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Imperial Armor IN-1 Infanty Support Light Mech

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Considered by some to be the first true light mech created by the reformed Iron Wolves Empire, it serves more as an infantry support unit than that of a typical light mech. The majority of the armor on the IN-1 surrounds the cockpit to ensure that their pilots are just as safe at the controls of an IN-1 as they are in the more commonly used GX-2. The IN-1's smaller anti-personnel turrets on the nose not only share the same ammunition as their standard RT-5k infantry gauss rifle, but can be detached from the mech and used as a rifle. The intent behind this design choice was that the pilot of an IN-1 would be able to rejoin the battle by pulling one of the rifles off of the nose of the mech, to be scavenged by soldiers in drawn out battles without supply lines, or provide extra ammunition to soldiers when arriving as part of reinforcements.

Its combat role is that of a generalist, having weapons for dealing with infantry and other light vehicles.


Had this completed model and renders sitting around on my hard drive for a while and forgot to upload them, so here they are now.


    Length:    8.2 meters
    Width:    4.6 meters
    Height:    8.3 meters (antenna retracted)
    Side-mounted missile/rocket pod
    Side mounted railgun
        -80mm caseless slugs (325 rounds)
        -6 round internal magazine, feeds from main body
    2x RT-5k gauss rifle turrets, 60x 10mm caseless slugs per magazine, 116 magazines per bay
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