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R-21b 'Longsword' Light Bomber (WIP)

By Arvex
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Imperial Fighterworks R-21b 'Longsword' light bomber

    Length:    14.0 meters
    Width:      14.9 meters
    Height:     4.17 meters

-16 torpedoes (8 per bay)
-22 anti-fighter missiles (11 per bay)
-Twin Phaeton-A pulse cannons

Often criticized by rookie pilots for having having cannons that appeared to be mounted as an afterthought, those criticisms are far closer to the truth than they would think. When the R-21 was originally designed, it was not expected to need any direct fire weaponry. Instead, it would rely on missiles and a state-of-the-art targeting system to lock onto fighters faster than anything that had come before.

With an ever increasing adoption of missile countermeasures on starfighters, the R-21 'Carver' found itself at a massive disadvantage when in a dogfighting situation. In addition, the fighter suffered in prolonged engagements where mid-combat resupply was not available. To remedy this, the 'Longsword' variant was introduced with a pair of heavy cannons mounted rather hastily over the primary engines. The increased weight and power drain introduced were offset by a reduction of its missile payload, cutting the missile count in half in exchange for nearly identical handling to its predecessor. A later variant was built that reintroduced the extended missile pods of the original Carver variant at the cost of increased weight.


Updated render July 9th, 2020.

I made a few changes to the design to make it more practical. It doesn't show very well, but the torpedo pods are now removable and have a blast door to protect the payload (which I accidentally left closed for the render.) I added more detail to the ship and a little more color diversity. I also finally fixed the mechanics on the wings so they have a better folding angle without running into the fuselage.

I think I am close to finalizing the shape of this ship and will be able to do more detailing as time goes on. I'm also working on a cockpit interior, but still working out what information is needed and what controls will be made visible. I don't want to just make a generic instrument panel and figure out what I can map to gameplay functions later on.
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