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Taggart StarDrive T-20 light freighter

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The Mars based Taggart StarDrive's first foray into full starship manufacture. Originally, Taggart StarDrive (or TSD) was a dedicated producer of engines and landing systems for other starship manufacturers, they were forced to reevaluate their business model when their largest customer went out of business. They began to rapidly prototype their own starships for the market, aided by the newly hired employees from their former customer. Many of the prototypes for the T-series freighters were salvaged cargo containers with engines welded to them. To keep production costs low, the production models had simple designs not too far from their prototypes. Due to its low price, durable construction and ease of maintenance, the T-20 went on to be fairly successful as an entry level freighter for both the budget minded freighter pilot and smuggler alike.


Taggart StarDrive T-20 light freighter

    Length:    21.6 meters
    Width:    13.0 meters
    Height:    4.6 meters
    4x Tempest turrets (2x standard)

    -Carrying capacity: 250 metric tons in Earth atmosphere.
    -Two escape pods (also serves as crew quarters, standard)
    -Warp drive equipped
    -Re-entry shield (optional)
    -Shield generators (optional)
    -Magnetic landing pads capable of carrying cargo containers weighing nearly as much as the ship. (standard)
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