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Earth forces Z-48 bomber

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A staple in Earth's naval lineup, the Z-series bomber has seen very few physical changes to its hull design since its introduction nearly fifty years ago; seeing retrofits for newer engines, software and weapons. Maneuverable enough to hold its own in a dogfighting scenario and able to take abuse like so few, the Z-48 is the workhorse of the Earth lineup.

Despite its versatility, these fighters are usually accompanied by SL-3 Slicers or other escort craft to make up for their lack of ability to deal with interceptors.

Its torpedo bays are comprised of two parts. The upper bay is capable of holding three torpedoes that are loaded through the front of the craft while the lower part ejects similar to a cassette for quick reloads on a carrier. The manufacturer has designed a special harness for these fighters for rapid repair, resupply and deployment to ensure these fighters see as little downtime as possible in the field of battle.

For a more dogfighting oriented configuration, the torpedo bays may be replaced with anti-fighter missiles bays, as the entire torpedo bay is removable from the craft.


    Length:    19.4 meters
    Width:    25.6
    Height:    4.4
    Twin Tavin Arms Type-III gimbaled pulse cannons
    Twin torpedo bays (3 torpedoes in each upper bay with 6 in each quick-reload block for a total of 9 each)

    Standard micro-warp drive
    Heavy shield generator

Update 1/20/17: Added the shield generator and lighting effects to the render along with other minor alterations to the mesh.
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