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IWE Modular Fighter /S configuration

By Arvex
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    Length:   16 meters
    Width:    17 meters
    Height:   3.5 meters (varies due to adjustable wings)

    -2x Modular weapon hardpoints typically fitted with twin heavy cannons
    -2x Missile racks (8 missiles)


The standard fighter of the Iron Wolves Empire, a showcase of their fighter doctrine. A general purpose starfighter platform made versatile by its ease of modification via interchangeable weapon hardpoints and engine pods within even the simplest of hangars. The Mod/S or Standard variant is fitted for the widest array of situations, capable of atmospheric combat but most at home in space. The adjustable wings, originally designed to minimize the landing footprint of the fighter, allow the pilot to angle the wings to shield parts of the fighter in space or change the flight characteristics of the fighter for atmospheric flight.

Other configurations:
-Mod/P - Prototype models, weapon hardpoints are on the bottom, missile racks on top. The weapon hardpoints were moved to the top to bring them closer to eye level with a pilot to make aiming easier.
-Mod/T - Torpedo variant, missile racks are made taller to fit two torpedoes in place of the four missiles of the Mod/S. This also sacrifices a bit of armor around those areas, but not below Imperial armor standards.
-Mod/A - Atmospheric variant with elongated wings and engine pods with better aerodynamics.


The name is kind of placeholder, something I'm still thinking on.
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