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SiCom TH-1 'ThunderHawk' light bomber

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A light bomber developed late in the life of SiCom as a legitimate business, the TH-1 was an attempt at producing an affordable light bomber for upstart mercenaries after relations with the Earth Fleet contractors went sour after several SiCom produced cruisers were discovered in pirate hands. Investigations never discovered whether the cruisers were sold by anyone in the company or not, but having military-grade cruisers in pirates hands had irreparably damaged their reputation and the company was starting to see its end.

Though the TH-1 is a very old starfighter, SiCom having closed its doors for good before the Outer Colony War, it was still formidable due to its compact and lightweight chassis with gimbaled thrusters that gave it impressive maneuverability. Though shields were optional, they were rarely equipped due to the power draw and extra bulk.

The TH-1 ultimately failed in the market, only a handful were sold as the company went into bankruptcy. Many years later, several of the abandoned factories that produced these fighters fell into pirate hands. These pirates went on to produce TH-1s of their own with modifications to keep them up to date. A few pirate controlled factories were later taken over by the Regine Loyalists and the designs were modified into the TH-2 bombers in their war against the Empire. Many of the abandoned SiCom factories were in former Outer Colony space, giving the Loyalists the perfect foothold to mount their attack on Imperial targets along with a supply of freshly manufactured bombers.


SiCom TH-1 ThunderHawk light bomber

    Length:    9.9 meters
    Width:    13.4 meters
    Height:    2.2 meters

    -2x bomb bays (6 bombs each)
    -2x missile bays (5 missiles each)
    -2x Exxar heavy plasma cannons

    -Warp drive (optional)
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