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IWE - GX-2 Multi-role combat walker

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The frontline mech for the Empire, the GX-2 is a walking tank with few weaknesses. The largest weakness of the GX-2 is speed, traded away in favor of more armor. While far from indestructible, these mechs are more often crippled than destroyed and can be brought back into service condition shortly after salvage should the wreck be in friendly territory after the battle. What's more impressive is the survival rate of pilots of these mechs.

Imperial forces opted out of having a true light mech in their lineup due the difficulties in creating light mechs that were sufficiently armored to protect their few pilots. The size, tonnage and firepower of their smallest mechs would have them classified as a compact medium mech rather than a light mech.


Imperial Armor
GX-2 Multi-role combat walker
Frontline loadout

    Length:    7.1 meters
    Width:    5.8 meters
    Height:    9.5 meters
    -4x 'Lancer' 10cm Coilguns (400 10cm caseless slugs)
    -2x Missile/rocket bays (9 per bay)
    -1x Chin mounted dual CR-12 anti-personnel turret
    -Long-range communication beacon
    -10cm armor
    -60mm transparent aluminum cockpit pane
    -20cm firewall between reactor, fuel tank, ammunition storage and cabin
    -Two module slots on the rear.
Optional equipment:
    -Jamming equipment
    -Jump jets (replaces communication beacon)
    -Various weapons for different purposes
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