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Razorclaw-class assault frigate (Updated render)

By Arvex
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Royal Imperial Shipyards Razorclaw-class assault frigate

    Length:    146 meters
    Width:    68 meters
    Height:    26 meters

    20x  'Deception' anti-fighter batteries
    4x    Ios-Stavon medium rail cannon turrets
    4x    Modified Ios-Stavon medium rail cannon turrets*
    4x    Capital torpedo tubes

    -The ship is designed to run on a skeleton crew compared to ships its own size.
    -Deception batteries are able to extend out from the side of the hull, given them a full 210 degree range of motion.
    *The rear-upper turrets are able to raise and lower themselves as needed, giving them the ability to clear the forward turrets or lower down into the hull to minimize vulnerability.


Developed by the several Admirals during the Imperial War after noticing Earth's dependence on keeping fleet formations, they sought to create a ship that could break formations and isolate capital ships from their fighters or support ships. What they created was a compact, heavily armed and armored frigate built to "wedge" itself between a capital ship and its support ships and then begin firing on both with its broadside armaments.

The crew of these ships are often thought to be either the bravest for their willingness to take a small ship into the middle of an enemy fleet. While such a move would normally be seen as suicide, the numbers of these ships performing this tactic, the remarkable armor for its size and the general chaos wreaked on fleet formations present a situation where the survival rates of Razorclaw crews are actually above average compared to other capital ships comparable size.

The Razorclaw is still in use by the Empire today as a symbol of Imperial ingenuity in the face of greater numbers. Though the design has changed little over the years, the ships do receive regular retrofits to keep them up to date. The Razorclaw was instrumental in several battles in the Imperial War because Earth's commanders were not able to adapt to the new tactics quick enough.

Years later, two wrecked Razorclaw hulls were found on the surface of Selias and used by the freelancer, Kaitrei Rozari, to create his own ship, the Iron Claw.

1/19/17: Updated with a render making use of glowing textures for some built in lighting.
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Nice, hows the game coming along?
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I'm still working on the game mechanics; tuning things and making other numbers easier to interpret/compare for easier balancing while building up a pipeline for mission construction.
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Your working in Unity?