, I think!
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I got tagged in a 13 questions meme by my Elven-friend mailea-analia ( (thanks ^^!) So here goes! 1. Marvel, DC, or Both? Marvel cinematic universe. Not a fan of DC, not because of any rivalry, but rather because I'm more familiar with the Marvel universe and more attracted to it. Also, because I especially resent the way the female characters are objectified with unrealistic 'fighting' outfits in the comics (both DC and Marvel), I stick with the cinematic universe, where they're portrayed in a better way, thankfully. 2. Favorite Fictional Character EVER? Always such a tricky question! I have so many characters I like...Let's see: Favouri
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How do you feel about the live action Disney remakes?

I'm pro-live Disney movies in general, I guess xD. I quite like some of them, others a bit less. I generally favour remakes that subvert the original story in some way, especially adding representation or active plots for the female characters and feminist twists, that kind of thing :)

Thank You for all fav's

I hope you're having a merry holiday season, and I wish you and your loved ones a positive 2021 ^^

Thanks, same to you ^^!

Thanks again for the faves!