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Loyalist TH-2 'ThunderHawk II' light bomber

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Regine Loyalists TH-2 "ThunderHawk 2" short range bomber
Modified SiCom ThunderHawk light bomber

    Length:    14.0 meters
    Width:    12.4 meters
    Height:    6.0 meters

    Two Scourge missile bays, salvaged from original Thunder Hawk bombers
        (12 Type-A missiles each, total 24)
    Two 32mm autocannons
        (800 shots combined)
    Two Devastator bomb bays, salvaged from original Thunder Hawk bombers
        (20 light bombs each, total 40)
Named as a ThunderHawk 2 due to it sharing a large number of components in common with the SiCom ThunderHawk bomber, it is considered the successor to the outdated light bomber that had become known as the staple in pirate fleets.

Loyalists seized an abandoned SiCom production plant that specialized in producing these bombers for private military companies. The factory was previously under pirate control and the pirates were manufacturing modified ThunderHawk bombers, updated with newer sensor clusters and power plants.

As their war with the Empire continued, the Loyalists intended to replace the ThunderHawk II with the larger Shatterhawk which made better use of their limited manpower. The TH-2 continued to see use, however, as many of their ships lacked hangars large enough to field Shatterhawks.


Camera angles between the TH-1 and TH-2 are the same so you can switch between to see the differences and similarities.
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