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Regine Loyalist Manticore superiority fighter

By Arvex
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Regine Loyalists Manticore superiority fighter

After the acquisition of the abandoned SiCom starfighter R&D facility and surrounding factories, the Loyalists began to examine unfinished designs and SieCom prototypes. After reverse engineering and developing their own designs, multiple new starfighter types began to see production along with refinements to their existing designs now that they had access to higher quality manufacturing facilities.

Along with the standard Manticore, a heavy Manticore saw limited production. Visually similar, the only distinct differences are the wider engine pods equipped with larger thrusters and wider missile racks that double its missile capacity. The more powerful thrusters more than make up for the increase in mass, but come at a cost of increased cost and significantly fuel consumption. The heavy variants only saw use by the elite pilots among the Loyalists.


Going through a bunch of old sketches and found the concept drawings for this one and liked the design. After about two days of working on it, I got this far. More detail will be added over time.


    Length:    12 meters
    Width:    9.4 meters (10.2 meters for heavy variant)
    Height:    4 meters
    Twin 50mm autocannons
    12 Type-A missiles (24 for heavy variant)
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