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Shadowhawk base ship

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Another vessel I'm working on. This one is a multi-role vessel that has optional equipment that can be attached to it. I'll start posting its configurations once I have all the parts finished. It is used from anything to a dropship or cargo transport to an assault vessel or bomber. The modular design of this ship makes it very expensive, though.

The full capabilities and allegiance of one of these vessels are unknown. Various officials deny the existence of such a ship. Those who don't deny it believe that it is tied directly to the Emperor himself, that the crew take orders from no one but him.

Dimensions of basic hull:
Length: 55.0 meters
Height: 7.5 meters
Width: 44.0 meters

-Communications jammer
-Targetting jammer
-Advanced cloaking device

Crew: (Varies on configuration)
1 Commanding officer
1 Helm officer
2-4 Engineers
0-2 Gunnery crew
0-2 Remote pilots
0-20 Boarding soldiers
0-50 Ground soldiers

Modular components:
-300mm external armor plating (Done) [link]
-1000mm railgun (Done)
-Overhead missile bays (WIP)
-Overhead torpedo bays (WIP)
-Hangar-mounted missile bays (WIP)
-Front-mounted missile bays (WIP)
-Supplemental thrusters (WIP)
-Atmospheric thrusters (WIP) [link]
-Magnetic grappler cannons (Not started)
-Twin Blacktalon remote drones (Done) [link]

Blacktalon Drone Armaments:
-Twin 60mm railguns
-Missile bay
-Targetting disruptor
-Communications disruptor
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