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I've mentioned that I've been working on these models for a game I'm working on. What I'm working on is more than just one game. I'm trying to build a world that I can make multiple games from. This includes little side projects such as this one.

For just under a year, I started learning to code for the original Game Boy and started developing a game for it. That game turned into a top down space shooter using sprites based on the ships seen in my gallery.

I recently got the demo to a state where I feel confident uploading it online as a demo for others to try. I had been showing it at local events in my area until local events started getting cancelled for... reasons.

I plan to have the game fully finished and released by this fall with plans to sell it somewhere in physical format for those who want to play it on live hardware. The game itself will be a free download. I've been testing the game on both emulators and live hardware. The core gameplay is down, at this point it's adding in more features, building in a difficulty curve, music, splash art and polish.

You can learn more about it and even download the demo ROM for free at:

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