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Loyalist Gryphon Configuration (Early Type)

By Arvex
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Early in their exile, the Loyalist faction had limited starship production capability and had to resort to re-purposing salvaged components, both from starfighters and capital ships. The cockpits for many early Loyalists starfighters were repurposed single-man escape pods, already fitted with a seat, they only needed flight instruments and improvements to the control systems.

The Gryphon configuration was an early attempt at standardizing their starfighters to make maintaining them easier. Prior to attempts at standardization, many Loyalist starfighters would simply be overhauled if heavily damaged, resulting in a very different looking starfighter after service. These standardized designs allowed for easier repair and production of starfighters as it gave a rough idea of what the completed ship should look like and how it performed. The Gryphon configuration was a standard escape pod mounted on a tube-shaped body similar to the escape pod with guns and wings welded to the sides and wings for limited atmospheric flight. The outer section of the wings can rotate into a horizontal position to provide additional lift if atmospheric conditions require it. These designs would see a significant gain in power as the Loyalists had discovered abandoned alien tech that allowed for efficient means to produce antimatter as fuel for reactors.

After seizing an abandoned SiCom production facility, the Gryphon configuration was refined into the mass produced Gryphon-class interceptor; giving it much needed streamlining and modernization. This combination turned their general purpose starfighter into a capable interceptor.


Exiled Regine Loyalists Gryphon configuration starfighter

Average dimensions:
    Length:    8.6 meters
    Width:    12.9 meters
    Height:    3.7 meters

    4x 50mm autocannons (2000 rounds)
    6x Uni-mount missile racks (3 per wing, typically loaded with high yield, unguided rockets)
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MonsterousOperandiStudent Digital Artist

love the silhouette/profile/body plan but the wings look like they're made of cardboard and would be sheared off by their own mass in a dog fight.

Still Cool looking ship!

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ArvexHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you.

I was worried about the wings looking too bulky when I designed this version. They're about 11 centimeters, or 4-1/3 inches, thick at their thickest point.

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You might want to rework this; the background is very dark, and you can barely see the image

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ArvexHobbyist Digital Artist

I did not spend as much time on the lighting as I should have. I uploaded a render with better lighting. Let me know if this is an improvement.

Corvax13's avatar

Definite improvement